Gaza knee deep in “s**t” – literally

Apologies here. This is the nearest I have ever come to using the ‘s’ word. There was no other choice, besides the fact in this instance, it is the perfect word choice.

reports here:

Gaza in Deep Sewage, under Egyptian Siege

Raw sewage floods Gaza City neighborhood, and 13 more sewage stations are close to overflowing.

It reports:

Sewerage plant in GazaRaw sewage has flooded streets in a southern neighborhood of Gaza City in recent days, threatening a health disaster, writes the New York Times. The reason: cheap diesel fuel can no longer be smuggled in from Egypt, because Egypt’s army has shut down the smuggling tunnels that connected Gaza with Sinai.

The Hamas government shut down Gaza’s lone power plant on November 1, causing a pump station to flood. Three more sewagestations in Gaza City and 10 others elsewhere  in Gaza are close to overflowing, sanitation officials said, and 3.5 million cubic feet of raw sewage is seeping into the Mediterranean Sea daily.

“The sanitation department may soon no longer be able to pump drinking water to Gaza homes,” writes the Times.

Hamas has refused to import Israeli diesel because of taxes imposed by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, which is led by rival terror organisation Fatah.

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the MSM and the useless idiots of the pro-Palestinian groups blame Israel for this.  How surprising that this hasn’t been widely reported in the MSM?

Imagine if this was the reverse situation, one can only imagine the screaming headlines and News coverage.

It goes on to say:

Hamas has refused to import Israeli diesel because of taxes imposed by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, which is led by rival terror organization Fatah.

Gaza’s residents now face daily power failures of 12 or even 18 hours.

“Businesses have cut back production, hospitals are rationing electricity to keep dialysis and cardiac support systems running…”

all because of Egypt’s cutting off smuggling, and Hamas’ refusal to pay Ramallah taxes.

The number of trucks bringing goods, including fuel, into Gaza from Israel has actually increased 18 percent since the ouster in July of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, while the number of Gazans allowed to leave through Israel’s Erez crossing is up nearly 30 percent since July. Exits through Egypt’s Rafah crossing in October, however, were a third of what they had been in January.

And yet, in reporting on the situation in Gaza, Iran’s PressTV succeeded in blaming Israel anyway

The situation regarding electricity isn’t much better either.

Arutz Sheva reports

Hamas Looking to Buy More Electricity – From Israel

Following siege from Egypt, Gaza officials ask Israeli Electric Company to increase power supply from Israel.

Imad al-Daelis, economic adviser of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, said that talks were underway to increase the volume of electricity Hamas purchases from Israel, after 3 weeks of an Egyptian siege on the terrorist state.

Gaza electicity workersThe Israel Electric Company already provides over 1/3 of Gaza’s electricity – despite numerous terror attacks by Hamas to kill Israeli forces and civilians alike, and despite Hamas’s continued public statements threatening genocide against the Israeli and Jewish peoples. 

It goes on to say

Egyptian politician Imad Hamdi, from the Egyptian Popular Front, has criticized the move, calling Hamas hypocritical. Hamdi pointed out that Hamas is guilty of using Israel’s resources despite denying its very existence, and stated that Hamas is not effective as a resistance movement against Israel. 

Hamdi’s remarks follow reports that Haniyeh has also sent his 1 year-old granddaughter for medical treatment within Israel’s borders – despite vowing to take down the government providing the treatment and continue to support genocide against Israel. Doctors at a Petach Tikva hospital eventually determined that the girl could not be treated and returned her to the military dictatorship. 

Earlier in the year a group of activists launched a Palestinian version of the Tamarod  meaning “Rebellion” campaign to remove Hamas from power in the Gaza Strip.

Tamarod is a grassroots movement in Egypt that led the campaign to oust president Mohamed Morsi.

The Palestinian group on Monday shared a video announcing a series of anti-Hamas activities as of November 11.

“Repression and tyranny have reached their peak and we can no longer remain silent,” the group said in the video. “The time has come to reject death under Hamas’s security club.”

The group said that the Palestinian Tamarod movement consisted of youths “of all colors and affiliations.”

Denouncing Hamas as medieval gangsters, the group accused the Islamist movement of torture, sabotage, smuggling, bribery and thuggery.

“Addressing Hamas,” the group said, “We won’t ask you to leave because you are part of us. But you won’t rule after November 11 even if you finish us off. All our options are open, except for using weapons. We are different from you. Unlike you, we don’t use weapons against our brothers. Unlike you, we don’t kill children, the elderly, women and youths. Unlike you, we don’t destroy mosques. We will face you with bare chests.”

Hamas officials in Gaza accused Fatah of being behind the video.

“We are witnessing attempts by Fatah to instigate tensions in the Gaza Strip,” said one official. “Our people, who threw Fatah out of the Gaza Strip, will not be deceived by this new conspiracy.”

Sources in Gaza said Hamas security forces have arrested two Palestinians on suspicion of “plotting to overthrow the Hamas government.”

