Boycott Guinness!

Western European countries are generally not favorable toward Israel and among those countries few are quite as hateful as Ireland.  The reason for this is because the Irish see a rough equivalence between the English occupation of their island and the Jewish occupation of Israel.  It’s nonsense, of course, but they seem to believe it.

Thus we have this tidbit written by Itamar Eichner and published by Y-Net:

A pro-Israeli activist residing in Dublin, Ireland, was shocked this week when he discovered that a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) organization had taped yellow stickers on Israeli products reading “For justice in Palestine, Boycott Israel”

Among the many items found carrying the yellow boycott sticker was a pack of dates from the Jordan Valley. One of the stickers read: “Organic dates – produce of West Bank; Israeli Settlement Produce.”

The call for boycott is directed not only at products made in Israeli settlements but at Israeli products altogether – even though the sticker notes the product was made in the West Bank. Similar stickers were placed on other products in the Tesco supermarkets chain.

Guinness beer is among the foremost exported products out of the island of Ireland.  I say we boycott.

Israelis, in particular, should boycott all Irish goods, but Guinness has a certain symbolic value if only because it is an exceedingly well-known Irish brand.

From the comments:

1. Bravo to Ireland and to BDS!

Consumers have the right to know what they are buying. More countries should adopt the system.

Non Jewish Immigrant, Haifa (11.05.13)

I have to wonder why someone would move to Haifa and then call for the boycott of Israel.  I actually love Haifa.  It’s an amazingly weird and ancient city that is a total hodge-podge of the modern and the very old and it has the best falafel to be found anywhere in Israel… in my not so humble opinion.

Of course, the non-Jewish immigrant in Haifa is correct that people have the right to know what they are buying, but what has that got to do with the boycott?  That sticker was on a case of medjool dates.  That’s the product, so people do know what they are buying.  They are buying dates.

What the non-Jewish immigrant in Haifa is really saying is that the Jews are evil and need to be put down like the dogs that we are.  He doesn’t call for the boycott of China for its brutal occupation of Tibet or the boycott of Turkey for its occupation of Cyprus.

Instead he calls out the Jews for daring to “occupy” Judaea.

9. It’s unlikely that BDS didn’t know…

That a yellow sticker would raise certain connotations. Given their declared support for a one-state solution and the dissolution of Israel, it’s not surprising. The sad part is, that if such a boycott ever became effective, the first victims of the BDS boycott would be the Palestinian employees of Jewish companies in the West Bank. I guess that shows exactly how much the BDS people really care about the Palestinians.

M. Davison , Ra’anana, Israel (11.05.13)

By “certain connotations” one assumes that M. Davison means this:

Davison is also correct when he points out that the Palestinian-Arabs who feed their families by working for Jewish employers in Judaea and Samaria will also be hurt, but who claims that anti-Semitic anti-Zionism is actually “pro-Palestinian”?

16. Fantastic, more countries WILL follow!

Lynx, PALESTINE (11.05.13)

Lynx is probably correct that more countries will follow.  The current “peace process” practically guarantees that other countries will follow suit and one might wonder if the very purpose of the current round of negotiations is precisely to bring that about.

Whatever Obama’s intentions toward Israel, his behavior will likely bring about a strengthening of the BDS movement, particularly in Europe.  Again, this is the way things will likely play out:

The US and the EU demand negotiations and pressure Israel to do things like free the murderers of Jews and to stop building housing for Jewish people on Jewish land, while requiring nothing from the Arabs beyond their role in bashing the Jews.  When Israel fails to stop building housing for its people the local Arabs will walk away from talks and the EU and the Obama administration, along with its Jewish sycophants, will then blame the failure on Israel.  Then we will see Mr. Lynx’s prediction come true around the same time that serious Arab-Muslim violence against Jews ramps up in another terror war.

As I say, I have seen this movie before and it ends badly.

Ultimately, Barack Obama is dragging the Jews of the Middle East to the next round of violence against them.



Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.


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  1. Michael
    as great as you are, you just made a passing, yet relevant, comment regarding the value of the Jewish State for the Arabs living in it and , largely, within the space administered by Israel, OUR Judea and Samaria.

