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Written and submitted by Arlene Kushner.
When it comes to speaking out about Israel’s legal grounds in Judea and Samaria, there is no giving up.  There is only persistence in moving ahead.
As some of you are already aware, progress is being made on the Legal Grounds campaign that I co-chair with Jeff Daube.  We are now calling it Legal Grounds: The Campaign for Promoting Israel’s Rights, rather than a campaign to promote the Levy Report, because this approach is more broad-based.  The Levy Report is encompassed within that broader scope.

Levy reportLast week, MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beitenu) chaired a Knesset session on BDS (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions).  MK Ilatov had been convinced by our argument that such a session had to look at our legal grounds, along with other issues (such as the role of “human rights” NGOs).  And so, enfolded within that session was a brief talk by international lawyer Harel Arnon, whom we brought in response to MK Ilatov’s request that we supply the speaker.  Dr. Arnon, who received his doctorate in law from Harvard University, has co-authored a book on international law in Judea and Samaria.

MK Ilatov was so pleased with Dr. Arnon’s talk, that he, along with other MKs, is planning a full session on the legal grounds issue, to be arranged in consultation with Dr. Arnon, after Pesach.

I am sharing here a link to his talk, which he gave in Hebrew, along with English subtitles.  Please! see it, share it broadly, and save it for future reference.

If the subtitles don’t come up automatically, click on the captions box, and be sure to advise others to do this as you share.

I am confident that many people will find this valuable.  Hopefully, over time we will provide other similar talks on video, for your information and sharing.
Levy report
Dr. Arnon says in his talk that most of the world accepts as truth the Palestinian Arab narrative even though it is not based on any finding of a legal tribunal.  We live in an age, he says, in which if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes accepted as truth.  We believe, he said, that if we repeat the truth again and again and again, there is a chance people will become convinced by that simple truth.

So that is our task – mine and yours: to repeat the truth again and again and again – as that information is provided by experts.

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Levy report

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  1. It is so inspiring that there is actually an organisation beginning to do something active. Actually rallying the legal case as well as the historical facts which have for so long been buried under the avalanche of lies and hysterical calumny. It is shameful t that official Israeli spokespersons and foreign office officials have been so negligent and so fearful in pursuing the hate mongers and liers. Danny Danon being a notable exception. I look forward to your efforts going from strength to strength and gathering massive international and government support.