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Written and submitted by Lana Lachyani – 14 November 2013



“I’m not afraid to be the only one swimming in the pool.”

 I wonder, is this the key to entrepreneurial success? The bold words of Gabby Leibovich, Director at Catch Group and one of the panellists at last week’s  ’Insights to Success’ seminar run by YJP – Young Jewish Professionals in Melbourne.  Facebook:   He was joined by Lee Ajzenman, Founder of Core Physio and Pilates in Melbourne’s South East and Paul Greenberg, Executive Chairman at National Online Retailers Association (NORA) and revolutionary Co-Founder of DealsDirect.

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 This impressive spread of Aussie business owners led to an interesting and unconventional discussion of success and how to achieve it. Each of these hugely successful individuals started out with a vision. Gabby Leibovich explained that his business started with a small 200 square meter warehouse, a team of six friends and a lot of elbow grease. Six years on, Catch Group owns Scoopon, Mumgo and Grocery Run and is valued at about $600 million. When questioned about his journey to success, Leibovich shared his (always honest!) thoughts with the audience. He encouraged boldness, knowing what you are good at and working hard.


“Don’t wait until an idea is 100% ready. Start it and work on it as you go.”


Lee Ajzenman has more holistic approach, suggesting that the hiring of staff requires careful consideration to create a positive atmosphere for her clients. Ajzenman also discussed the challenge for women to balance work and in her case, two young children. Taking a more intuitive approach, she follows her gut on important decisions.


Paul Greenberg was dubbed by Leibovich as ‘The grandfather of e-commerce’ and the two discussed their ‘frenemy’ relationship which lasted for many years. It was interesting to hear Greenberg and Leibovich debate the past and future status of the e-commerce sphere in Australia. With an increasingly high percentage of Australian consumers buying online, the retail landscape has significantly changed over the past few years. Digital is certainly the future of many industries, including retail.

This is also a relevant debate for my field of communications and marketing. Social media, websites presenting high class copy, e-newsletters and online magazines have become essentials in our professional and business worlds. These speakers inspire me and remind me that staying focused on your goal, being proactive and continuing to create are the keys to success.

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