The Zionist Council of Victoria in conjunction with the Embassy of Israel Trade Commission invites you to be astounded, amazed and enthralled by joining us for breakfast on Monday, 31 March from 8.15 am to 9.30am at Beth Weizmann Community Centre.

You will be among the first in Australia to see the innovative and revolutionary device developed by ReWalk: an Israeli company which enables individuals with lower limb disabilities such as paraplegics to stand, walk and even take the stairs independently.

ReWalk is designed and developed by Argo Medical Technologies, a medical device company located in Haifa, Israel. ReWalk exoskeleton is a wearable, motor-driven robotic device that’s worn outside clothing. The bionic suit allows the user to walk by detecting shifts within their sense of balance and then moves the users legs in a natural gait.

ReWalk has been approved by the FDA for use in clinical settings and is presently available at rehabilitation centres in the United States. Today, more than 22 facilities are treating patients utilizing ReWalk, empowering individuals to walk freely.

Larry Jasinski the CEO of Argo Medical Technologies, the company who makes ReWalk will be at Beth Weizmann Community Centre together with Yishai Potack and a ReWalk demonstrator Radi Kauf, a former IDF soldier who was paralysed during a military operation.

To witness this truly inspirational innovation coming out of Israel please RSVP by 27th March by emailing

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