AUJS & Hagshama – Purim in the underground… A twisted masquerade

ZFA and Hagshama

2014 saw one of the biggest young adult (ages 18-26) Purim parties on record, with more than 200 attendants packing into beautiful Set Bar for a night to remember!

Eli Levi and Tessa Pase
Jordan Blank, David Politzer, Izzy Hucksteppe & Marcus Rose

The secret location was only announced on the day and added a sense of intrigue and mystery to the already exciting masquerade theme. Crowds of young Sydney Jews swarmed Bondi Junction, decked out in extravagant underworld attire and outlandish masks, while AUJS and Hagshama met their enthusiasm with a mixture of insane entertainment, great music and a bit of mysterious Mishloach Manot magic to add to the incredible buzz of energy!

Hula Hooper

DJ Barak dropped impressive beats on the dance floor where the party goers grabbed hula hoops, bubbles and other props to create an unbelievable environment.

Alyssa Chriqui
David Politzer & Izzy Hucksteppe

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