Palestinian Authority Builds Illegally in E1


After the US strongly protests Israeli building, the Arabs take it as a sign to up the ante and build, in the area known as E1 next to Jerusalem, 10 new outposts. Regavim exposed this hypocrisy on the front page of Friday’s Ma’ariv, Makor Rishon and Arutz 7.

Let’s see if public pressure will move our government to do something about the PA’s land grab in such a strategic area.

Regavim is a non-profit-making, non-governmental organisation concerned with preventing the illegal confiscation of Israel’s national land resources, with protecting nature, and with preventing environmental damage. By monitoring the way officialdom deals with these matters, Regavim ensures conformity to responsible administrative norms.

After US rejects Israel’s building in the area, PA rushes to build hundreds of illegal caravans in the area – to prevent Israel building.

By Tova Dvorin – Israel National News


Map: where the illegal building is taking place Regavim (courtesy)

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PA builds illegally 1After the US pressured the Israeli government to stop building in the E1 region, between Maaleh Adummim and Jerusalem, new pictures reveal that the Palestinian Arabs have sped up their own illegal outposts – to settle there and establish facts on the ground before Israel’s Jewish population can beat them to it.

The investigation of Regavim movement indicates that hundreds of portable structures have already been built around Ma’ale Adummim and Highway 1, which extends all the way to the Dead Sea. The buildings are made of metal plates, allowing rapid construction as the Palestinian Arabs generally operate on weekends, when the Supervisory Unit of the Civil Administration is on leave.

At first, the Palestinian Authority kept the buildings under black tarps, to prevent photos being taken and establishing proof of illegal building. Over time, these tarps have disappeared – revealing even more buildings in their wake. All of the buildings are in Area C – the area exclusively under Israeli control.

While the Regavim movement has asked the government several times to intervene, no action has yet been taken. The Civil Administration has reportedly posted signs forbidding the building – but that is all.

In some cases, petitions filed by the Palestinian Arabs and radical leftist organizations have inhibited government enforcement. One example is near the Kedar River, south of Maaleh Adummim. There, the Palestinian Arabs have erected hundreds of buildings illegally after submitting a petition to the High Court. Following the petition, the judges decided to give an interim order which does not allow any enforcement to proceed.

Regavim also points out, in all the cases presented in their investigation, that no government office is taking steps to prevent the settlement phenomenon.

“The situation on the ground is unbearable,” said Arad, a field coordinator for the movement of Regavim. “The Palestinian Authority is promoting construction of hundreds of structures in Area C but there is no one to supervise and enforce the law. From experience, we have learned that as time passes, the harder it is to implement the policy’s enforcement.

The time has come for the State of Israel to put an end to the Civil Administration and enforce the law for everyone – not just Israelis.”

Pictures of the illegal building are below.

Illegal buildings Illegal buildings. 2PNG Illegal buildings. 3PNG. Illegal buildings. 4PNG. Illegal buildings. 5PNG

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  1. No comment on illegal Palestinian settlements, murder and incitement to hate perpetuated against Israelis. Celebrating, honouring and paying salaries of convicted murderers and terrorists to name but a few reasons why the so called “peace partner ” cannot be seen to be credible. More than enough reason to call a halt to the so called “peace process”.

  2. “peace process”??

    Surely you jest?

    Was there ever one??

    They don’t want peace. The point is why can’t the world see that.

    Only a couple of weeks ago when it looked like there was going to be a popular uprising against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hamas went on a rampage and quickly put pay to it.

    I read this earlier…

    Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas member of parliament and senior figure in the terrorist organization, threatened increased Hamas missile range in the next confrontation, saying that if Israel struck Gaza, Hamas would fire missiles at “targets north of Tel Aviv.”

    Katusha rocket

    Al-Masri, who spoke at an event organized by Hamas students to commemorate a year since the IDF’s counter-terror Operation Pillar of Defense, claimed that Israel “will be surprised by the abilities of the Al-Qassam Brigades.”

    On Monday al-Masri similarly claimed that Hamas now has missiles with a 100 kilometer (62 mile) range, putting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in their sights.

    The threats were confirmed last Friday when Colonel Amos Hacohen, head of the IDF’s Southern Gaza Brigade, assessed that Hamas continues to greatly expand and improve its missile arsenal. The missiles are largely produced in Gaza following Egypt’s crackdown on Sinai smuggling.

    Al-Masri extolled the young generation of Hamas, saying “these youths present at the event…are a generation educated in the mosques that learned the Koran by heart.”

    The senior Hamas figure then threatened Israeli leaders, and particularly Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, telling them “to run away before the new generation of Al-Qassam Brigades reaches you.”

    Apparently not all of Hamas’s next generation need be feared. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s granddaughter was sent to Israel for medical treatment on Monday, only to be returned to Gaza that night after doctors couldn’t treat her serious digestive tract infection.

    Al-Masri further stated that “freeing the land (Israel) will not happen except by armed struggle and jihad, not by negotiations.”

    His comments come after Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Sunday that there is no difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), the PA merely uses different means to achieve the same goal.