Mufti of Jerusalem Screeches for Jewish Blood as Jewish “Progressives” Lie Down and Die

The tidbit below was written by Ariel Ben Solomon and published at the Jerusalem Post.

Jerusalem Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who speaks at al-Aksa Mosque, called on Sunday for preachers from all over the world to allocate part of their sermons for the upcoming holiday of Eid al-Adha this week to support Al- Aksa and remind the Islamic nation of their duty towards it.

According to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, Hussein said that the Islamic world must address the Jewish attempts to demolish al-Aksa.

In a video last year posted online by Palestinian Media Watch at an event celebrating the anniversary of the founding of Fatah, the Mufti cited a Hadith – Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad – that says that the Resurrection will not come until you fight and kill the Jews.

It never ceases to astonish me that Islamic leaders, even within Israel, can call directly for the slaughter of the Jews while western liberals – who claim to stand for human rights and social justice – simply do not care. In fact, Jewish people who speak out against political Islam are maligned as hard-line, right-wing, ZioNazis From Hell.

Nonetheless, there are 400 million Arabs and 6 million Jews in the Middle East. That is, between 60 and 70 Arabs for every single Jew and their leadership screeches to the heavens that Allah wants us dead.

And, yet, if I point this out I am told, by at least one particular nit-wit, that it amounts to proclaiming, “Muslims bad.”

The stupidity of such a stance goes beyond the imagination. Jewish “progressives” who refuse to discuss the rise of political Islam, and who dismiss those of us who do as “racists” or “Islamophobes, have learned nothing from Jewish history and still less from the history of the Holocaust. It would be as if in the late 1920s discussing the rise of the Nazis as a political party should be dismissed as some contemptible racist claim of “Germans bad.”

The cognitive level of someone who would think in such terms reminds me of a scene from the HBO special Band of Brothers. A number of GIs are in riding in the back of an open truck somewhere in Europe during the World War II, one of whom is reading a newspaper. The soldier sitting next to him says, “So, whatcha reading?” He replies, “Well, I am reading this article about how we got into the war and it says that the Germans are bad.” And the other guy sort-of rolls his eyes and says something like, “Oh, is that what it is? Is that why we’re at war, because the Germans are bad? Ya don’t say.”

The truth of the matter, of course, is that this is not about Muslims as Muslims – just as World War II was not about Germans as Germans – but about the rise of an exceedingly violent toxic political movement that stands against everything that progressives claim to stand for. The Islamists are the Klan and the Nazis in headdresses and, yet, to criticize them is condemned on the western left.

Well, I have to tell you, there is much to criticize. Not only do they call for the slaughter of the Jews, they also seek to fabricate history while erasing or absconding with our own. They put on Pallywood productions in order to whip up hatred toward Jews among our fellow liberals throughout Europe and Australia and the United States. They toss their women into potato sacks and western feminists declare it “freedom.” They hang Gay people from cranes and some western GBLT groups prefer them to Israel, despite the fact that Israel is the only country throughout the entire region wherein Gay people can live as Gay people. And let’s not forget that they are chasing Christians out of the Middle East entirely, while they slaughter one another in droves.

So, yes, there is plenty to discuss here, not the least of which is how it is that the president of the United States actually supported the Big Daddy of political Islam, which is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anyone who dismisses the necessity of having this conversation as racist or as homophobically claiming, “Muslims bad,” is a fool.

Of all the various failings of the progressive-left, including the Jewish left, among the most egregious is the failure to speak out against the foremost opponent of human rights and social justice in the world today, and that is certainly not Israel.

I am sometimes told that I have become a “broken record” on this issue and those who say so are certainly right. But until such a time as my fellow western Jewish liberals snap our of their vegetable torpor and face what they simply cannot bring themselves to face then there is nothing to be done but continue to point it out.

I don’t like it any better than you do.

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  1. Michael, I can identify with everything that you write about the western Jewish progressives. Here in Australia much of the narrative is controlled by an organisation called the Jewish Christian Muslim Association – – which consists of progressive Jews and Christians deferring to Islam and issuing public statements denouncing anyone trying to draw attention to the danger to the Jewish community of radical Islam.

    Interestingly, the Muslim contingent are the Islamic Council of Victoria, who have supported both Hamas and Hezbollah and routinely condemn Israel for her ‘aggression’. One of their committee members – Nazeem Hussein – is active in the BDS movement, and some years ago they took a Christian pastor to court for having the audacity to quote from the koran. They also supported having separate toilets for Muslims on one of our (public and taxpayer funded) university campuses.

