BDS – Why Do They Single Out Israel?

Here Is Israel

                        HERE IS ISRAEL

Dr. Kedar raises the obvious question.

Israel Aparteid Weak

If the BDS and like organizations truly have humanitarian goals, why do they single out Israel?

Syria’s government kills innocent Arabs daily. Where is the BDS outrage?

Egyptian civilians have been killed during the ongoing struggle for power. Where is the BDS?

Iran hangs its citizens just for being gay.






The entire Middle East EXCEPT Israel enacts their own version of Apartheid.

Where is the BDS?!

Watch Dennis Prager’s video addressing the Israel Apartheid accusation that left the self-proclaimed enemies scratching their heads!

Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar address the apartheid accusation on Here Is Israel’s DK Presents!


Arabs misappropriate “apartheid” to slander Israel –
South African MP Kenneth Meshoe:

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  1. What if we should sing the praises of this bloody BDS.
    If not for this mindless rants about an Israel engaged in all kinds of inhuman activities, we would not have notbaly decent people coming out in defence of the most humane society conceived by Man, inspired by the Highest Source.
    The incongruities of the BDS activism are so stark, so ridiculous, so contrary to the immediately verifyable reality, that the efforts of a vicious community of detractors and destryers of common-sense keep on falling on their uggly faces.
    Sure, at this juncture we are faced with a certain number of entities, be it NIGO or even at State level, stuck to some basic, primitive methods of “persuasion”, but, since some of the societies they hail from are basically decent and democratic, the negative campaigns are bound to end lifeless, dead in the water. It wont happen without the efforts of all of us, determined to reveal the farcical nature of those still among us yet to be accustomed to a civilised way of life. I trust the decency of an Australian society, for example and, fact is, the voices of hate and stupidity sound more and more muffled, less and less effective. I only look at the fortunes of a pathetic NIF and see how devoid of oxygen it has become, how communlaly innept it is today.
    True, Shirlee reminds me that the NSWJBD is now populated by quite a few “lefties” un-engaged in the core Jewish life, but how effective are they, how good are they at turning a loyal Jewish lot into the stuff they would like !!??
    Our NSWJBD is practically NOWHERE to be seen, dead in the water, totally absent from the public fora of Jewish concerns.
    It just goes to show how far ineptitude can go………………

    • Will reply further when I get home. On my mobile at present

      • Otto, in discussion with someone only yesterday, he said the NSW Board of Deputies has always been left wing. I wasn’t aware of it having been out of the Community for a number of years, thanks to ‘Community grandstanding’ which is still as it always was. So keen and desperate to get their “AM”

        I also see clearly why the average person in the Community wants nothing to do with it thanks to the influence of the left. The left now being more left and to hear that dreadful dislike, self opinionated Robin Margo standing up and laying down the law makes me sick.