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Regavim (The National Land Protection Trust) is an independent professional research institute & policy planning think tank, incorporated as a private non-profit company in Israel. The mission of the institute is to ensure responsible, legal & accountable use of Israel’s national lands and the return of the rule of law to all areas and aspects of the land and its preservation.

Regavim’s activities are action-oriented, placing special emphasis on identifying critical threats to the future of the country. The Institute works towards developing professional strategic and long-term policy perspectives, exploring key factors that may endanger or enhance Israel’s current and future use of national lands. Where necessary, Regavim initiates legal action ensuring all State authorities manage responsibly the largest asset of the State of Israel.

Regavim is the only organization fighting against this threat to Israel that few are even aware of – the silent conquest of Israel’s national lands. Regavim stands alone against the UN, Israeli and US NGOs, backed by well-known EU & US-based non-profit organizations, major US foundations, several European countries and the European Union. All promoting a policy in Israel that is tantamount to an illegal land grab.

In preparation for its rigorous legal battles, Regavim conducts extensive research. But Regavim must take the battle beyond the courts to government agencies, foreign governments and ultimately, the court of world public opinion.

Our role is to make our multiple audiences aware of the existential threat to the

State of Israel from this silent conquest and build a strong consensus to ensure all government bodies act responsibly in accordance with Israeli law.


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