    • Separate toilets?

      This is straight out of the American Jim Crow South, Pam.

      It seems to me that one of our most formidable tasks at hand is to somehow convince western liberals that the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East is something that needs to be taken seriously and needs to be opposed.

      I am flabbergasted on a daily basis on how my fellow American liberals absolutely refuse to acknowledge the obvious fact that political Islam (or “radical Islam” or “Islamism”) is a force to be recognized.

      All that bloodshed and war and riots and rapes since the misnamed “Arab Spring” – which Obama supported – and, yet, they still don’t get it.

      I mean, how are we going to get it through these people’s thick, friggin’ skulls that supporting the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Islamist organization is, perhaps, not such a good idea?

      How can we convince them that it might even be a terrific idea to speak out against the foremost political movement in the world today that stands in direct opposition to their own values?

      I wish that I knew.

      • Michael, exactly. It is straight out of the American Jim Crow South. Yet the left accuse any who oppose this religious apartheid of being racist. You can read about it here:
        I’m sharing the link because when I told a few people about it, they didn’t believe me.

        Note, the Muslim guy who defended these toilets was in the Islamic Council of Victoria, that same organisation that our silly leftie Jews and equally silly (or malevolent) leftie Christians are cosying up to in the ‘interfaith’ JCMA.

        To (almost) copy the words of Andrew Bolt ” how can we partake in interfaith shindigs if they don’t want to share a toilet with us? It makes a mockery of all these iftar dinners and model seders that the lefties are so rapt about.

  2. Well you know, if you would stop stealing their land and water and stop shooting their children… and maybe let them build a decent economy so that people could have nice jobs…

    then they might not be so angry at you.

    Just sayin’

    • Thank you, Dianne.

      This is a classic example of someone who believes entirely in the “Palestinian narrative” with no reference whatsoever to the long history of Jewish persecution in the Middle East.

      What Dianne doesn’t understand, or simply doesn’t care about, is the fact that the Jewish people in the Middle East – which is to say, the indigenous people of Judea and Samaria – lived as dhimmis and slaves under the boot of Islamic imperialism for 13 centuries and when we finally freed ourselves from persecution, the great Muslim majority launched a war against us that lasts until this day.

      And, yet, Dianne, considers the tiny Jewish minority in the Middle East to be the villain.

      She is, thus, ignorant, and racist, and malicious toward the persecuted Jews in that part of the world.

      This puts her on the same moral plane as the National Socialists.

      The Nazis, after all, were regular human beings- and idealists – who thought in similar terms as Dianne to the extent that they figured that the small Jewish population was guilty of various crimes and very much needed to get their heads kicked in.

      And, thus, our families got slaughtered.

      I lost the entire side of my father’s family in Medzhybizh, in the Ukraine, during Operation Barbarossa in 1941 due to people who thought like Dianne.

      • Thanks Mike.

        I deleted a couple of Dianne Haber’s comments yesterday.I didn’t have time to reply.

        I think Diane should read why they don’t have a decent economy. Maybe if their leaders stopped stealing the millions upon millions of dollars given to them by the international community, it would help. Abbas is conservatively worth $10 miillion

        “Corruption & mis-management in the PA – Who would have thought it?”

        Maybe Dianne would like links such as this so sh can see how much money Arafat stole.
        “Arafat’s Swiss Bank Account”

        They have just wasted millions of dollars on tunnels using the cement Israel gives them. Now there will be no more for housing as Israel has said they will stop supply.
        “Israel uncovers Gaza terror tunnel ending near kibbutz kindergarten”
        Gaza tunnel

      • This is the foremost problem that we have, imo, Shirlee.

        It is the perception among many westerners, particularly those on the left, that the Israelis are a bunch of thieves and oppressors.

        That’s what they’ve been told and they believe it.

        What we need to do is take back the terms of the conversation.

        For example, pro-Israel people of any stripe, left, right, and center, should never use the term “West Bank” because it is a twentieth-century Jordanian term that erases the long history of Jewish people on Jewish land.

        Y’know, it’s funny, you and I may disagree on any number of things and come from very different cultural places, but I suspect that on this we very much see eye-to-eye.

        • Yes we definitely see very eye-to-eye here

          The problem is that the pro-Palestinians version of history is very skewed. I came across a good Blog recently and am now in conversation with the owner.

