Galway Univ: Shout down of pro-Israel speaker “unacceptable” and “will be investigated immediately”

I am sure most of you  have seen the video of the foul mouthed outburst of Joseph Loughnane at Galway University. It appears the University is going to investigate the matter.

“You’re f-ing Zionist, f-ing pricks, get the f–k off our campus”

Joseph Loughnane Galway Shouting BDSThis video of an anti-Israel Boycottt Divest and Sanction activist at National University of Ireland – Galway, shouting profanities at Professor Alan Johnson of the Fathom journal, is beginning to get attention after our post about it on Friday. Johnson supports a two-state solution and is against BDS.

The video, obtained by the Irish4Israel, features NUI Galway student Joseph Loughnane shouting as a row of students behind him banged on the tables in support and themselves shouted (off camera, as video panned towards speaker):

“You’re f-ing Zionist, f-ing pricks, get the f–k off our campus”

Language warning

We reached out to the President of NUI Galway for comment, and received an email back from NUI Galway press and information officer Tomás Ó Síocháin, with the following statement on behalf of the university:

NUI Galway has over 110 societies and 50 clubs on campus, reflecting the diverse interests of students and staff. The University has a pluralist ethos and all societies have the freedom to both express and communicate those views to students and staff.

They must, however, act within the law and in accordance with the University’s code of conduct.

The behaviour portrayed is unacceptable and has no place at any forum of discussion or debate.

This matter will be investigated immediately.

NUI Galway has a long and proud tradition of welcoming visitors and guests to the University’s campus, to both engage in and observe robust debate. The University will take steps to ensure that this remains the case and that all speakers are given the dignity and respect they deserve.

The investigation presumably will not be limited to Loughnane, but also the students behind him banging and shouting in support as he ordered Prof. Johnson to “get the f-k off our campus”.

(Joseph Loughnane and other anti-Israel students, NUI Galway)
Joseph Loughnane and other anti-Israel students, NUI Galway

My request to Loughnane for comment has not been returned.

Loughnane is an officer of the Palestine Society at NUI Galway, and ran for a student representative position (apparently unsuccessfully) and is running for a regional student union position.  He also is a conspiracy theorist about the control by Jews of the U.S.:

Our final speaker of the night was Joseph Loughnane. He said how Israel was created as a Western outpost in a region un-brainwashed by American interests. He told us how ultimately it was the Jews that stole the land, and so they are to blame. Joseph also said how the Jews run the American media and push their agenda, and that ultimately, the West uses and controls Israel as a tool for keeping the Middle East in line.

Loughnane has a history of anti-Israel activism, as reflected in his promotional video for his NUI regional student union candidacy:

Loughnane has become something of a poster-child for the economically lost generation of Irish students in the wake of the financial collapse, via The Independent – Ireland:

Joseph Loughnane knows all too well the challenges of financing an unpaid internship.

The Galway native graduated in 2011 with a master’s in international human rights law, and also has a postgraduate law degree under his belt.

Despite applying for jobs at solicitors’ offices for six years, he has never had an offer of paid work in his field.

Unable to secure an internship in Ireland, Joseph used his savings from working in a call centre to do a six-month placement at a human rights organisation in London. He left in January but was home five months later, having run out of money. He lost two stone in weight, having struggled to feed himself on £20 a week.

“The organisation was small and couldn’t afford to pay me,” the 27-year-old says. “My friend and I were paying £500 each a month on rent and I only had money for one meal a day. Sometimes my manager brought in food to the office and I could eat for free.

“If I was paid, I’d still be in London now because I loved the job. But I’ve been on the dole for the last five months now.”

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Additional background at IsraellyCool and Harry’s Place.

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  1. Has that foul mouthed ding-bat with a Masters in law ever considered that the reason he remains unemployed might be because he is an educated fool?

    The Uni of Galway must not be allowed to hide the denial of free speech under the banner of diversity. Yelling someone down and using foul language is the tactic of the totalitarian bully boy. It has no place in a democratic, law abiding society and it is far more unacceptable in a place of higher learning where the ability to think logically is developed.

    Loughnane is a disgrace to the uni, to Ireland and ironically to his cause, as they would well know, if they were not such an brainless pack of foulards.

  2. Can’t be much of a University if that’s all he can do after 10 years there.
    Unfortunately Paul there are huge issues with Ireland and its anti-Israel/antisemitic attitudes.
    Check out Irish4Israel.

  3. Loughnane is not very popular at the NUI Galway. He has ran for student elections several times and has never been successful. There is a thread on where his fellow students reveal some of his other past outbursts.

  4. “Despite applying for jobs at solicitors’ offices for six years, he has never had an offer of paid work in his field.”

    At least there still some hope for the Irish legal professions.