Knocking out antisemitism on Facebook


Elimihate is not your average grassroots movement.

In addition to reporting online antisemitic hate speech, we seek to question who should be held accountable for the vilifying content in an era of digital convergence.

Elimihate  started as a university assignment for Sydney University but the cause swiftly turned into something much larger than we had previously anticipated.

Established in 2013, Elimihate’s key focus lies in exploring the difficulties of holding social media platforms responsible for hate speech.

By monitoring Facebook’s complacent response to hate-speech reports, we have come to the conclusion that current legislation is inadequate, as social media sites exist in a legal grey area where traditional policies are no longer relevant or able to sufficiently regulate.

Elimihate calls on Facebook to improve its filtering methods, recognise Holocaust-denial as hate speech and increase its transparency by revealing an objective standard by which it distinguishes offensive from humorous content.

Elimihate welcomes all support and partnerships.

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  1. Excellent !!! Recently I heard somebody compare Jew-hatred to a virus that sometimes goes into remission, but it always resurfaces again. This time the remission did not even last the “three score years and ten” so I am glad of such an initiative; BUT I hope that islamists and their apologists will not hitch a free ride on it to conjure up the spectre of Blasphemy laws that already quasily exist in certain countries in Europe.

  2. And how do we knock it out of Twitter? Here are some recent examples from just one individual’s page:

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 16h

    Associate of Jew Con MP Oliver Letwin, of Rothschilds, says that people should be banned from accessing foodbanks at all: #Bilderberg #cpc13

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 13h

    @TheEschaton2012 @detumescance @maynon2013 ha ha, he left out the 4th stage…BOOM! and all the Jews of Israel landing on the Moon!

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 13h

    @jimatbiggin @Mantra1298 @MENnewsdesk You are exactly the sort the person the Zionists love to fool, @jimatbiggin… doormat…

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 13h

    @AndySawfordMP @JoRichardsKent Right, just like David Cameron-Levita’s web-footed Jew-Zionist father, with his offshore tax dodging #cpc13

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 13h

    #bbcnewsnight: “interview” by Jew “journalist” with daughter of commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoss. Leading question, one agenda. Typical.

    Ian Millard ‏@ianrmillard 38m

    David Cameron-Levita was asked why he wanted to be PM and answered “public service”, i.e. a crown on top of his unmerited inherited money..

  3. That I’m afraid Hilary is a whole other issue. No knowing the first thing about Twitter I wouldn’t know where to start

  4. Jonathan Winters Talbot

    Hi Shirlee! Getting hatred and bigotry out of Facebook would be an excellent idea. I support it whole-heartedly, best of luck with the project.

  5. celeste huston

    there is a particular highly insulting ANTI~SEMETIC cartoon and comments aimed at myself on FB, I am 1/2 Jewish~and those who friend me are called same~this is on facebook~I feel this is intolerable~calling me a NAZI ~what can I do? This was reported to FB and they felt it not defamatory. Can I pursue this?