Jewish leaders condemn ‘anti-Semitic’ attack – including CCTV footage of the Bondi antisemitic attack

Four men and a woman were injured after a group of males allegedly made anti- Semitic comments to them, assaulting them as they walked home.

CCTV footage shows the brawl that ensued as eight people attacked a group returning from a Jewish Sabbath dinner.

Five people were taken to hospital, with concussions and broken bones.

One – a man in his 60s – also suffered bleeding to his brain.

“Its’ always shocking and disappointing when they occur”, Peter Wertheim of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry told SBS.

Two teenagers and a 23 year old man were arrested at the scene.

The rest managed to flee.

The victims say the attack was racially motivated– in an area that boasts one of Australia’s largest Jewish communities.

“We’re not scared to walk in the street as a Jew”, Rebbi Eli Feldman said.

“I wear this (traditional dress) garb down Bondi Road, and very rarely is there a problem. We’re very comfortable in this country and it’s a tribute to Australia.”

Peter Wertheim has personally thanked those who leapt to the group’s defence before police arrived.

While he agrees attacks like this are rare – Australia’s anti-racism measures need to be bolstered.

I think there needs to be a targetted approach to education in their early teens when they’re suseptible to family prejudice and peer group pressure.

“I have to say there is always a substrata of racial prejudice that exists in Australian society, as probably everywhere in the world. Australia is probably a more tolerant place than most others.”

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  1. And *I* think Jews need to take lessons in self-defence and send scumbag attackers away with a broken nose and two black eyes.

  2. I am reading on line that the attackers were Muslims which would be no surprise to anyone however the sources are not reliable and I will wait to read the perpetrators names when released in the main stream press before making any comments.

    • Thank you Michael. I am having the same argument with the Queensland Zionist group. There has been nothing in the media about race, religion or colour. This Muslim stuff is coming from Israel unfortunately.

      Some twit took a Sky News video and renamed it so as to cause hatred. The Jerusalem Post picked it up and doubt other Israeli sources got it from there. I told them in Queensland to knock it off and to imagine if it was the other way around.

      The person who is going to lose business from this is the Israeli guy who closed his shop door so as not to get involved. Terrific huh? A Jew not helping a fellow Jews? Disgraceful

    • The names of the 17 year old ‘children’ won’t be released and I am not sure if the 23 year old will be before trial. Though you might get it in Melbourne. Let me know what you hear down there please Michael