Would we be willing to give up 15% of Australia?

If asked this question, the answer would be “Of course not!”

Yet this is what Obama expects Israel to do.

I urge you to listen to this short podcast by Marc Jersey:

 FACTS in 5 – How Terrorism Pays or Who is Stealing Land.

 There is even less reason for Israel to give up land than there is for Australia to do so.


Especially as Israel is tiny compared with

Australia’s huge land mass. Israel

would fit 370+ times into Australia.

Secondly, unlike those settling Australian, who took land occupied by the Aborigines, the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel.

So why should they cede even more land to the so-called Palestinians?  The British had already given 78% of British Mandate Palestine to form Transjordan, which became independent in 1946.

The remaining 22% – Israel, Judaea, Samaria (the West Bank) and Gaza – were to become the site of a Jewish National Home, but in a further sop to the Arabs, it was proposed to partition this remaining land between the Arabs and Jews.

The Jews promptly agreed, reasoning that something was better than nothing, and declared Israel independence in 1948.

The Arabs flatly rejected the partition, and immediately five nations waged war against the fledgling Jewish State, which they lost.

As the aggressor, they had no right to claim that Israel return any of the land won in a defensive war, but Israel was so desperate to live in peace with Her neighbours, that she was prepared to negotiate.

Oslo and the so-called peace negotiations have been a disaster, due to the PA’s intransigence. So if the current talks break down, as seems likely, there is no reason Israel can’t rightfully claim sovereignty in the West Bank (Judaea and Samaria, but renamed by Jordan in order to de-Judaise it!) and Gaza, areas illegally occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively in 1948.

Besides, the Palestinians are mostly not indigenous to the area, and have vast surrounding Arab lands, which most probably originated from, to which they could relocate and feel right at home with their co-religionists.

 Middle east

Hypothetically, if we did decide to give up 15% of Australia, which parts would it be?

During World War II, Japan threatened to invade Darwin. Some from the Southern States might be happy to give up the Northern Territory. How about Tasmania? Or maybe the Western parts of Sydney and Melbourne, plus large tracts of country Victoria and New South Wales?

It is preposterous to even consider the idea!

Another thing which is preposterous is for outside bodies to decide what city should be the capital of Australia. Say for example, America decreed that they considered Melbourne to be the capital and refused to recognise Australia’s choice of Canberra. Imagine the outrage that Aussies would feel that their sovereignty was being violated in this way.

‘United States Embassy Tel Aviv,in prime position overlooking the Mediterranean Sea’ >>>>>

Yet that’s exactly the position with Israel, where most countries refuse to recognise Jerusalem as the capital – no doubt in deference to the Arabs, who are intent on de-Judaising it and insist that East Jerusalem must be their future capital.

Instead, their embassies are located in Tel Aviv, which last time I checked, was definitely NOT the capital of Israel.

Israel, like Australia, is a sovereign country, and is fully entitled to decide which city to have as its capital.

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