In Adelaide, Bigots Protesting Batsheva Put Anti-Israel Words To Hava Nagila

This is how a number of Israel-demonisers, many clad in keffiyehs, welcomed the Batsheva Dance Troupe to their city in recent days. Note the presence of that discredited set of four maps.

I can’t help wondering whether these morons were inspired to set anti-Israel words to “Hava Nagila” owing to the widespread publicity a group of Israeli tourists giving an impromptu rendition of “Hava Nagila” during an anti-Ahava demo by Israel-bashers in London ( enjoyed online…

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  1. Comment left.

    What a truly disgusting bunch of racists. These people are as vile and ignorant as people can get.

  2. Vile trash and they go unhindered because no one in Adelaide offers any opposition.
    I can’t think who it was I was speaking with a few days ago about these scum in Adelaide. A beautiful city whose reputation is ruined by these morons.

  3. Thank you for this, Daphne.

    What always strikes me about this kind of anti-Israel / anti-Jewish demonstration is that the people involved think that they are fighting the good fight and are on the side of the angels.

    They honestly believe that the tiny and harassed Jewish minority in the Middle East are the “bad guys,” despite thirteen hundred years of dhimmitude by a far larger majority population in the Middle East, followed by one hundred years of war for the sole reason that we have regained our homeland.

    Despite Jewish history, they believe that harassing us and mocking us and setting us up for the next hit is the ethical thing to do.