The Peace Process Two-Step (Updated)

In a piece entitled, Is Kerry Precipitating Another Intifada?, by Jonathan Tobin over at Commentary, he writes:

But not everyone is taking the talks that were forced upon the parties by Secretary of State John Kerry as a total non-event. Yuval Diskin, a former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, is claiming that the net result of the slow-motion failure of Kerry’s attempt to create momentum for peace when virtually no one thought the time was propitious could be another outbreak of violence.

My prediction was (and remains) that the talks will fail and with that failure will come Arab violence against Jews and with that violence will come the condemnation of Israel by the US government under Barack Obama, the EU, the UN, and the entirety of the Muslim states.  This condemnation will be grounded in race-hate toward Jews because it will be based on the idea that Jews should not be allowed to live, and thus build housing for themselves, in Judaea and Samaria.

The notion that Jews should not be allowed to build housing for themselves within the Jewish heartland has become an idée fixe by many who concern themselves with this matter, including those partners in crime, Abbas and Obama.

The idea of “settlement freeze” will be used by the Palestinian Authority as an excuse for either walking out of the talks, or for the failure of the talks, despite the fact that throughout the entire Oslo process, under Clinton, Jews continued to build housing for themselves on that land and the PA, at that time, did not allow such building to prevent negotiations.  Although United States policy has generally been in opposition to the settlement project since 1967, it was only under Obama that it became a deal-breaker entirely.  The reason for this, as we have gone over ad nauseum, is because once Obama turned it into a requirement, Mahmoud Abbas could do nothing less.

This remains Barack Obama’s primary screw-up on the Arab-Israel conflict and it came right out of the gate.  Obama wrecked whatever little potential there may have been for a deal and continues to compound the very problem that he created at the beginning of his tenure.

Nonetheless, it has to be understood that Obama put forth this counterproductive and racist policy because his Jewish advisers were in favor of it, which is why I consider him the Accidental anti-Semite.  No one, for example, is a bigger supporter of Israel than is Alan Dershowitz, but Dershowitz opposes the so-called “settlements” and he has made his beliefs very clear to president Obama.  Dershowitz is, in my estimation, a man to be admired, but this does not mean that he is incapable of being wrong.  I, also, for a long time opposed settlement activity because I believed that the Arabs were not only serious about a negotiated conclusion of hostilities within a two-state solution, but that Israel was primarily at fault for the conflict to begin with.

I have since learned better.

Thus, if you want to find the true source of the current impasse, look no farther than the people sitting across from you on any given Passover seder, because many of them agree with Obama that Jews should be allowed to live over here, but not over there, and that those of us who choose to live in the wrong place are the true obstacles to peace in the region between Arabs and Jews.

In my opinion they can be forgiven for taking up this toxic and racist view toward their own people because for a very long time, during the Oslo process, we thought that peace might be in the offing if Israel were to show good will by making concessions, but this has turned out not to be the case.  Israel can handover every single Arab murderer in Israeli prisons to the Palestinian Authority, where they will be hailed as heroes, but this will not bring us even one step closer to peace.  Israel can carve up Jerusalem and give the Old City to the Arabs while contracting to what Abba Eban called the “Auschwitz Borders,” but that will not bring about peace, either.

There is only one real way to ease the conflict and that is to shut off the spigot.  The war against the Jews in the Middle East is financed by the west and, in some measure, by Israel, itself.  Orchestrated violence and the creation and dissemination of propaganda cost money and it is “Palestinian” violence and propaganda that keeps the conflict against the Jews going, decade upon decade.  If the west was honestly interested in ending the conflict they would focus pressure not on the victims of the conflict, which is the Jewish minority, but the perpetrators of the conflict, which is the much larger Arab majority.

When that day comes we’ll know that the west is serious about peace, but that day will not come anytime soon.  The reasons for that are political, financial, and ideological.  So, in the mean time, the Jews of the Middle East will have to endure this never-ending aggression against them.

All that we can do is stand up to the best of our abilities.

That is all.