    Here I suggest the development of the notion that ISRAEL IS GOOD FOR THE ARABS, in parallel with the known and also necessary “ISRAEL IS GOOD FOR THE JEWS”.
    I’d be ecstatic to assist .

    • Otto, what I am going to do with you?

      It must be you that is brilliant, because I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Join the club Mike.!!

        Any web site where Otto posts they have the same issue. I tell him this all the time and he just doesn’t get where I am coming from

      • OK Michael, I’ll explain in English:

        Jews and their friends persist ( very good ) in defending Israel against the Arab and THEIR friends, onslaught on Zionism etc. We constantly demonstrate that Israel is OUR land etc. Perfect.

        I am suggesting that Israel should also promote the notion that ITSELF is good for the Arabs. Reverse something ( because I hate the banality of “reverse psychology ” rubbish ).
        This notion of the UNIVERSAL value of Israel is not all that original. Yet, it can be used specifically for the Arab “consumption”, thus counter-acting the virulence of the anti Zionist PR.

      • But, Otto, they are not buying that.

        The Arabs do not want to hear that Israel benefits them. It happens to be true, but they quite obviously do not care. I seem to recall a quote from a prominent Arab politician or businessman directly after the ’48 war in which he said that it did not matter if the Jews benefited the Arabs if it meant that Arabs would have to live under Jewish rule.

        They would rather starve in freedom from Jewish sovereignty then thrive living under Jewish sovereignty.

        The fact of the matter is that Arab residents of Israel have it considerably better than do Arabs throughout the Muslim Middle East. You know this as well as do I, but telling them is speaking to a wall and western non-Arabs simply do not care.

        What I say is to heck with the Arabs.

        We tell our American friends and our European friends and our Australian friends that we are standing up for Israel and that the Jewish people will take our destiny into our hands.

        I know that you are with me.

        • Michael, I know that it does not rhyme but, as far as I am concerned , I am : “All the way with Michael Lumish !”. Or, let’s make it more interesting, “Me with Lumish. Capish ?” or “Lumish and I
          See eye to eye !”

          As to my brilliant idea:

          All I am suggesting is spruiking the notion that Arabs can ONLY benefit from having Israel as a FRIEND !! It does not mean that we are “selling” Israel per se, but we are developing a “creative” marketing principle whereby Israel can coexist happily with its neighbouring Arabs, ALL of them and , as a bonus, I will throw in the non Arabs, such as the Turks and, of course , Iranians. It is good gescheft, good for us.

          Not at all impossible.
          Some time ago, prior to 1979, for quite some time, Iran was good mates with Israel. Turkey is a more recent case only to be spoilt by a resurgence of radical Islamism, but hopefully only a phase.

      • Otto, I have to say you are considerably more optimistic than am I.

        I do not believe that any degree of creative marketing is going to sway the Arab street.

        I wish it were otherwise. And although it’s commendable to be charitable and friendly toward one’s neighbors, there is also a place for recognizing hard reality, as I am sure that you would agree.

        I think that there is a liberal tendency within the Jewish soul that always wants to forgive others, because we want so desperately simply to be accepted by the world community and it is for this reason that we tend to turn a hard eye to people such as Meir Kahane.

        I am not a Kahanist, by any means, but I do believe I understand where the rabbi was coming from.

        • Michael

          I am sure you’ll agree that there are no contradictions in Judaism , as the guinig principles in running the Jewish State, between being consistent with its tenets of righteousness, of just principles and being charitable and friendly to one’s neighbours. NOT at the same time one is expected to be intransigent with those aiming at your ( Judaism’s ) very existence and being “charitable” and friendly with the same.
          The point is that one condition must be conducive to the other. One does not abandon intransigence, one does not refute “Kahanism”, quite to the contrary, I would elect that Kahanism – to use the term is we understand it -is a conduit to achieving the positive, affable eventual state.
          Right now Israel is at a Providentially given stage where she can argue that radical, Kahanist, means are “on the table” ( in fact have been quite successfully used for almost as long as the Jewish State has been functioning ) , but , if the other side’s mentality is willing to change, then we shall ALL benefit from the fruits of harmonious coexistence. I am looking at the enormous difference between a Morsi State of affairs and the previous and current “arrangements” in Egypt’s governance, or, for that matter , Jordan and Israel.
          Israel the Kahanist was essential, pivotal, sine qua non, anything you want, in persuading the others that it is better for those disposed at being enemies of Israel to being the kind of optimist I am “accused” of being.

