The actual real truth about Palestine (and West Bank)

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Danny Ayalon – The Truth about ….”

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Published on Jan 17, 2014

Palestine – To was or not to was? That is the question, which 2 Palestinian chicks tried to answer in an attempt to debunk, pwn and otherwise refute claims made in another video titled “Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank” – from the crafty hands of Danny Ayalon who seems to be enjoying making videos ever since he left the Israeli parliament. Well, now the poor girls got a Joniversity response.

He says:
My personal views:
For me personally the legal case for the West Bank as disputed territories seams sketchy, and I have a hunch that most Israelis are on the same page as I am on this. Also, I for one, do not think that the fact that the Palestinian national identity was manufactured not long ago (mainly for political reasons, but yes, also in response to a more organic sense of identity that has developed over time) means that they have more or less rights than the ancient Jewish national identity. The way I see it, trying to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict by benchmarking it against a historical justice/injustice scale simply seams extremely counter-productive – it is a fight both sides can potentially win at the face value argument level. Although Palestinians have the “advantage” of appearing as the weak party, which automatically makes a certain type of people unite in defense of the poor suffering brown native noble savage (just as they did for Israel when it was the weak party), after all weak = victim, and victim = just. Didn’t you know? And yes, it helps when that poor suffering brown native noble savage has petro-dollar money pushing its propaganda.
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  1. I have difficulty determining if Jonny is disingenuous, naive or flippant. In any case I have no time for Jonny’s prattle. Israel’s legal rights to Judea and Samaria are beyond doubt; questioning them is ignorant and claiming that most Israelis are also unsure of their rights is baselessly arrogant. The “Palestinian” nation might have grown organically, but so does a fugus impregnated manure dump. A group that rejects nationhood if it means accepting the nationhood of the legal owner of the land is not a genuine people. The equating of the Shoah with the self-created “Naqba” is obscene. The Jew does not have to compensate the mohammedan for the vile ways his brothers have used him, nor is he entitled to any sympathy for the degenerated and sadistic way he has behaved. A people that hails as heroes men who decapitate a 3 month old baby sickens me; such a people have forfeited their right to land and sovereignity.