Former PM Julia Gillard Awarded Prestigious Jerusalem Prize

Zionist Councils

Ms Gillard recognised for staunch commitment and loyalty to Israel

September 30, 2013

The Zionist Council of Victoria is delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Jerusalem Prize is The Honourable Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia 2010-2013, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to strengthening Australia’s connection with Israel.

As a member of the Australian Parliament and as Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Ms Gillard demonstrated unwavering commitment to democratic values and ongoing support of the aspirations of Israel’s people for peace and security.

In December 2011, Ms Gillard emphasised Israel’s independence and sovereignty as being of central importance to Jewish people all over the world saying.

“A just and secure Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people is an indispensable part of a just and secure world.”

President of the ZCV, Sam Tatarka said:

“Julia Gillard is an outstanding friend to the Jewish people and State of Israel. She is an extremely worthy recipient of this prize.  The Zionist Council of Victoria and the Zionist movement of Australia are honoured to be able to demonstrate our gratitude and respect for Ms Gillard’s many years as an unstinting supporter of the Jewish and Zionist cause.”

Ms Gillard has accepted the ZCV’s invitation to be the keynote speaker at its 75th Annual Assembly to be held on November 26, 2013. The entire community is welcome to attend the Assembly to join us in honouring Ms Gillard and to hear her address on the night.

Ms Gillard said:

“It is a most special honour to receive the Jerusalem Prize, which I am pleased to accept in tribute to the unshakeable commitment of Australia to Israel, the enduring friendship between our two countries, and in furtherance of the democratic values we share. I look forward to a memorable gathering with so many friends in the community.”

A vocal opponent to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Ms Gillard condemned any attempt to compare Israel’s vibrant democracy with apartheid-era South Africa.

Ms Gillard made history in June 2012 when she became the first Australian politician to sign a petition to demand a minute’s silence at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in honour of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Games and showed outstanding leadership in supporting the grant of honorary Australian citizenship to Raoul Wallenberg, a hero in the fight to save Europe’s Jews from the Holocaust.

The Jerusalem Prize is proudly awarded by the Zionist Council of Victoria, the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Federation to an outstanding individual who supports Israel, Jerusalem and the Zionist Movement.

Past Australian recipients have included former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and John Howard, former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and The Australian newspaper’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan as well as Jewish community stalwart and last year’s recipient Sam Lipski AM.

For more information please contact:

Lana Lachyani

Communications and Events Coordinator, Zionist Council of Victoria

T: (+613) 9272 5618 E: W:

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  1. It is pity J. Gillard did not show any commitment or compassion to Israel when it came to vote at the United Nations.
    She allowed K. Rudd and Bob Carr to carry the anti – Israel campaign that the left of the Labour party is so well known about.
    I cannot see how the Zionist Council of Victoria and The Zionist Federation of Australia can see in J. Gillard as somebody who supported Israel or for that matter contributed to a closer relationship with it.
    Where was she when Israel needed Australia’s backing in the UN?

    I wonder how is the new Federal Government going to be seen with its return to the much closer, warmer relationship with Israel that amongst other changes will allow for a new easier approach to Israelis applying to visit Australia and increase in trade with Israel.

    • Moshe you have it very wrong about Gillard. She is an amazingly strong supporter of Israel.

      I have it from a ‘good authority’ that she had no choice. If she hadn’t gone along with it, she would have been rolled and the resulting vote at the UN would have been a worse one.

      She put Carr in position to watch her back and he stabbed her in it.

      In the end she was rolled by the traitor Rudd anyway.

      • I’d say that Rudd is no traitor. That he made totally insincere after the fact statements of loyalty to “whoever” leader of HIS party, it was a joke he must have been laughing at the loudest .
        Rudd has been and shall remain loyal ONLY to his monstruous ego. People are already talikng about Rudd working out another leadership comeback. One thing we could agree on; Rudd is also well above Albo and his so called oposing bloke, the one who rolls out replies to any question with the ease of a verbal emission on a solid diet of baked beans with sauercrout. Both current contenders are inferior to Rudd’s intellect.
        Just wait for Albo’s favourite line: ” the line in the sand”. He should be watched/listened strictly on an empty stomach.

  2. Even though I wasn’t keen on much that Julia did, especially cosying up to the Greens, she was certainly a staunch supporter of Israel.

    Carr and Rudd, on the other hand, are anti-Israel. As for the Albo, he founded Friends of Palestine.

    Thank goodness that lot are out.

  3. I am with Moshe and would like a clear definition of the terms “staunch” and “strong” particularly when it comes to support for Israel. John Howard was and still would be a staunch supporter of Israel, never mind “strong”. Can we, you ladies, have Ms Gillard in the same CLASS with John Howard !!??
    Please say “yes” because I cannot wait to reply……………………

    • Yes you can. She’s half his age and has been a massive support.
      You have a computer look it up.
      She wasn’t given this award from the ZFA and the WORLD ZIONIST Organisation for nothing.

      • “JULIA GILLARD has been forced to withdraw Australia’s support for Israel in an upcoming United Nations vote after being opposed by the vast majority of her cabinet and warned she would be rolled by the caucus.

        As a result, Australia will abstain from a vote in the United Nations General Assembly on a resolution to give Palestine observer status in the UN, rather than join the United States and Israel in voting against the resolution as Ms Gillard had wanted.

        In a direct rebuff of her leadership, Ms Gillard was opposed by all but two of her cabinet ministers – Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy, both of the Victorian Right – during a heated meeting on Monday night.

