The “Peaceful” Rock Hurlers.

Written and published  by Rachel Molschky of Cherson and Molschky.

Israel bashers always make light of Palestinian rock throwing, calling them

“just a few pebbles”

or trying to justify the violence. But this rock throwing is part of the Palestinian culture, and it can be extremely dangerous. Arutz Sheva has the account of recent victims who are lucky to have escaped unscathed- this time:

‘We Heard a Boom, and the Windshield Shattered’, by Tova Dvorin:

Palestinian Arab teenagers hurled stones at an Israeli car just outside the Samaria community of Eli Wednesday afternoon. While the victims of the attack are shaken, no one was hurt.

The remains of the Biton's car after stone throwing caused the crash. Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Ynetnews.

“We were in a full car – two women and several children – traveling from Jerusalem to Elon Moreh,”

Alona, the driver, recounted to Arutz Sheva.

“Right after we passed Eli we heard a loud ‘boom’ that shook the car. We saw glass shattered in our car and realized that the Palestinian Arab teenagers we saw earlier had thrown stones at us as we passed.”

It took a few moments – but, thankfully, the victims of the attack managed to find help.

“We found a group of IDF soldiers along Route 60 and told them what had happened,”

Alona said. She emphasized that no one had been hurt in the incident.

Rock attacks against Jewish Israelis have become more and more common in Israel over the past month, in an incitement campaign the Shin Bet recently linked to the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Earlier this month, Palestinian Arab teenagers hurled stones at a group of yeshiva students visiting the tomb of a Talmudic sage in the Lower Galilee. The attack was premeditated, students claim, as the youths descended upon the students’ tour bus wearing masks, and a car was seen following the bus after it finally managed to escape. Students were forced to hide under the seats to avoid being hurt by the projectiles… Read on…

Adelle Biton has suffered severely. Photo:

In March of last year, a three year-old was severely injured after stone throwing caused a truck to swerve into her mother’s car. One of the girls, three-year-old Adelle, was critically wounded, while the mother, Adva Biton, 40, and her two other daughters, Avigail and Naama – ages four and five – sustained moderate injuries.” The truck driver was also injured as well as the driver of a bus, which got pelted around that time. Later that day, a man and a 10 year-old boy were injured on the very same road.

Little Adelle was finally able to go home after an eight month fight for her life. She spent her birthday in the hospital as she was unconscious and continues to need intensive care. Her house will now have to be wheelchair accessible after this attack, and her life and the lives of her family will never be the same.

This past November, another toddler suffered a head wound, again as the result of Palestinian rock throwing at vehicles. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat called on authorities to crack down on a recent wave of stone throwing attacks in the city. “It’s about time we start treating a stone as a weapon,” he told Israel’s Channel 10 TV.

If this constant rock hurling were occurring in the United States, there would surely be a crackdown, and everyone would be up in arms. But as it happens in Israel and is happening to Jews, the world is silent. Meanwhile, Palestinian propaganda continues to paint a distorted picture with the typical self-victimization and demonization of Israel, the only normal democracy in the Middle East where Arabs enjoy equal rights and freedoms which are denied them in the Muslim nations of their brethren.

Yet there are Arab MKs (members of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament) who are openly anti-Israel. These same people were elected into a democratic government, and they had that freedom, which is a freedom no Jew would ever have in an Arab State. Imagine a Jew being allowed into the Palestinian Authority or Hamas! It would never happen.

When is the world going to wake up? It is time to shed light on the frequency, severity and danger of this rock throwing culture. Hurling rocks is no joke and is far from being “peaceful,” yet it is a type of violence that even small children are capable of carrying out, and they do- following the lead of the people they look up to- teenagers and adults. And again, the world remains silent.

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  1. Why don’t we just turn the tables a bit.
    What do you people think would happen if Jewish kids or not so “kids” would stand by the road-side or, whynot in front of an oncoming car driven by an Arab and attempt to throw the smallest pebble !!?? How quickly would the Arab in the car reach for his or even her gun and mow down the pebble throwing “bastard’ !!!???
    Those fun loving seen in the pcture above, none less than 16-17-18 yrs old have the guts and “glory” of standing there in a criminal mode seemingly not at all worried that anthing may happen to them at the “mercy” of their Jewish targets. Yet, we DO have idiots defending them as mere children entitled to harm others, as long as the others are Jewish.