And right on cue, we get this:

Abbas: Israel will be responsible for any failure of talks

Palestinian President says if peace talks fail, Israel will be to blame, backs UN’s demand that Israel stop settlement construction

Israel should cease to recognize the Palestinian Authority because the PA is nothing but the PLO in a necktie

Nothing good will come from legitimizing this anti-Semitic organization.  All that will result is that the European Union and the Obama administration will use PA intransigence as a weapon against the Jews of the Middle East.

There are no good options, here, but the best option is to probably withhold any Israeli recognition of the PA, entirely.  Such a move would upset the apple cart, that much is certain, but perhaps the apple cart is in need of upsetting.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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  1. Michael
    perfectly put.
    And then, I would venture, why would Israel continue useless talks with a party intent only on prolonging the conflict simply because the current PA ideology is NOT to accept Israel at all.
    One day palestinians will come to realise that , if they want a cerified state of their own, they will have to change COMPLETELY their attitude towards the Jewish State. One of the advantage will by that, by then, Obama would have been ancient history.
    The possibility of another intifada has been there since, let’s say, 1948. Nothing’s new and , Baruch haShem Israel is at the ready. The only ones who will MOST DEFINITELY pay the price for the slightest whiff of another intifada will be those behind it. In addition the same West will be paying their own price with their local, properly encouraged by the West’s policies, fifth column intifada “branches”.
    Moral: suport Israel and you shall have peace all over. Antagonise Israel and suport the Arabs and you shall reap the “benefits”.

    • “why would Israel continue useless talks with a party intent only on prolonging the conflict”?

      I’m sure that you know the answer to that question, Otto.

      It’s western pressure.

      The only reason that the conflict goes on is because it is kept alive by the EU and the UN and the US and the Muslim states and all those who provide financial inducement to Hamas and the PA, despite the fact that both call for slaughter.

      • are right Michael and only add weight to the notion that there are powers at play which contribute to the prolonging of the conflict. Question is if they are conscious of the fact that it is , most definitely, NOT in the fundamental interersts of any EU member, for instance, to sustain a parasite and excedingly vicious usurper of Western values, i.e. all palestinian political entities. And here I see an extention of the term vicious into that of a vicious circle of practical inabilities of most Western EU states to deal with their OWN internal Islamic problem. Such is the acquired power Islamism has over hitherto “foreign”, non Islamic European lands. The ultimate has been Sweden and I shall not go here into details. France, England, Holland are already basket cases.
        Getting on with your main concern ,USA, Obama has been personally reacting from the dark and duplicitous corner of the sumbiminally Islamic non-averse, ostensively “objective” actor.
        If France , for instance, has arrived at a juncture where inciting its massive muslim population is beyond the counterproductive within its borders, USA has the much heavier responsiblity of balancing a vast INTERNATIONAL American involvement inside the almost entire Islamic world. Hot spots , such as Iraq and Afghanistan – and occasionally the Lybian kind of events – are constant litmus tests of the US unwanted presence in a hostile Islamic world .
        To this extent Obama is only happy to use his Muslim credentials in offering the much criticised sofltly, soflty rhetoric – and some believe even underhanded support for the radical Islamis forms, such as MB , see your good self – in order to allay the ostensively rabid anti American sentiments prevailing in some of the most volatile Islamic places.

        All these pacifying Western moves are, primordially, the expression of a disturbing FACT that the Islamic onslaught upon the West IS WORKING !!! They are working both in terms of deep penetration and the respective UNMANAGEABLE fear instilled in the seemingly perfectly Western, local, political class. The Islamists have, practically, converted entire political systems into para-Muslims, all doing THEIR, genuine Muslims’, dirty work.

        To a great extent, Michael, I can still be proud that MY Aussie political class , particularly the ones NOW in Federal power, are still loyal to those healthy political rationales and , mainly practices. We had a very short interlude – particularly when a certain Mr. Bob Carr was our FA minister, now, Baruch haShem GONE (!!!!) – when Australia nearly fell victim to the same Islamic panetration.

        to be continued…………..