BDS Fail – Big Time. Tom Jones in Tel Aviv

‘Mein Yiddishe mama’ is a very special song to me and more so, given that Tom Jones has just sung it in Tel Aviv ignoring all the vile BSDer’s  threats, makes it more special.  As a small child my father sung this to us nightly. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear the song.

It is followed by a very special video of a 94 year old Russian woman singing it in Yiddish. I downloaded years ago and just found it on You Tube.

Get your tissues ready !!

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  1. A propos BDS FAIL:

    Malcom Turnbull gave an excellent thumbs-town to this disgusting BDS this morning on Ch. 10 “meet the press” – he said (words to the effect) that this “BDS has nothing less as its final aim than the end of Israel”. He said it much more elegantly and quite explicitly for a politician. WELL DONE Malcom Turnbull and Tom Jones !

    Another song in Yiddish, same vintage?

    • I posted the video for you Rita. It is a bit too jazzed up for my liking. You need the URL on one line to post the video. Make sure you copy the URL direct

      My Yiddishe Mama was written very early last century. Bei mir bist du scheyn came about 20 years later.

      You should be able to understand the Yiddish Rita. My father used to speak with my daughter in Yiddish and she answered in German.

      fitah is vater
      scheyn is schon. Can’t do umlauts here
      git is gut
      Yiddish uses just fressen ‘to eat’ whilst in German you have fressen and essen.

      I could go on and on here but won’t bore everyne

      • Thanks Shirlee. Yes I do understand Yiddish a little, having heard it first when I worked for the Wiedergutmachung and heard witness statements from some survivors who spoke it.
        I am too lazy to read it though, hence I’m reading one of my favourite Jewish authors (who wrote in Yiddish), Isaac Bashevis Singer in english translation.

        I dont find your personal recollections boring at all, quite the contrary.

  2. Go Tom Jones!

  3. This is the one song in all the world, which I cannot hear without crying nor can I sing it, without breaking down.
    Tom Jones sings it beautifully – but the “yiddishe neshome” is somehow missing.
    Not so with the great Sophie Tucker:


    • Shimona, did you watch the Russian woman.?

      My father sung it beautifully

      My booba used to sing “Ce gekimmen a chazan in a klayner shtetler”

  4. An ever green, Thoughtful, soulful song. I love it.

  5. Shirlee, you owe me a whole bloody box of tissues !!!!!!!!!!

  6. The performers who persist in playing in Israel, despite intimidation and even death threats, are the real heroes of our time. They deserve our admiration for having the strength to refuse to capitulate to a racist, anti-Semitic and barbaric enemy.