Israeli Apartheid? Weak! – Boycott Israel! by Ari Lesser

Ari Lesser’s Powerful music video should make you ask a few questions:
1) Why is there such a strong call to Boycott Israel when the majority of countries around the world are committing verifiable atrocities that are all but ignored?”
2) What is the true purpose of Israeli Apartheid Week?”
3) Why is their really a call to Boycott Israel?!”

Here is Israel

If these Pro-Palestinian organizations and functions on college campuses really seek peace in Israel they would support existing projects where Israelis and Palestinians work together. They would back employment opportunities like the amazing one at SodaStream where Israelis and Palestinians work together. Instead, the BDS and IAW call for a boycott of the very company that employs hundreds of Palestinians.

The BDS doesn’t support a Two-State Solution. They don’t even recognize the Jewish State. They accuse Israel falsely of Apartheid in order to bring about a worldwide boycott of Israel.
Boycotting Israel has only one purpose, THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL.

No? Can’t be? This can’t be right? Then where is their outcry against Assad and the Syrian government who are torturing and killing their citizens daily? Why do they allow the Iranian government to hang innocent, gay civilians who are only guilty of not living according to Sharia Law? Why don’t they organize a Boycott against Egypt to help protect the Coptic Christians who are being similarly oppressed and murdered? Where is the BDS? Where are Syrian, Iranian and Egyptian Apartheid Weeks… to name a few?

Here is Israel

Why is Israel is under the magnifying glass when it is one tiny state (the size of New Jersey) surrounded by 22 Muslim Middle East countries that commit endless crimes of murder and torture of their own women and children in the name of religion?

Most of you just want to do the right thing. The right thing requires thinking for yourself.
It’s time to do your own digging.
(Do not use Wikipedia. Their entries can be updated by just about anyone!)
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Here Is Israel brings you Ari Lesser’s “Israel Apartheid”

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The BDS insisted YouTube Age Restrict this video for violent images when they couldn’t get the video banned outright!

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Here is Israel

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HERE IS ISRAEL – CANN The BDS! (News Anchor Joe Lewis CANN’s the BDS-BS!)

Muslims misappropriate “Apartheid” to slander Israel –
South African MP Kenneth Meshoe:

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One comment

  1. Wonderful stuff and heart warming. Our Dr. Mordy is cute and I am sure we are related. But then again , if i try hard enough even Shirlee and I are mishpucha !!!
    Couple of things, however.
    – The Arabs being happy as Israeli citizens ( that famous 20% ) may be also interpreted as the same dreaming that the 20 % will, one day, be a lot more…..the 5th column strategy.
    – The argument that passionate human rights activists ignore situations outside Israel worthy of their attention is not a solid argument. When dealing with specifics, such as the demonising Israel, affording Israel farcical attributes, what goes on anywhere else does NOT address the singular issue of false arguments against Israel. Each case needs to be comprehensively treated on its features. Comparisons are the very last, if at all necessary, resort in attacking the specifics of the issue at hand. In other words, North Korea, while, truly, not at all on the radar of concerns of the pro-Palestinian boof-heads, will not detract them from promoting their line of Israel bashing. They will drive home with unperturbed consistency the same mantra of fallacies re Israel. The must be demolished on Israel specifics !!! And that can be done !!!