BBC: Oxfam and SodaStream talk !!

After the Scarlett Johansson controversy, Oxfam’s Director of Policy Ben Phillips and SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum speak separately to Newsnight about the legitimacy of West Bank settlements, and what is in the best interests of Palestinians.

This interesting little item just came in  too.

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  1. Just arrived, but unable to access link. Thought you should know.


  2. I have no idea why. You had this issue the other day.
    What browser are you using? No one else has issues?

    I am using Firefox, I’ve just tried Internet explorer, my husband is using Safari and we both have no issue. I have Chrome on my phone and have no issue. It’s already had 17 Facebook shares.

    You clearly have a setting wrong

    I’ll email it to you

    • Judith Mischel

      I have now managed to access it through the ‘comments’ link and view the video clip, thank you. The issue the other day was different – there was nothing to view. The link didn’t appear on my page. I have no problem with any other site. I’m using Chrome, by the way.

      Please remove my personal details that appear below.

      • What you are saying regarding the video is very odd, as no one else had trouble.

        Personal details are not for general consumption only for Admin. The same as on any website you need to use it for. It’s for ID along with your IP address.

        Thank you for using your name. I had just written about that to you in an email, which I can now cancel

  3. Judith Mischel

    Having watched the video clip above I’m absolutely flabbergasted. It seems the gentleman from Oxfam, Ben Phillips, would, as a matter of principle, prefer to see a block of land occupied by SodaStream – according to an agreement with the PALESTINIANS under the Oslo Accord – given to the Palestinians, and 1,300 Palestinians lose their jobs when there is 30-40% unemployment in the area and 5,000 people would lose their medical benefits and starve!

    I’d have thought Oxfam would have been delighted to see a glimmer of hope, that Palestinians and Israelis could work happily side by side, developing friendships, and each discovering that the other is not the monster they’d been led – mostly by the media – to believe.

    This, to me, seems the ONLY path to peace in the area. Why not encourage it rather than sabotage it?

    Cudos to the CEO of SodaStream for your efforts in promoting peace. I’m going out to buy a unit tomorrow, and I don’t even LIKE soda water!

    • You don’t have to like Soda Water. You buy flavourings too made by SodaStream.
      I am going to buy one. Had one about 20 years ago it vanished in time !!

      The Oxfam guy has no idea what he is talking about.

      • Quite right

        They have a very large range of flavourings (including diet and no sugar versions) from the SodaStream outlets and around here you can buy the flavourings from general Woolworths or Coles stores in the cordial sections. A sample range comes with the machine. Kids love them (and the machine which is “cool”) and the consensus (adults and kids) is that the SodaStream mixed soft drinks are superior to bottled drinks like Coke, Fanta etc

        First you carbonate the water. Then you add the flavouring..

        One gas cylinder and one (litre) bottle comes with machine but its a good idea to buy an extra cylinder and a couple of extra bottles.

        It is interesting that the local BDS cranks (and we have a few … you know … Byron Bay, Mullumbimby etc) have made no attempt to join the mad SodaStream campaign .. at least so far. Seems locally made chocolate drinks by an Australian chain are the raw public face of the evil Zionazi regime but popular Israeli made soft drink machines are under the radar.

        I take this as a good sign. I think we’ve kicked the stuffing out of BDS in Australia. Your general, run of the mill, nut case, Green, radical creep just does not have the stomach for it. They can’t raise a crowd.

        • Judith Mischel

          I do so hope you’re right about BDS in Australia, Geoff. I wish I had your confidence… These hate-filed idiots seem to raise their heads just when one least expects it.

          • Judith and Geoff
            The Justice for Palestine group in Brisbane made one feeble attempt on Sodastream, in, I think it was, Myers. I have the video somewhere. They are a rabid lot up there and I think may well be related to those ferals in Northern NSW in Geoff’s’ territory.

            They have done few small walking tours of the city and picked on small retailers, particularly one shoe shop where they went it to harass costumers. The shop sells Naot shoes. That make the News and Andrew Bolt highlighted it.

            It’s finished in NSW, we well and truly fixed them up. Their last feeble attempt raised about 20 people, where going back a couple of years ago they had 100 to 150 at each ‘performance’

            Melbourne still has a pocket of BDS actions.

            Adelaide is bad, where they carry on unchecked. The university is a hornet’s nest and if you think RMIT is bad, it’s nothing compared to this lot.The Jewish Community is very small and aging. There is a small non-denominational group, which I offered to help and I have raised funding for them, but they are slow to do anything.

            Perth also has a good group going of ratbags.

            In the main they died out here becasue the print media and out politicians are on side.

            This I found today worries me more


  4. Judith Mischel

    From now on every one of my family and friends can expect a SodaStream for wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. gifts. 🙂
    No more worrying about what to buy people.

    • We need to be vigilant Judith and for my own part I do not intend to take the pressure off for a minute. Especially where this particularly nasty form of racism rears in the universities, the Christian Churches, among “Jews” and any political party.

      Why Jews would ever support or vote for the Australian Greens is beyond me. .

      Besides BDS is a global campaign and it needs to be met globally.

      I suppose we should really be keeping an eye on the schools and teachers as well come to thing of it.

      • Geoff, the Leftist Jews are growing in number and it is frightening. The right just sit on their big fat tucheses, complain and do nothing.

  5. Thanks Shirlee. I’ve written about Brisbane radicalism before somewhere. It might be time to revisit the topic. Straight after New Zealand.