Jake Lynch – BDS FAIL

I would sincerely like to wish a hearty mazel tov to Jake Lynch, Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, for this MAJOR BDS FAIL.

This is priceless, a real slap in the face.

Jake Lynch, with legal action pending against him for his part in boycotting an Israeli academic Dan Avnon of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is now faced with a partnership with the Technion at the University, where he is employed.

Read about the legal action by Shurat HaDin

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Thank you to the NSW Government.   Kol HaKavod!

The New South Wales government has announced $300,000 over three years to fund a partnership between photonics researchers in Australia and Israel to develop a communications system that will speed up the next generation of computers.

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) at the University of Sydney will work with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Photonics and optics are used throughout communications networks, using optical fibres as light pipes and lasers to generate light pulses that carry information. The result is faster computing speeds.

CUDOS director Benjamin Eggleton. Credit: University of Sydney

“This partnership allows us to work together on fundamental aspects of nanophotonics towards realising chip-based optical interconnects which can revolutionise computing – dramatically increasing the available bandwidth and, therefore, processing speed,”

said CUDOS director, Benjamin Eggleton.

“We will explore new science at the frontier of photonics that will help realise radically new functionalities and improved performance for on-chip photonics.”

Development of microstructured polymer optical fibres produced in the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. Credit: University of Sydney

Development of microstructured polymer optical fibres produced in the University of Sydney’s School of Physics. Credit: University of Sydney

Ruth Ratner, president of Technion Australia (NSW), added,

“The potential benefits to the people of NSW and Israel, and beyond, will be great.”

Jillian Skinner, NSW minister for health and medical research, said the NSW government decided to fund the research because of its potential applications, including for medical imaging and defence and security.

“This is a relatively small investment in a project that will not only cement a sustained collaborative research framework between two first-class universities, but has the potential to reap significant rewards for NSW through scientific breakthroughs and commercialisation outcomes.”

The University of Sydney recently collaborated with the University of Tokyo and the Australian National University to develop what they say is the world’s largest quantum circuit board, an essential component in high-powered laser light computers.

At the same time, researchers at Swinburne University are working on a project to speed data transmission in optical networks that is inspired by the wings of the Green Hairstreak butterfly.

The Callophrys rubi butterfly’s wings comprise nanoscale springs which are interconnected

Written by Adam Bender – Computerworld


CUDOS is a research consortium of seven Australian universities based at the University of Sydney and a world leader in research in on-chip photonics, for all-optical signal processing.

Technion PARD

The Technion was recently ranked sixth in the world for entrepreneurship and innovation, and was awarded the Israeli Government’s I-Core Centre of Excellence for Light and Matter.

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  1. Who, if they were “in their right minds” would boycott the universities of a country whose contributions have and continue to benefit every aspect of human development whilst spending a huge amount of its GDP fighting for its survival . If in their “right mind” and claiming academic credentials which they do, thus implying a modicum of research ability, then they would be proven and deliberate Jew hating provocateurs, and hypocrites, holding Israel to a standard no other country has ever been expected to attain. These little people cannot even imagine the intellectual greatness and morality that they think they can question or judge or limit. Their ego mania selfishly attempts to limit the benefits of the academic freedom they pretend to uphold. Academic freedom? Only for those who agree with you? I don’t think so. The world needs Israeli know how and you can’t stop it.

  2. Due to my respect for the liberal arts, to which I have dedicated my thinking life, I shall not dismiss the general pursuit without qualifications.
    Jack Lynch is abusing his academic status by indulging in irrational assaults motivated by objectively academically unjustified agendas.
    In other words, as Lynch is part of a respectable establishment, he uses the structure of this high learning institution to advance pernicious, destructive and, finally, unwanted “ideologies”.
    A farcical claim of intellectual autonomy is used in a manner that intends to cover, justify, any stance. The claimed “academic” privileges would dismiss any probing into the veracity, legitimacy and, indeed, ethical benefits of Lynch’s arrogant and abusive cacophonies.

    Concocting “ethical” issues in the most unfair manner, Lynch’s position, like the rest of the BDS, fails miserably when faced with the question of reason, reality checks and ethical utility.
    Israel is not just a bastion of learning, research, technical advances, but a beacon of ethical behaviour. Politcal conflicts initiated and sustained by ostensive anti Israel forces of darkness – not a “romantic” description, but a realistic one – would elicit any farcical arguments in order to attract suport.
    Lynch cannot justify his BDS ideology in a contest based on verifyable values.
    Unsubstantiated denials from the BDS camp will always attract anyone disposed to a “liberal” appreciation of competitive values. It is a long way to define ENVY based on unalterable determinants. It means that one would hate a Jew ad infinitum because the quality of JEW is unalterable. The same way anti black racism cannnot be negotiated with a hard core racist. Immutable prejudice has …………deep roots.
    For that matter , it does matter at all how Lynch himself describes his “profile”. It, the status of immutable prejudice is amply expressed by the “liberal” stance he is taking against, AND selectively, matters associated with the Jewish quality. Lynch is displaying with similar “passion” concerns for any other cause which would attract a genuine ethical objector.
    He may attach some now for “ergument’s sake”, but, passion……….no way.

    Now all this stuff has no legal legs that one may use in a legal forum, only ethical reflections.
    But, to the extent that anything legal must contain ethical considerations, Lynch would be guilty as charged.

  3. Correction. 2nd last para., read ” Lynch is NOT displaying with similar “passion”………”