          She had heard so many conflicting stories and didn’t know what to believe, that she did her own investigating.

          Guess what?

          She came up with the correct version of history.

          We definitely agree on Judaea and Samaria, even though you spell Judaea incorrectly!!!.

          I don’t speak about the non-existent Palestinians either. How can a race of people appear from nowhere in 1976?

    • BTW Dianne. You can’t steal what a person deosn’t own. Just in case you are unaware of that fact. The Arabs have NEVER accepted their right to the land.

      1948, they choose to go to war rather than accept the UN’s decision to partition Palestine between its Jewish and Arab populations.

      1967, Israel offered to relinquish the land it had acquired in exchange for peace with its neighbours, the Arab world’s response issued at a summit in Khartoum, was not one no, but three:

      “No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel.”

      2000, Camp David offered Arabs a sovereign state with shared control of Jerusalem and billions of dollars in compensation for Palestinian refugees. Yasser Arafat refused the offer, and returned to launch the deadly terror war known as the Second Intifada.

      2008, Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas a peace agreement that would have guaranteed a Palestinian state in virtually all the West Bank, Gaza, and part of Jerusalem. Once again, the Palestinians turned down the offer.

      • This is precisely what we need to remind people of who charge the Jews of the Middle East with intransigence and various crimes.

        Time and time and time again the Arab majority has refused to accept a 23rd Arab state on Jewish land if it meant normalizing relations with the Jews… if it meant accepting the Jewish State of Israel upon Jewish land.

        What saddens me, I think, is that Israel remains stuck in old patterns. We still tend to think that if only we can somehow placate the Arabs than they will leave us in peace, but history has shown that this is simply not the case.

        The truth of the matter is that the Jewish people are in a war and we need to win it.

        • I agree it’s abou time we stopped trying to do the right thing. Yet here we go again releasing another load of murderers from Israeli gaols in the hope of peace talks. What a pathetic idea that is.

      • Michael and Shirlee, at first I thought Dianne was being sardonic. Then I realised she was serious and totally misinformed. What’s that saying about newspapers “If you don’t read them, you are uninformed, if you do read them, you are misinformed”. This very much applies to the media today.

        And by the way Mike, I totally agree we should not refer to Judaea and Samaria by its Jordanian name change to West Bank. If we acquiesce in our enemy’s de-Judaization, we may as well start calling Jerusalem Al Quds.

        Re Shirlee’s comment “We definitely agree on Judaea and Samaria, even though you spell Judaea incorrectly!!!”, I’ve also been spelling it incorrectly until she corrected me, so you’re in good company.

        • I deleted her comments yesterday and Mike got to answer today before I saw her post.

          I think it’s good to leave them and to try and explain the truth to her. Besides the fact, we don’t want to be like the pro-Palestinian sites she no doubt frequents by not publishing wasn’t doesn’t suit our agenda

  3. Can you imagine the Arab/Muslim world wishing us a ‘Happy holyday’?

    “IDF Extends Its Blessings for Eid il-Adha”

  4. What if, for a strange change, we would try being in Diane Haber’s shoes, or to be more precise, her straight jacket.
    Not only does she start from the basis that Jews are capable, willing and practically responsible for committing crimes against some innocent, defenceless people she would be intimately and directly a part of, but she seems entirely at peace (!!) with whatever means those innocent souls could get up to, just to express and balance their miserable state.
    She would be aware of everything said in the main article above, yet it means nothing to her.
    Correction. It means a lot to her and that means that it is perfectly justified for all Arabs to engage in hatred, incitement to murder, commiting indiscriminte murder, sorry acts of heroism cum martyrdom, in some celebrated cases dressing those infant heroes in local artisan explosive laden traditional Arab attire, triggred by the same justified anger and insurectionalised ( nearly said “institutionalised” ) frustration.

    I shall offer you one of my loved Latin sayings, a bit long but so befitting:

    “Non est in medico semper, relevator ut aeger
    Interdum docta plus valet arte malum.”

    My friend, Ovid and its says: Doctors cannot always heal the sick
    Sometimes the illness is stronger than (medical) science.

  5. Pam,

    thank you for this:

    “And by the way Mike, I totally agree we should not refer to Judaea and Samaria by its Jordanian name change to West Bank. If we acquiesce in our enemy’s de-Judaization, we may as well start calling Jerusalem Al Quds.”

