Arabs Stone Jews at the Temple Mount

In a Y-Net piece written by Noam (Dabul) Dvir entitled, Temple Mount: Arabs hurl stones at MK Feiglin we read:

temple1.jpg - image uploaded to PicamaticHundreds of young Arabs gathered Thursday morning at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to protest the visit of Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin (Likud) to the disputed scene.

Several of the rioters hurled stones towards the lawmaker and policemen guarding the area. No injuries were reported in the event. Two of the rioters were detained and Feiglin was taken out of the compound. Following the incident, the Temple Mount has been closed to visitors.

After the incident, MK Feiglin said: “I went to the Temple Mount (Thursday) morning in full coordination and early notice with a group of 25 people. Immediately as we walked into the compound a well-planned Arab provocation ensued. At some point there were also pushing and stone throwing.”

I fail to understand why the Israeli government puts up with this sort of violent racism from the local Arab population.   There is no moral reason why Feiglin should not be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount any more than there was moral reason why Sharon should not have done so.  If the mere presence of a right-wing Jewish political leader on the foremost Jewish holy site is enough to send the local Arabs into irrational spasms of violence and hatred then it says much more about ongoing lethal Arab anti-Semitism then anything else.

One of the things that bothers me about this matter is that the progressive Jewish Left will never side with their Jewish brothers and sisters on this question.  Criticizing Arabs or criticizing Muslims is essentially verboten among “progressive Zionists” because they consider any such criticisms to be a form of racism.  They will spit hatred at Evangelical Christians and conservative Jews in the most nasty manners possible, but they would never be caught dead actually opposing the rise of political Islam or standing with Jews against Muslims when the need arises.

It’s a matter of guts, in the sense that they haven’t any.  It’s also a matter of allowing oneself to think beyond socially enforced ideological boundaries.

During the volatile discussion, MK Feiglin said: “Astonishingly, this is the first time the Israeli Knesset debates the question of the Temple Mount sovereignty in the plenum. Every terror organization can wave its flag there. But an Israeli flag? Unmentionable. I call on the government to realize the full sovereignty of the State of Israel on the entire Temple Mount. I call on the Israeli government to allow free access to every Jew to the Temple Mount from every gate, in order to pray on the site”

I agree with Feiglin in this matter.  The Temple Mount is not Judaism’s third or thirtieth holiest site, but its foremost holy site.  The Jordanian Waqf, which for no good reason whatsoever controls the Temple Mount, has shown itself to be hostile to a Jewish presence there and has done much to ruin and destroy Jewish religious artifacts found in the area.  Thus it has shown itself to be an entirely irresponsible care-taker and should be removed in favor of Israeli administration.

All people of any faith should be allowed access to the site for the purpose of prayer.  Some devout Jews may choose not to ascend the Mount for religious reasons, but this does not mean that other Jews, or non-Jews, should be prevented from praying there.

Of course, not everyone agrees.

From the comments:

2. Alaqsa Mosque is not disputed territory

It is the third holiest mosque in Islam and it belongs to Muslims only, period. Proceeding with current path of Israeli provocation at Islam’s third holiest site will eventually erupt a volcano no one dares to think of its consequences. Please use common sense and wisdom and do not tamper with this religious issue further for the sake of all of us and for the sake of our children. Just let us all live in peace…

Palestinian, Jerusalem, Palestine (03.20.14)

“It belongs to Muslims only.”

So sorry, Charlie, but it most emphatically does not belong to “Muslims only.”  In fact, if we want to have a competition of claims it is obvious that the Jews have a far, far longer attachment to the site than do Muslims.  “We got there first” as our friend, Stuart (a former participant at Israel Thrives), might say… although, of course, he would put it in such terms to undermine Jewish heritage and historical claims to Jewish land, for reasons that I continue to find unfathomable.

12. A bit of nitpicking, but…

we should clear all small stones from the temple mount area.

Jacob E, Holon, Israel (03.20.14)

I love this comment!

Indeed, it is such a commonsensical notion.  It doesn’t seem to me that clearing the area of throwable stones should be very difficult.  I would have to assume that such an obvious idea would have already been thought of by the Israeli government, but who knows?

Finally, I’ve decided – for what little that may be worth – that what we need is something that I think of as The Mecca Initiative.  Jews from around the world should announce their intention of visiting Mecca and begin the process of making those arrangements for the purpose of seeing whether or not Saudi Arabia will allow a Jew to even step foot in Islam’s holiest site.

After all, it seems rather unfair that the Muslim majority in the Middle East should not only be allowed access to Judaism’s holiest place, but should administrate it and keep Jews from praying there, while they will not even allow Jews to step foot in Mecca.

Next year in Mecca!

{I hear the architecture is gorgeous.}

I will see you guys there.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Don’t forget us of the fairer sex!!!

    We aren’t allowed near the place either.

  2. I am of mixed feelings on that Mike.
    Yes I agree, but no, I don’t.

    Logically, why not? In this day of supposed equality, my head says ‘Yes’.

    According to Jewish law, or is it just custom ( if anyone knows for sure please enlighten us) men and women should be separate in prayer.

    Though I will say that early photos of Jews in Jerusalem show men and women praying together.

    Western Wall

  3. Just to dismiss a minor point: there is no need to separate the sexes at prayer. I have no time for any man who is distracted in his communion with God by the presence of women, If such people are distracted they should lift their focus from their crotch to their cranium.

    On the major issue: Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. As far as I am concerned we not only have a right to pray there – or anywhere else on earth – but we have a duty to assert our claim to our rights and heritage. We must make the Arab minority accept the Jews are equals, not dhimmis, that Jews have a historic link to the Temple Mount and that mohammedans are not superior whose misbehaviour is allowed to gain their goals.

    Crucially, we must tell the truth, which is that the Temple Mount with its al Aksa and Dome of the Rock mosques are not – repeat NOT – the third holiest places in Islam, The mohammedans are making that claim only to tear the guts and heart out of Zionism and of Jews. They never cared about Jerusalem or the mosques until it became important for Jews. People who kept Jews out of the cave of the patriarch for nearly a millenium must not be allowed to deny Jews the right to pray anywhere in our people’s reconstituted homeland.

    The mohammedan claim to the site being the third holiest place in Islam must be exposed for the lie that it is! Jerusalem is not once mentioned in the Koran. After the Arabs conquered Jerusalem the clan in charge there – the Abbassids I think – who were feuding with the clan ruling Mecca asserted that Mohammed’s comment that he had dreamed that he had flown to the “furthest mosque” referred to Jerusalem.

    And what was Mohammed’s dream? That he had mounted a magical horselike creature with wings and the head and breast of a woman, which had taken him to the furthest mosque where he ascended to heaven where he had conversations with Moses, Jesus and God. He had then come down and flown back to his bed in Arabia. By his dream he placed himself on par with the prophets, underscoring Islam’s claim that Mohammed was a prophet. The dream and the claim are only a little more unbelievable than the stupidity of Moshe Dayan who made nice to the Jordanians just after Israel had to whack them after they ignored warnings not to join Egypt and Syria in their 1967 adventure. That error must be rectified as soon as possible.