BDSers/Leftists eat your little hearts out.

Sorry to keep harping on about this folks, but it is sweet music to my ears. It looks like SodaStream has scored big time thanks to Scarlett Johansson having the courage of her conviction to stand up for what she knows is right.


Her name can now be added to others who wouldn’t let themselves be bullied and is joining a list of many others who have refused to be bullied. Including, Barbra Streisand, Alicia Keyes, Elton John, Rihanna, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Tom Jones …and later this year Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and the Rolling Stones .

Oxfam and the BDS are receiving very bad publicity now. Their donations will likely drop, though I suspect Coca Cola and Pepsi will take up the slack.

This comes on top of last week’s new of the win in the French courts by SodaStream against the French BDS.

A French court has ordered a Pro-Palestinian Authority group affiliated with the Boycott Israel movement to compensate the company and to stop all activities alleging that SodaStream products are illegally made and sold.

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Oxfam has forced Johansson to quit as one of its global ambassadors after she refused to adhere to the rabid, anti-Israel malice of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. In stepping down, she sets a powerful moral example.

Oxfam went off the dial because SodaStream happens to be an Israeli business — and, worse, because the company has a factory in an industrial park near a West Bank settlement. That makes SodaStream a pariah to Oxfam, which subcribes to the borderline anti-Semitic movement that is seeking to undermine the very existence of the Jewish state by calling for a trade boycott.

“Before boycotting, they should think of the workers who are going to suffer,” a young man told the Christian Science Monitor. He had gone from earning $6 a day plucking chickens to making almost 10 times as much at SodaStream.


Oxfam said

Oxfam tiny“We have made our concerns known to Ms. Johansson and we are now engaged in a dialogue on these important issues,” the statement read.

And Ms. Johansson, who happens to be Jewish, has politely told Oxfam where it might put those concerns.

Read more: Telegraph UKFINANCIAL POST:

There are many, many more, too many to name but it gladdens my heart to watch the cringing and squirming that must be going on in the ranks of the Leftists and BDSers.

Now let’s watch this great News item from Canada.

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  1. Thanks it is somewhere on the site but I will re-post it. It’s a Stand With us production

  2. I bought a SodaStream about two months ago. I like soda water. Always have.

    A tremendous little machine that I am pleased to say has generated a few more sales.

    Get one.

  3. This is a sweet victory, doubly so because if has hit both BDS and Oxfam. Oxfam has paraded for years as the good guy, caring about the poor, and hiding the fact they are allied with Palestinian terror groups and were vehemently anti-Israel.

  4. Oxfam’s claim that SodaStream’s employment of Palestinian Arabs is ‘contributing to the “ongoing poverty and denial of rights of” Palestinians’, must be understood within the context fo Oxfam’s ideology.Lenin commented on Plekhanov’s comment “the worse the better” and acted on that basis; Oxfam is doing the same. If the Palestinian Arabs can be made more miserable, they can be better manipulated to act in the interests of the jihadi revolutionaries. Oxfam and fellow travellers are happy to use any group, no matter how dispicable and opposed to progressive values, to bring down the West and to thus create a worker’s utopia. Israel is the easiest point to attack under the guise of “liberating” a people from “colonial apartheid”. The “progressives” are as happy to use Jews as were the German industrialists who supported the Nazis aiming to eliminate the left-wing opposition, but in the end they were themselves eliminated to a large extent.

    • Paul, that’s interesting. It doesn’t make sense that employing Palestinian Arabs and giving them excellent work conditions is contributing to their poverty and denial of rights. However, if you view it through a Marxism prism, which subjugates individuals in the interests of an ideology, it does make sense.

      What is puzzling is that Oxfam should go down this road, when they are supposed to be helping lift people out of poverty.

      • Clearly Oxfam is more interested in the money from Coca Cola and Pepsi than having a good ambassador helping to put the spotlight on the needy.

        They will lose a huge supporter base now. What a shame there hasn’t been a word about it here. Not that I’ve seen anyway.

  5. You finish this page about Oxfam with Now let’s watch this great News item from Canada.

    What great news item from Canada? (see end of this email) It didn’t seem to go anywhere.


  6. BDS is racist and Nazi inspired – as the following brilliant analysis by Edgar Davidson makes so startlingly clear:

    Those like Oxfam who show any support for BDS indicate they have learnt nothing from history and that Jew-hatred, denigration and delegitimization of the Jewish people is still truly alive and kicking today.

  7. Based on the comments here, Paul, Shirlee and Pam, among the others, it can be assumed that Oxfam is fighting for their right to exist, function, perpetuate the “object’ of their very being. As long as there are the oppressed of the highest order, that being the political victims, Oxfams reson to exist and be supported financially shall be justified.
    “Palestinians” have become the symbols of seemingly a limitless types of critical issues.
    Theyare “disposessed”, “oppressed”, “denierights”, “victimised”, “subjugated”, “destroyed” , “tortured” and could go on and on only to complete the number of causes Oxfam may claim for the unimaginable financial commitement Oxfam enjoyed from seemingly a limitless nu ebr of siurces.
    Oxfam have become the conscience of the civilised world. They cannot be objected to, cannot be fought, they dominate etics, morals, decent behaviour, they are now synonimous with democartic expressions etc. etc. and all that is translated in amonts of money that rival some budgets of countries. Yet, a gorgeous and curageous Jewish girl just told them wher and how they can stick their “infailable” arrogance. What’s even more revelaing is that we now found the very “victims” Oxfam want to protect objecting with their feet AND their voices to Oxfam’s farcical stances.