    My next piece, which I intend to call “Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, or al-Quds?” was inspired by this part of your comment, so I thank you.


    is it “Judea” or “Judaea” or “West Bank”?

    Most well-meaning western liberal Jews use “West Bank,” as did I until maybe two years ago.

    At that point I switched to “Judea” and tried to get people to understand that merely using Jewish terminology for traditionally Jewish land does not imply an embrace of the single-state solution. It’s associated with that position, but there is nothing inherent in the terminology which implies that.

    But, you know what? I like “Judaea.” It has a classical sense about it, which I very much appreciate. It’s rather Greco-Roman, actually, but I like it.

    • Mike it’s spelt JUDAEA for a good reason. The correct pronounciation is JEW-DAY-E-A. I suspect, no offence, it has been Americanised, and/or happened due to lazy pronunciation.

      Pam, Shimona and myself are ex-pat Brits and tend to be pedantic in regards to the English language.

      If we hadn’t lost the ‘colony of America’ you would still be speaking the Queen’s English.

      Webster was charged with changing the language as best he could when it was found that it was too firmly entrenched to change to another.

    • Michael, I’m pleased you will be writing about Al Quds, as many people don’t know about this further attempt to de-Judaise our holiest place. There’s an account of the Al Quds day rallies in Australia here.

      Imagine if we started having a Yathrib day, as it was roughly 50% Jewish until the Muslims came in a renamed it Medina.

  6. Further to my last comment, Jews probably have a much better claim to Medina than Arabs do to Jerusalem. I wonder if we should start claiming a right of return. Mind you, it would be difficult, as no Jews are allowed in Saudi Arabia, whereas Muslims make up 20% of Israel. There’s reciprocity for you!

    • One of the things that we very much need to discuss, Pam, is the fact that none of us here can travel to Saudi Arabia or Jordan as Jews. We cannot purchase land or housing strictly for the fact that we are Jewish people.

      I think that we need to start screaming our heads off about this racist fact.

      • Mike, couldn’t agree more. Saudi Arabia and Jordan practice apartheid; Israel does not.

        Most people don’t realise how racist the Arab countries are. Even Dubai, much touted as a modern moderate country, won’t allow those with an Israel stamp on their passport. Qantas has recently made an alliance with Emirates, which involved a stopover in Dubai. I would never set foot in that racist country, which treats its workers as slaves.

        Just as the BDS and similar movements propagandise lies, we need to be active in propagandising TRUTH.

  7. Mike you wrote :
    “the term “West Bank” because it is a twentieth-century Jordanian term”

    Exactly and the people using it have no idea as to its origin..

    It was so named because it was the “WEST BANK OF JORDAN”
    If in discussion or line or wherever, people use that term, I like to correct them saying
    “Oh you are referring to the West Bank of Jordan” that’s why it is called that and was thus named to differentiate it from Jordan proper, when they took it in an act of war in 1948 from their Arab brothers.

  8. Michael, Pam et al

    you are all absolutely right when you draw attention to any inequity on any matter even distantly related to Israel.
    Yet, let me tell you, that you – and I, for that matter – have absolutely NOBODY to complain to.
    I want you to give me ANY and I mean ANY country in the WORLD which would not have a good reason NOT to consider, give course, listen give a stuff about all those real and grave concerns you have about the way Israel is being treated or, conversely, the way its detractors and enemies get away with ACTUAL murder.
    C’mon, start in alphabetical order all countries in the world and I shall give you their “legitimate” reason(s).

    – Aruba -…………………………..
    – Afghanistan -……………………………………
    – Albania -…………………………………

    ……………………..this could be, in itself, a very interesting, as it would be comprehensive, topic to be researched and completed. Such a study is needed and it would be quite compelling.

    • Otto, sadly you are right. None of the international bodies cares about Israel. In fact, they delight in excoriating and deligitimising her. The UN, which was supposed to lead the way with its Declaration of Human Rights, has instead become the major supporter of human rights abusers and the EU are a disgrace. America under Obama is siding with the rabidly anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood. As for the other countries in the world, Europe has long suppressed its worst excesses, but it is now politically correct to be anti-Semitic.

      Israel – and Jews – stand alone. Some Jews cannot face this reality, so rush to join our detractors. Others who can’t face the reality just get on with their life, busily arranging social occasions as if it doesn’t affec them.

      The rest of us can only try the best we can to raise awareness. Whether or not we succeed, I still think it’s important to try.