Again: Arabs Fly Nazi Flag Near Road

Nazi Flag Beit Umar Oct 20 2013

 The flag was hung high above the highway between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc.

By Arutz Sheva

 On opening my daily news subscriptions this morning, I was confronted by the above headline.

What is the matter with these people?  They clearly have no idea what it represents.

Nazi Flag 2 Beit Umar Oct 20 2013

One only has to look at the photo on the article, which is  complete with the huge Arab houses one sees in Judaea and Samaria to know that this is no Nazi State, no ghetto

Nazi flag – Ziv Edelstein / News 0404

Following the article, let’s take a look at Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, his history and his alliance with Hitler and the Nazis.


 For at least the second time in five months, Arab residents of Beit Umar in the Palestinian Authority (PA) have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles.

Beit Umar is located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc, not far from Hevron.

Soldiers from the Haruv battalion in Kfir Regiment tried to take down the flag Saturday, but encountered difficulty because it was placed very high up.

A similar event took place at Beit Umar in May, when hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion who drove down Highway 60 were astounded to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town.

In a recent key speech, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quoted numerous historical sources showing that the leader of the Palestinian Arabs in the first half of the 20th century, Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, was “one of the initiators of the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe,” and that he was constantly encouraging the Nazi leadership to annihilate the Jews, throughout the war. He cited evidence that the Mufti even visited the gas chambers at Auschwitz with Adolf Eichmann.

“The Mufti is still a greatly admired figure in the Palestinian national movement,” said Netanyahu. “These are the weeds that need to be uprooted,” he said. “The root of the conflict is the deep resistance among a hard core of Palestinians to the right of the Jewish people to its own state in Israel.”

 Haj Amin Al-Husseini (1895-1974), Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, is a man of the past, at the same time he is a man of the present. Not only was he one of the best Arab friends the Nazis ever had, he also worked for them and was handsomely paid by them in the crucial war years between 1941 and 1945 when he lived in a villa in Berlin. Today, he is a model for many radical Muslims who share his views on the Jews, Sharia law and the West. He was the father of Palestinian nationalism.

The following is taken from

Haj Amin Al-Husseini – Nazi collaborator and model for today’s Islamists.

It is long and detailed but is well worth taking time to read.

A few notable highlights.

 In 1929, Al-Husseini distributed pamphlets saying:

“O Arabs, do not forget that the Jew is your worst enemy and has been the enemy of your forefathers.”

 ·        was directly or indirectly responsible new riots and the creation of a terrorist group called the “Black Hand.”

·        was the driving force behind Arab and Palestinian nationalism, the Palestinian riots in 1929 and the bloody Arab revolt in Palestine which began 1936 and lasted until March 1939.

·        organised fedayeen (=”one who sacrifices himself”) suicide squads against local authorities.

 ·        issued a fatwa saying:

“All Muslims who maintained friendly relations with the Jews were to be considered as infidels.”

 ·        appeared before the “Palestine Commission on the Disturbances of August 1929” (the Shaw Commission) in December 1929, he held a copy of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in his hand

 As early as February 1933, that is a few weeks after Hitler became Reich Chancellor, the Mufti sent a telegram to Berlin addressed to the German consul-general in Jerusalem saying he looked forward to spreading Nazi ideology in the Middle East and Palestine. The first congratulary telegrams to Hitler upon his election as Reichs Chancellor came from Arabs.

In Berlin, the Nazis were quite surprised. They had never expected this. Hitler was not yet interested in courting the Arabs whom he and other Nazis regarded as “inferior Semites.”

In July 1937, the Mufti visited the German consul-general to express his support for Nazi Germany once again.

In November and December 1937, a representative from the Mufti travelled to Berlin to seek German financial and military support. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the German Abwehr (military intelligence), ordered the dispatch of weapons to Palestine.

Nazi propaganda in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon was increasingly successful:

“When the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday was celebrated in 1937, German and Italian flags and photographs of Hitler and Mussolini were carried prominently by Arab demonstrators in Palestine, while Arab newspapers hailed this demonstration as a ‘significant gesture of sympathy and respect… with the Nazis and Fascists in their trials at the hands of Jewish intrigues of international financial pressure.”

·        When Hitler proclaimed the Nuremberg Race Laws in 1935, not so few Palestinian Arabs sent him telegrams congratulating him.


Hitler was not very charmed by the idea to form alliances with Muslims most of whom were “semites.”

On August 22 1939, nine days before the outbreak of the War, Hitler indicated that he did not have a high regard for the people of the Far East and “Arabia” (the Arabs). He even called them

“lacquered half-monkeys.”

“We will continue to stir up unrest in the Far East and Arabia. Let us think of ourselves as masters (‘Herren’) and consider these people as best as lacquered half-monkeys who need to feel the knout.”

Himmler, Haj Amin Al-Husseini and the SS “Handzar division”

Ever since his first meeting with Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, Himmler developed a stronger admiration for Islam. (The book cover of Klaus Gensicke’s study on the Mufti and National Socialism shows a photograph of Himmler bowing deeply when he shakes hands with the Mufti.) The SS Reichsführer probably read a German translation of the Koran. Some authors claim he ordered an investigation into the Arabic text of the Koran to find out whether it predicted that Hitler would complete Mohammed’s work.