  2. Good idea. Guinness is bloody undrinkable anyway so easy to boycott.

    Take some care with this Mike. Last time I looked, admittedly some time ago, Guinness was taken over by UDL, an UK company, in a messy reverse takeover and which in turn was then taken over by Seagrams, a Canadian company. Seagram has since demised but then was owned by the Bronfmans one of Canada’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish families. No doubt much more activity since.

    In any event, Guinness sold abroad, like many beers, is very often brewed under licence in the country it is consumed.

    • It doesn’t really matter who owns it or where it is manufactured. IT IS an IRISH product and will always be seen as that. It also has the Irish harp on its logo.


      • This is dangerously close to boycotting Brussels Sprouts as a protest against the EU ban on collaboration with Jews living in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

    • One thing is certain, Geoff, Guinness in Dublin is a very different thing than Guinness in San Francisco.

      It is an entirely different product.

      Nonetheless, all that matters to me is that the Irish acknowledge Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land and I will not touch any Irish product until they do so.

      • I agree. Guinness in Dublin is something else. Perhaps when they license foreign brewers they leave something out of the recipe.

        And yes. I agree it is time to start boycotting back. When the Teachers Union of Ireland passed a pro-BDS motion earlier this year, it did so unanimously. UNANIMOUSLY! Have you ever heard of such a thing? That means that If you meet an Irish teacher you know that she or he believes that Israel is an apartheid state that should be torn down. There is no other opinion.

        Would this be the only thing that unites all the Irish? At least all Irish teachers? This is the only thing they can agree on? Jew hatred?

        • All ‘food stuffs’ are manufactured according to the taste buds of the population. Learnt that at the Cadbury factory.
          Americans have an extremely sweet tooth and so the chocolate for the US market is very sweet.

  3. Not so sure it would be such a great idea to boycott it.

    What if, as a consequence, Guinness would drop the price drastically because the Jews would make a massive hole in their marketing by abstaining from their alcoholic abandonment, then the Irish will start drinking heavily and become uncontrollable.

    I live not far from an Irish pub and that will make my life a misery. Then they will start spilling out on the street screaming, making all kinds of animal call noises, well into the wee hours of the morn,picking fights, spewing all over the footpath etc.

    No, I don’t think we want that kinda change in the Irish traditional behaviour………..

    Come to think, there is also a non-Irish pub around the corner and they are worse.
    Anyone ever ……………heard of the Tea Gardens , Bondi Jctn especially around 3am

  4. yes, I said an non-Irish pub, Tea Gardens. Y’re right it is that bloody Siobhian, which I reckon is pronounced something like “cronkeeslab” phonetically speaking………

  5. Hey Shirlee, whatever happened to me Franz Liszt, dot you like classical music no more ??!!

  6. Go back two decades when sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz was banned from the USA for funding terror and he bribed the Irish government to open the gates to Islamists including Pakistani terrorists. Soon Ireland was throat slitting animals unstunned to export to Britain because British law prevented Halal slaughter at the time. Churches like Clonskeagh became mosques and now houses the center for Fatwa research for the EU, headed by sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Irish universities like University College Dublin are Islamic dawah centers and papers like the Independent and the Irish Times are rabidly anti-Israel.

    The article to boycott Israel came from the Irish Times on 3 November.

    BTW The Guinness in Ireland has a different taste and I love it.

    We will be in Ireland next May after a few weeks in Israel and I hope to catch up with Barry Williams and Rene O’Riodan who are both supporting Israel. Irish culture is under great threat as both Guinness, whiskey and pork industries are threatened by Islam. Islam also opposes the Irish dancing and music.

  7. Geoff, thanks for the detailed update… makes me think a whole lot differently about the poor Irish. Damn those stupid fools who let Islam run wild in their countries!! 20 yrs later they’re all paying the price. But despite all that the whole world hates Jews .. you know, those people who don’t make waves and sit quietly by, minding their own biz, bringing up their fams the best they can, and not trying to convert or subvert anything or anyone.

  8. I think this level of stupidity demands an entry in the Guinness Book of Records!