        She was then warned by factional bosses she faced a defeat by her own backbench when the caucus met on Tuesday morning.

        The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bob Carr, who met Ms Gillard before cabinet, drove the push to oppose the Prime Minister.

        The former Labor foreign minister Gareth Evans briefed Labor MPs on Monday, warning they would be on the wrong side of history if they stood with the US and Israel against the rest of the world.

        Ms Gillard had wanted to vote no while the Left faction, which is pro-Palestinian, wanted to vote for the resolution.

        The Right faction, which would usually support Ms Gillard, backed an abstention, in part due to the views of its members that the government was too pro-Israel, and also because many MPs in western Sydney, who are already fearful of losing their seats, are coming under pressure from constituents with a Middle East background.

        Senior sources have told Fairfax Media that in cabinet on Monday night, at least 10 ministers, regardless of factional allegiance and regardless of whether they were supporters of Kevin Rudd or Ms Gillard, implored the Prime Minister to change her view.”

        Read more:

        Read more:

      • J. Gillard was the Prime Minister of Australia, she was in charge, the buck stopped with her.

        I repeat it was she who caved-in to the pressure of the left of the Labour party.
        Now we can clearly see that it did not help her, she got rolled anyway. Those that put the pressure on her also lost, because they did not get the support from the electorate they were targeting either.

        So, those Zionist organisations look like they over cooked it, Jerusalem Prize???
        For what purpose? What is it for them?

        Interesting to see how are they going to recognise the new Prime Minister and the new Foreign Minister for turning to a warmer and closer relationship with Israel?

        • Didn’t you read what I posted?

          If she hadn’t backed down it would have been a worst than an abstention. I have this first hand from an inside source, which I am not at liberty to divulge.

  4. Shirlee
    The text you offered us is NOT a formally recorded minutes of meetings and/or oficial records of conversations between parties. They are second or maybe third hand accounts of alleged conversations.
    Could you also please attach some statements made individually by Julia Gillard in which she would come across as the “staunch” pro Zionist we are being told she would be. I will not be happy with speeches made at exclusive Jewish functions, beacuse I have right here volumes of the same fantastic speeches at functions made by our best friend Bob Carr.
    I need my memory refreshed that I would have heard/seen Gillard going out on a limb for Israel.That is “staunch” in my book !!!
    On the other hand, I have the strange feeling that quite a few blokes in our communal leadership would be staunch Labor men and women properly infatuated with their Julia.

    • Otto

      I presume you have a computer. I know you have a computer.
      Please use your computer.

      Gillard, as much as I don’t like her politics, and she is a brilliant politician, is a very strong supporter of Israel. If you followed pro-Palestinian sites you’d be more than aware of that fact.

  5. Shirlee

    in spite of my best JUDGEMENT I must agree with you that Julia Gillard is an incredible politician. My judgement, though, is fitred through a much more cynical set of values.
    I have concluded that if anyone reaches the pinnacle of politics in Australia, i.e. being the PM, then that person may not be considered a political failure. Last night on that obcene ABC Syd. Opera House “tribute” to Gillard, they emphasized that Gillard not only managed to reach the highest office, but she retained it for a few years, as if that was such a great miracle.
    Well, it was, simply because if anyone bothers to analyse in detail her REAL leadership qualities we are talking dismal failures. Intellectually Gillard consistently disappoints. I will cover here only her rhetorical deportment. Structurally is unbearably distorted. Her mode of expression is at the lowest level of sophistication, the most inept in respect of conceptualisation, of finding the abstract; that is why she indulges constantly in excessive redundancies, she qualifies statement upon qualification of the statement, in ….other words she would overemphasize any descriptive statement by repetition and overqualification.
    DO NOT attack me for being “impossible to understand”, because I am not. Just read me carefully and also listen to Gillard carefully and you will see what I am talking about.
    You may say that the “form” of her expression is irrelevant. Well it is not.
    I shall stop here for now.. because I am digressing from the given topic…………but in respect to her being a staunch Zionist suporter , I stick to my position.

    • Contact your pal Peter Wertheim about Gillard. I can assure you the loony felt are very down on her for supporting Israel. The World Zionist Federation don’t give out awards lightly.

      Laurie Oakes said she is an incredible politician, unfortunately she was pushed ahead of her time. Now thanks to the drop kick Rudd she is finished. Though I suspect she will go on to bigger and better things.

      BTW, you’ve swallowed that dictionary again

  6. …………….ok, while unblocking my rhetorical esophagus, in plain English terms:

    If some blokes found that, so subliminally, Gillard is ANOTHER best freind of Israel and, in fact, they decide who gets the prize, who am I to object to it.
    You are right and I shall not even try to ask Peter what he thinks of her because I can only predict that he will be even more emphatic than you’d expect.
    What I would really like to see with undeniable clarity, is that genuine Labor interest, I shall dispense with such words as “passion”, “staunch” etc. , in Zionist values. These days, and generation, all Labor ideological strands are opposed to anything Zionism is perceived of being. Labor Friends of Israel is an oxymoron, save the few Jews left in the Parliamentary Labor Party and who knows how many left (!!) at the grass -root level., although I already mentioned that most of NSW Jewish leadership are…staunch Labor Party card holding members.
    Let me tell you, but, that when I joined the Liberals some 10 years ago, I went to a meeting of the Rose Bay branch, and although then the Branch President was Fiona King, Peter King’s wife, the lingua franca among the attendees was Hungarian, the wonderful Jewish variety. EVERYBODY was there and the meeting ended with a bracha……… ( not true )