Media Release: Dana Dion Art Exhibition

 ZFA and Hagshama


Dana Dion’s paintings reflect an intense exploration of the world and her subsequent quest for inner expression of that experience. The bold physicality of her painterly surfaces is balanced with a sense of tender vulnerability and an obvious love for the process of painting.

Artist: Dana Dion

Gallery: Art2Muse Gallery

Location: Art2Muse Gallery 357 New South Head Rd, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW 2028

Exhibition Dates: Exhibition 22 October – 4 November 2013

Media Partner: Hagshama Australia

Gallery Hours: 10am – 4pm Tuesday – Saturday (10am – 6pm Thursday)

Dion’s peripatetic life has introduced her to many landscapes. Born in Tel Aviv in 1960, she travelled back and forth between Kenya, Tanzania and Israel during her childhood years.

Dana Dion

 This shifted in 1974 when her family left Israel to move to Canada after the Arab-Israeli War.

She returned to Vancouver in 1980 where she ran highly successful fitness businesses for 12 years.


 In 1995, she, her husband, and three children moved to London for a three-year stint. During that time, she studied painting, eager to learn techniques and embrace her natural inclination for visual expression.

In 2000, Dion and her family settled in Sydney, and she found herself at home in the sensibility of Australia’s varied landscape.

Since 2005, she has dedicated herself full-time to painting, applying the discipline of a lifetime.


Dion’s worldview is one of connection, not separation. When looking at her life and work, the traces of longing for a deeper connection are evident. For her, this link to a sense of place that cannot ever be uprooted is essential. Intimate and beyond words, these paintings echo not only a sense of place, but a sense of peace.


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Media Partner: Hagshama Australia

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