Zuckerberg is in Trouble with the Jews!

I have nothing against Mark Zuckerberg.

The guy invented Facebook and got himself about as ridiculously wealthy as one can possibly be.  Good for him.  The problem, of course, is that since Facebook is the premier social networking site in the universe, it is also the premier anti-Semitic website in the universe.  It is unclear to me, however, that this is saying much.  Facebook may be the premier antisemitic website, but it is also the premier website that promotes bowling and skydiving and tiddly-winks.

This is not Mark Zuckerberg’s fault.  It’s simply the nature of the beast.

People discuss everything on Facebook, which is why they also discuss the various ways in which Jews and Zionists and Israel allegedly suck.  The reason that there is less discussion about the suckiness of Rosicrucians or Mennonites is because neither Rosicrucians, nor Mennonites, are subject to the degree of traditional and historical irrational race hate as are Jews and because neither Rosicrucians, nor Mennonites, have a beleaguered state to hang that hatred upon.

Furthermore, I don’t get much sense that Zuckerberg cares about either the Jewish people or the Jewish State of Israel.  I could very well be wrong, because I simply don’t care that much about either Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, and therefore have not bothered to look into it.

Nonetheless, there is a protest happening today at the offices of Facebook at 1601 Willow Road, in Menlo Park, CA.  A couple of hundred people may show up in order to encourage Zuckerberg to curb genocidal antisemitic race hate on his website and I would encourage him to do so, as well.

It is sometimes necessary to remind people – because they often forget – that supporting genocidal race hatred toward the tiny Jewish minority in the world is, perhaps, not so good, and that if you support the BDS or anti-Zionism that is precisely what you are supporting.

BDS and anti-Zionism mean Jew Hatred and nothing else.

Those who purvey that hatred, such as Zuckerberg, are not necessarily antisemites.  I very much doubt that Zuckerberg is.  The problem with the purveyors is not that they are anti-Semitic, but that they simply do not care and they very much want those of us who do care to simply shut the hell up.

I want to thank our friend Jay in Philadelphia (a Big Tip ‘O the Kippa) for alerting me to this and very much hope that Zuckerberg and his people take some notice.

{I wouldn’t count on it, however.}

Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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  1. It almost goes without saying that Zuckerberg himself is the subject of antisemitic slurs. Of course..

    But then again so is George Soros.

    Perhaps there is a point beyond which you are so rich you are, or at least you think you are, immune. It just doesn’t touch you in any way. Mere noise. It’s the rest of us who are left to carry the can.

  2. Think…………

    with their money, if Soros or Zuckerberg were foremost Jews, prior to being incredibly good at making THE mezume – and enjoying it, no doubt – they would have acquired some Jewish status positions, be involved, just like the guy who makes all that lipstick and perfumes and said to his Mom and to his privately owned Rabbi “I want to be a groisse macher mit da Yids ” and so he did.
    But when counting cash feels better than counting mitzvot, let me tellya, antisemitism is GOOD for business ! So, “who’s on foyst (1st) !!??”

    Michael, otherwise you are up there with the best and I mean the very funny ones .

    • Otto, Zuckerberg is not an antisemite.

      He’s just uninterested.!!

      Let’s not go there with Soros, we wouldn’t know when to stop.

      As for Ron Lauder, he is the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet. I met him when I was State Manager for Aramis.

    • Funny?

      Funny, you say, Otto?

      What do you mean, you mean the way I talk?


      Funny how? What’s funny about it?

      You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little messed up maybe, but I’m funny how?

      I mean funny like I’m a clown?

      I amuse you?

      I make you laugh, I’m here to amuse you?

      What do you mean funny, funny how?

      How am I funny?


      • You aren’t serious surely Mike?

        What Otto posted is pretty self-explanatory.

        “you are up there with the best and I mean the very funny ones “

      • Shirlee, you just edited a very famous line from the movie Goodfellas.

        I don’t mind.

        I just want you to know.


        • Famous or not Michael, I don’t like it. Sorry. I have NEVER in my life uttered a profanity, no, not even the ‘S’ word, to the utter amazement of my youngest grandson. I was taught that if you have a good knowledge of the English (read American) language, there should be no need for it.