Read more at the Jerusalem Post

The Gazan Arabs can’t get anything going right for them Hamas and their supporters reap the spoils, whilst the ordinary people suffer.

Hamas calls dissident group a foreign ‘conspiracy’ after the day for ‘revolt’ comes and goes

Reported here by Khaled Abu Toameh at the Jerusalem Post

Hamas officials on Tuesday expressed relief over the failure of calls to stage mass protests against the Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip.

Tamarod, an anonymous group, had called on Palestinians to revolt against Hamas on November 11. It received its inspiration from the Egyptian Tamarod movement, which launched mass protests that eventually brought down the regime of president Mohammed Morsi earlier this year.

The anti-Hamas group published a number of videotapes and leaflets urging Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to rise up. It vowed to end Hamas’s rule on November 11 – a day that passed peacefully and without any protest against the Islamist movement.

The date coincided with the ninth anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat.

Hamas banned all rallies to commemorate Arafat out of fear that they would be used by Tamarod to initiate a revolt.

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Tuesday praised residents of the Gaza Strip for refusing to heed the group’s calls. He called the Tamarod phenomenon a “conspiracy” by outside powers against the Palestinians and his government.

Over the past few weeks, Hamas security forces have arrested dozens of Palestinians, including journalists, on suspicion of involvement with the group. Some officials have claimed that it is an arm of Egyptian intelligence and the Fatah faction of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

What a surprise. We know Israel just had to get a mention in this somewhere

It goes on to say

The Hamas Interior Ministry, which is responsible for security, said in a statement that it would not allow “chaos and anarchy” to return to the Gaza Strip.

“Those who conspired against the Gaza Strip have been dealt a severe blow,” the statement said.

The ministry accused Israel and its “collaborators” in the Gaza Strip of standing behind Tamarod.

Hamas spokesmen said that the fact that nothing happened on November 11 proved that Tamarod was nothing but a “hoax.”

Hot off the press is news from the Ma’an News Agency, whose news is regularly biased and inaccurate.

Gaza forced to use donkeys for waste collection due to lack of fuel

Donkeys in GazaGarbage collection vehicles in the Gaza Strip stopped working on Sunday due to lack of fuel, forcing local municipalities to use donkeys in order to collect garbage and waste from cities and villages across the region.

Gaza municipality officials said that the garbage vehicles can no longer be used for waste collection because gas stations across the Gaza Strip have run out of fuel as a result of the Israeli-Egyptian siege.

Mohammad al-Farra, Gaza Minister of Local Government, said in a press conference on Sunday that there are around 70 garbage collection vehicles in the Gaza strip that have been pulled from service due to lack of fuel.

The garbage vehicles would be replaced by “primitive means such as donkeys” in order to transport 1,700 tons of solid waste from the streets of the Gaza Strip daily.

Al-Farra confirmed that using donkeys to collect waste is not suitable and will potentially lead to major health problems.

It goes on to say:

Egyptian Maj. Gen. Ahmad Ibrahim said in October that nearly 800 tunnels had been destroyed since the beginning of the year at that time, while Rafah officials estimated in September that these operations had demolished 95% of previously existing tunnels.

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  1. Ma’an Newsagency is indeed inaccurate when it states (amongst the rest) that “gas stations across the Gaza Strip have run out of fuel as a result of the Israeli-Egyptian siege.”

    This is wholly a result of the Egyptian siege .. Israel is still providing fuel (amongst the rest) to Gaza. Here is just one link on the subject:,7340,L-4411264,00.html

  2. JayinPhiladelphia

    This wouldn’t be a problem if they had only invested in improving their infrastructure over all these years, instead of endless spending sprees on terror. This only goes to show how unserious the Palestinian ‘leaders’ are about building a functional state of their own.

    Egypt isn’t to blame here, and though some will certainly try, Israel sure as s*** (heh) ain’t, either.

    Surprise! The criminal terror gangs in Judea and Samaria and Gaza have ‘used’ the billions given to them over the decades to do absolutely squat for improving the lives of the people they claim to represent.

    I have to wonder who works at, and runs, their wastewater treatment facilities, as well. This is something that interests me, in particular, as I work at a wastewater treatment plant, myself. My inner city, urban US plant’s original facilities date back almost 100 years, and our most recent upgrades are close to 40 years old now. A good chunk of the ‘newest’ equipment I spend all day working on and monitoring is a few years older than me. Yet when Hurricane Sandy hit last year, we didn’t spill one drop.

    What’s Gaza’s excuse? I guess I think I know.

    I’d be surprised if most of Gaza’s wastewater workers were trained professionals, who take pride in the day-to-day drudgery of showing up to work and doing what it takes to protect the environment and the very source of life itself, which is our water.

    My guess is that the people purportedly responsible for ensuring things like this doesn’t happen were probably too busy building rockets or planning terror tunnels into Israel, instead.