Pyne warns universities to act on campus racism.

This is just charming and most unacceptable at our National University!!!

For overseas readers of Jews Down Under, Christopher Pyne is a Federal Member of Parliament and is the Minister for Education and Leader of the House.

This article from the Australian is behind a Pay Wall here:

 Matthew Lesh is the national political affairs director of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students and was a victim of rac...

UNIVERSITY orientation weeks have been marred by a series of alleged anti-Semitic incidents, sparking warnings from the federal government that academic institutions must take a tough line against racism on campus.

Jewish students at the nation’s flagship institution, the Australian National University, were allegedly verbally abused, with claims one was called an “Israeli bitch” and another a “filthy Jew”.

A paper plane bearing the message

“Death to the Zionist entity. Love from Hamas”

was allegedly thrown at the Jewish Students Association orientation week stall. The military wing of Hamas is listed as a proscribed terrorist organisation by the Australian government.

In another incident under investigation, a student at the University of NSW was harassed and verbally intimidated for carrying an Australasian Union of Jewish Students bag by two men until a third party stepped in.

The offenders in both alleged incidents were believed to be from the Socialist Alternative group.

The abuse comes after research by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry found the number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in Australia last year was the second highest on record.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne warned the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement had given anti-Semitism “a fashionability among highly ignorant sections of the far Left”.

Mr Pyne said universities needed to “step in and take a very firm line” against racism on campus. “Free speech does not extend to ugly threats and physical harassment,” he said.

Australasian Union of Jewish Students political director Matthew Lesh said campus extremists were targeting individuals rather than engaging in debate.

“Rather than attempt to partake in a civilised political dialogue, extremists on campus have resorted to identifying and harassing individual Jewish students,” he said.

Mr Lesh said he had been “aggressively” criticised for visiting Israel in a University of Melbourne student forum last year and pointed to previous incidents, including one clash that had led to an arrest.

“Universities have a responsibility to create a safe and secure atmosphere for students of all backgrounds,”

he said.

“To ensure this, universities must respond strongly to individuals and groups who spread intimidation, hatred, and abuse.”

Mr Lesh said AUJS and the Anti-Defamation Commission were launching a website to report anti-Semitic activity.

A UNSW spokeswoman confirmed a complaint had been received and was under investigation.

“UNSW deplores all forms of racism and discrimination and considers such behaviour unacceptable, as outlined in the university’s code of conduct for students,” she said.

An ANU spokeswoman said the alleged verbal abuse was under investigation, adding the university took any incident of harassment seriously.

The ACT branch of Socialist Alternative denied any knowledge of the ANU incident.

“Socialist Alternative never racially abuses people,” their spokesman said. “We are proud of our record of consistently opposing racism in all its forms.”

I beg to differ having been there myself.!!

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  1. I beg to differ as well.

    Violent antisemitism has been been central to the far ( and not so far) left at Australian universities for many decades. It then matures into a studied contempt for all things Jewish and Israeli when the ignorant punks leaves university and move into mainstream jobs; including journalism, education and the public service.

    I take some comfort in the fact that they are also violently and irrationally anti-American, who they see as a “tool” of the “Zionists”. Alternatively they see Israel as a “tool” of US “imperialism”. Often they have both world views at the same time. The US is a “puppet” of the Jews. Israel is a puppet of the US. If you a “Green/Left/SA” type there is not the slightest difficulty in keeping all these concepts in your head at the same time.

  2. Sadly these day’s where Universities are supposed to be institutions of learning , enlightenment & broadening of mind have become institutions in pursuit of the darker intolerances such as hatred & one side “correctness “. Headline is important & substance is of no consequence it is diminished…

  3. In fact, traditionally universities have been hot-beds of political activism and, in many cases, of antisemitic manifestations, particularly after the 1808 napoleonic Laws of Jewish emancipation.
    In Australia we do witness incidents of this nature. Reasons are quite a few, one that dominates is the tactic of engaging young and freshly “liberally” found minds ( as in freedom of movement at an age of inception of a multitude of other rights ) into ideas which are predicated on “objection to established notions and institution”. The “established notion” of Israel being an oppressive entity is easily manipulated by the mere imaging of a powerful structure in conflict with an “emerging” ,uncrystalised, even idealistic group, the “occupied” palestinian. The empathy assured, it will be adjusted to ANY readily available ideology predicated on all kinds of “freedoms”. One would perceive some similarity between the newly acquired generational freedoms of the young student with the other “freedoms” denied.
    When one adds to the mix the “natural” participants, muslims, then the vicious potion of racist exclusivist is ready to be consumed.
    A lot more can be said and it will follow…..

  4. Quite commendable Mr. Pyne’s attitude. What follows is the same trusted soul joining all those decent fellas upholding the validity of the 18C provisions in the Anti Discrimination Act. Wouldn’t that be only natural !!??

  5. It actually isn’t that much of surprise seeing as to how the ANU hosted an ‘anti-Israel’ hate fest last year in September featuring the who’s who of Israel haters.

    Hanan Ashrawi. Richard Falk. Jeff Halper. Sara Roy. Anat Litvin and a host more and sponsored by the ‘British Academy’