Hagshama Sydney: Hebrew Cafe – Press Release


Hebrew Café – brought to you by Hagshama, ZFA Israel Programs & Aliyah

Skinny Dip Café at Bondi Beach was packed with young adults from all over Sydney, who came to learn & practice their Hebrew over a warm cup of coffee.

Hagshama 1Volunteering teachers Hagar Shelly (on the left) and Karin Kranenburg (on the right) chatting before the sessions begin

The vibe was amazing, classes were relaxed and entertaining, participants were smiling while concentrating and 6 wonderful Israelis volunteered their time to teach Hebrew in an informal setting, helping to bring the language of Israel & the Jewish people to our own backyard in Sydney. This was also a lovely event where Israelis and the Sydney Jewish Community came closer.

Hebrew Café has become an awesome tradition in Sydney, where young adults patiently wait for it to launch again every year.

Hagshama 2 Shaliach Aliyah & Habomin – Ron Alter chatting to the Advanced Hebrew Café Group

Hebrew Café is an informal & friendly way to learn Hebrew, meet new people & enjoy a cup of coffee along the way. For young adults (ages 18-39) no matter your level of knowledge, join us at Skinny Dip Café in Bondi Beach & learn Hebrew from Israelis & Hebrew speakers. Please RSVP to hagshama@zionistcouncil.com.au.
There will be 3 different levels: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.

Next 2 sessions are at Skinny Dip Café in Bondi Beach at 7pm:

  • Monday 25th November
  • Monday 9th December

Entry $5 per session – includes coffees, nibbles & materials!

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