10 Ignored Facts of Moslem and Jewish Populations in Israel

10 facts about the population in Israel that disprove commonly held beliefs about changes in the region.
Data from http://www.populstat.info/

.From the Daphne Anson Blogspot here:

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  1. Interesting how the Christian population declined sharply under Jordan’s occupation.
    This is consistent with the sharp decline of every Christian population living in every Islamic country in the Middle East, an area where Israel alone has freedom of religion, and the only country where Christianity is flourishing.

    If only the West would stop hiding the truth and have the courage to speak out about the oppression of non-Muslims. It is still not widely known that the only place where Baha’is can worship freely is Israel.

    The free world should be shouting out about Israel’s exemplary human rights record, rather than joining – or at least not contradicting – those who condemn Israel as an apartheid country.