      • Shirlee, I have to say, I have never in my whole life met anyone until today who claims to have never uttered an “obscenity.”


        I find myself speechless!

        Which, I have to say, is quite rare.

        In any case, it was (apparently) a stumbled attempt a humor.

        There is no offense intended.

      • Mike, of one thing you can be sure, I am far from alone. I can furnish you with the names of many people I know. Bloody hell is the very worse you’ll hear from me and that’s not a frequent occurrence. You are very eloquent and shouldn’t have need for it.

      • Shirlee, you are terrific and I can very easily overlook your lack of crudity!

        Please forgive.

      • Nothing to forgive Mike

  3. Shirlee

    I fully agree with you……..my way.

  4. Michael

    Your last “scenario” is good as well, kinda Al Pacino style, which, by the way I have been doing for yonkers, particularly when at Italian restaurants in Sydney with my wife and son. I can speak good Italian, mind you.
    Scene: ( all real )
    Water : Are you ready to order
    O’s Wife : Not quite, please.
    Otto : Wha’ do ya mean, no ready, wha’ is here library, you come to STUDY the menu or to eat what’s on it !!! -eyes bulging, voice guttural and loud, arms well above shoulders and shaking –
    Waiter; Tutto a posto, ritorno in fra cinque minuti . ( Its ok, I’ll be back in 10 mins )
    Otto: Lascia perdere, la moglia non capisce un cazzo ! ( forget it, the wife dont understand f…. all ( Italian )

    and so on. Verrrrrry popular with the restaurant, copped it big time back home from both members of mia famiglia.

  5. Michael

    These relaxed – necessary – side line exchanges brought to mind an instinctual assumption.
    Your “licentious” interlude prompted me to relate immediately to the Amer-Italian.If not Al Pacino, the same mishpuha/famiglia.
    Subtle humour, on the other hand, is immediately related to the Jewish type. I won’t bore you with the great names, sufice to say that I could not imagine my life without Max Byalistok or “Annie Hall” and the face of Woody Allen’s first wife when she tells him her family name, “Plotkin”… Plotkin is not a name, it is the sound of cow droppings hitting solid ground.

    Other indiosyncracies of the ethnic kind:
    Jews in Amerike are also , by far, the most intensely, almost hysterically, involved in politics.
    Again, not the Italians, Irish, never heard the Greeks or even post WWII the far more numerous Poles. Even Polish jokes have been defunct for ages now.
    This takes us back to the topic at hand. Why are the Jews of America so much more intensly involved in politics, and not just Zionist politics. On a per ethnic quota, American Jews are far more involved in political institutions as well as Academic or think tank establishments than any other group. African Americans are a completely distinct case because they are mainly involved, in massive numbers, on matters pertaining alomst exclusively to racial integration. Jews cover the whole “social justice” gambit. Here we see one of the causes of almost incidental attachment to matters strictly Jewish at certain groups or “classes” of American Jews.. I would venture that the origins of the Jewish left are OUTSIDE the Jewish community and would be found in ideologies originally related to non-Jewish matters. I would call the Jewish dedicated lefties ultimately involved with Jewish/Zionys matters an “ideological transgression”. Leftist Jews spring from other inspirational sources than genuine Jewish determinants, hence the lack of empathy with real Jewish oppressive phenomena, as the serious Arab menace in the ME and even general antisemitism. JStreet the case in point.

  6. @Michael : “Facebook ….is also the premier anti-Semitic website in the universe….”
    Have you had a look at YouTube lately?

    “I don’t get much sense that Zuckerberg cares about …. the Jewish people…”
    Well, he married a shiksa, didn’t he?

  7. Mike, it’s interesting that Facebook have just opened an R & D centre in Israel:

    Hopefully this will mean that the BDS mob will now boycott facebook and the level of racism and anti-Semitism will go down exponentially.

    • Pam there is a huge drive word wide with Australia leading it to clean up all the social networking sites. There is even talk of Internet censorship. The trouble is the do-gooders will likely get their way and it will fail