The Mufti sent Himmler a telegram on October 6, 1943, congratulating him on his birthday and expressing the wish of achieving “even closer cooperation to achieve our common goals in the year to come.”

On November 2, 2003, Himmler sent a telegram to his friend “Haj Amin Al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,” referring to the “natural alliance” between Nazis and “freedom-loving Muslims”:

“The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its inception, inscribed upon its flag the fight against the world Jewry. It has therefore followed with particular sympathy the struggle of the freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers.

In the recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims (“freiheitsliebenden Mohammedanern”) around the world.”

It was with the help of high level Nazis that a “Central Islamic Institute” (“Islamisches-Zentral Institute”) was opened in Berlin on December 18, 1942. The most prominent Nazi guest was Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. In his speech Al-Husseini referred to the Jews as

“the bitterest enemies of the Muslims who since time immemorial have confronted Muslims with cunning and trickery.” World Jewry and their capital control the British. “This war has been unleashed by world Jewry.”

It was this kind of language and this kind of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Himmler, Rosenberg and Goebbels liked so much. With Himmler’s help the Mufti opened an “Imam school” in Guben, near Cottbus, in April 1944. This school was run by Himmler’s SS and it was here that imams were being trained who had to inspire and motivate Muslims fighting in the SS ranks.

Already in his meeting with Hitler Al-Husseini pressed for the creation of an “Arab legion.” Initially, Hitler was not very enthousiastic about the idea, but his views changed after the defeat in Stalingrad. He now badly needed good and well-motivated fighters. Himmler and his assistant
Gottlob Berger wanted to select Muslims from Bosnia-Hercegovina for military service into a special SS-army (“Waffen SS”) division.

Himmler believed that Islam taught its followers to be good soldiers who can count on Allah’s mercy when they die in battle.

For Himmler Islam was a natural ally of the German Reich. As Bosnian Muslims were rooted in European history, they could provide an important link between Arab Muslims and National Socialism.

Himmler raised this matter with Hitler in December 1942, but the latter waited until February 1943 to give his final approval. One month later, Himmler and Al-Husseini met in Berlin to discuss the formation of a Muslim Waffen SS unit, the so-called “13th SS Division Handzar” (also spelled as “Handschar” or “Hanjar”: the Handzar was the dagger of Turkish officers and policemen during the Ottoman Empire). Most members of the Handzar division were Bosnian muslims. (Many Bosnian Muslims, though, refused to join the Nazi ranks and quite a number of Bosnian Muslims did everything to protect Jews, who had never been their enemies before, and so did the Italians in the areas under their control, in Mostar for example.)

The Mufti, the Holocaust and the Mufti’s visit to “Auschwitz 3”

There is no doubt that the Mufti knew about the genocide of the European Jews, the Holocaust. He even played an active role in it. The “Encyclopedia of the Holocaust” says that Al-Husseini’s men from the Handzar division

“participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia. The Germans made a point in publicizing the fact that Al-Husseini had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo for the sole purpose of giving his blessing to the Muslim army and inspecting its arms and training excercises.”

Al-Husseini’s men participated in SS training courses and, as part of their training, visited the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen.

The Mufti personally knew SS Sturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) Adolf Eichmann, who coordinated the whole Nazi effort to make Europe “Judenrein” (kill all European Jews).

Mufti prevents the rescue of 19,000 Jewish children

The Mufti knew exactly what was happening to the Jews who were sent to Poland. He was worried about the policies of the governments of Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria – three allies of Nazi Germany – who wanted to send a number of Jewish children to Palestine. In two letters addressed to the Rumanian and Hungarian Foreign Ministers the Mufti referred to a bulletin published by the

“Jewish agency in charge the execution of the Jewish program.”

According to this bulletin Romania planned to send 1800 Jewish children to Palestine, and Hungary 900 children.

 “This will not solve the Jewish problem,” the Mufti wrote. “On the contrary this will enable them to communicate freely with their race brothers in enemy countries.”

It also causes tremendous harm to the friendly Arab nation who is on your side in this war (l’immense mal fait à la Nation arabe amie qui prit place à vos côtés dans cette guerre”), the Mufti said in his letter. He then recommended to send these children to Poland instead:

“Allow me to draw Your Excellency’s attention to the necessity of preventing these Jews from leaving your country; and if there are reasons which make their departure (removal) necessary it will be unavoidably better and indefinitely more preferable if they leave your country and go to other countries where they are under active supervision such as Poland, for instance, so that they do not pose a danger or cause harm.”

This is the man so admired by the Arabs in Judaea, Samaria and Gaza. Unfortunately and sadly it says much.

Amin Al Husseini- The Nazi roots of today’s jihad

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  1. “What is the matter with these people? They clearly have no idea what it represents”

    I beg to differ. I believe they know EXACTLY what it stands for – and identify with that ideology, as the rest of your article proves.

    • It’s a rhetorical question Shimona.

      They know exactly what they are doing to the bad evil Israel, which keep them in shandy towns like this one today. Look at a photo or two of Beit Ummar

      Beit Ummar


  2. Let the flag stay there for the whole world to see.

    And these people want to be regarded as reliable, “peace” loving neighbours of the Jewish State?