‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’: Rally for Israel – update

These are the last videos I will post. Please go to Sussex Friends of Israel Facebook page for more.



All the wording is from Simon Cobbs on the FB page.

I think St James’s Church deserves priority to the Saturday BDS action.
On reflection, St James’s response to us and their initial decision to build the ‘Separation Wall’ is even more bizarre!! To build a wall and then stop people going in to the wall, by way of a CHECK POINT!! (Yes, I did mean CHECK POINT!) is irony personified. Don’t believe me……

So….how BIG a group WERE WE?
Considering that under 20 was the usual number of us Zionists who had made it per night…..LAST NIGHT was…well! See for yourself!
It was an UNBELIEVABLE honour to have been there!

Then the ‘drek’ turn up…..

Question for the “Jews for Justice in Palestine;” How many lives has the wall saved??
Answer; None!!


My note:  Our very own anti-Zionists !!

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  1. Shirlee I wonder if you realise that some of clips posted on Susses Friends are anti Israeli eg the son of Israeli politician who supports the Pals against Israel. Quite strange. Rachel

  2. Jews for Justice in Palestine seem incapable of engaging in rational debate. They just keep repeating the mantra “human rights”. They are also woefully ignorant of the fact the wall has saved many lives, not just Jewish ones. A sad bunch!

  3. Rachel, sadly there are many self-hating Jews, both in Australia and Israel. It seems particularly odd for Israelis to support terrorism, as they must surely realise they are the target of the terrorists, but I think they reason if they such up to them, they will be spared. They won’t!