Obama at the United Nations (Or, Déjà Vu All Over Again)

The very prospect of going through Obama’s recent speech at the United Nations is just simply depressing.  Nevertheless, let’s have at it.

In the near term, America’s diplomatic efforts will focus on two particular issues: Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Iran clearly has nothing to fear from this administration and the Israelis need to stock up on body bags.  Every time the US inserts itself into the Arab-Israel conflict people start getting blown up.

I believe there is a growing recognition within Israel that the occupation of the West Bank is tearing at the democratic fabric of the Jewish state.

Now that is some kind of sentence!  It’s just so diffused with the Oslo Delusion that it becomes hard to know where to start in addressing it.  First of all, the Jewish people occupy Jewish land like I occupy this chair.  That is, I have every right to sit in this chair and no one is going to come into my office and tell me otherwise.  Israel doesn’t “occupy” Israel any more than France “occupies” France.  If Israel wishes to give away the heart of its land in order to make room for an anti-Semitic terrorist statelet within spitting distance of Tel Aviv then who am I to quibble?

Also, why do we continue to use the Jordanian term “West Bank” for Judaea and Samaria when the entire purpose of that term is to erase Jewish history on Jewish land?  Wherever anyone may stand on the two-state solution, obscuring Jewish history through using the terminology of our enemies is not a very good idea.  It is, in fact, a sort of desecration of the memory of our ancestors.

Finally, the real growing recognition within Israel is that the local Arabs have no intention of ever accepting a state for themselves in peace and that Obama’s pressure on the Jews is both redundant and dangerous.  It’s redundant because the Israelis have always accepted the principle of two-states for two peoples.  They do not need to be pressured into accepting that which they’ve always accepted, but which the Arabs have never accepted.  It’s dangerous because not only is the wrong side getting the pressure, but the Arabs will view any failure of the Netanyahu administration to bow to that pressure as a reason to continue killing Jews.

Likewise, the United States remains committed to the belief that the Palestinian people have a right to live with security and dignity in their own sovereign state.

I agree.  The “Palestinian” people, which is to say, the Jews of the Middle East, have every right to live with security and dignity in their own sovereign state which, today, we refer to as Israel.  Arab citizens of Israel also have that right and, in fact, live with greater security and dignity than Arabs anyplace else throughout the vast and bloody Arab world.

I understand, of course, that when most people refer to the “Palestinians” that they mean the Arabs local to the region inhabited by Israel.  What needs to be understood, however, is that anyone born and raised in that region is a “Palestinian” in the sense that the land was once part of the British mandate for Palestine.  This includes Jews, Christians, Muslims, the Baha’i, the Druze, and the non-affiliated.  There’s probably even a few Rosicrucians and Rastafarians we can throw into the mix.

“Palestinian” is not a distinct ethnicity.

Prior to the British mandate, Palestine, or Southern Syria as it was sometimes known, was merely one district among many others that comprised the Ottoman Empire.  The Arabs who lived there did not think of themselves as some separate order of Arab or Muslim.  Their self-identification was with religion, clan, tribe, and family.

The rise of an allegedly distinct Arab ethnicity toward the end of the twentieth-century was a political creation, not an organic one.  Furthermore, the very purpose in creating this ethnicity was in order to challenge Jewish rights on Jewish land.  I do not see why, as a Jew, I have any obligation whatsoever to recognize a people who came into being, as a people, about a quarter past last Tuesday, for the sole purpose of robbing my people of self-determination and self-defense on land that we have lived on for well over 3,500 years – long, long before anyone ever heard of this Muhammed fellow on the Saudi peninsula.

The time is now ripe for the entire international community to get behind the pursuit of peace.

Run for your lives!

This is essentially a threat.  If you read between the lines what Obama is really saying is that unless Israel bows to whatever demands the Arabs make upon that country there’s going to be trouble.  The implication, to my mind, at least, is Stan Laurel’s John Kerry’s “delegitimization on steroids” threat.

Already, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have demonstrated a willingness to take significant political risks. President Abbas has put aside efforts to short-cut the pursuit of peace and come to the negotiating table. Prime Minister Netanyahu has released Palestinian prisoners, and reaffirmed his commitment to a Palestinian state.

So, let me get this straight.  Obama is praising both sides for taking political risks in order to bring about a negotiated conclusion of hostilities.  Netanyahu’s political risks include releasing murderers of Jews from Israeli jails.  This may please Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas, but why it should please Jewish people is beyond comprehension.

What was Abbas’ political risks?  Well, he agreed to negotiate which, I have to say, is mighty big of him.  That was his only concession.  In other words, both sides did not make concessions.  Only Israel did.  Israel released the murderers of Jews for the great honor of sitting with this little dictator who heads up a thoroughly corrupt regime that honors those murderers as heroes.

Of course, his people are already laying the foundation for how they plan to blame Israel for their own subversion of the process in the knowledge that Obama will have their back by laying the blame on Israel and the Netanyahu administration.

Friends of Israel, including the United States, must recognize that Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state depends upon the realization of a Palestinian state.

Yes, that would be true if an additional Arab statelet in the region had any intention of living in peace with Israel, but that is emphatically not what they have told us.  What people like Yassir Arafat told the world is that the purpose of an Arab state within the Jewish heartland is to consume the Jewish state, bit by bit.  Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority, under dictator Abbas, continues to incite genocidal hatred toward the Jewish people on PA television, indicating that he is at least as hostile to us as Arafat ever was.

What’s going to happen moving forward will probably look something like this.

The two-sides, over meetings that will last for weeks and, perhaps, months, will fail to come to any meaningful long-term solution.  The Arabs will then blame the Israelis for the failure of talks on the pretense that the Jews continue to build housing for themselves in Judaea and Samaria.  The Obama administration will then lead from behind in the delegitimization effort that will be spear-headed by the EU and the Arabs, themselves.

Then the violence will come and when it does you can look for the western left to build itself into a sadistic frenzy as they blame Jewish people, and the State of Israel, for Arab violence against us.

Let’s pray that I am terribly wrong – and maybe I am – but I would not get my hopes up if I were you.

I also pray that you will excuse me for my wee bit of skepticism, but we’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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  1. susan s. parsons

    At least Australia can now stand proud regarding Israel.


    Obama’s stance is what it always was. Destroy Israel.

    It’s a ‘two-fer” for him as he gets to destroy the centre of Judaism and Christianity which is exactly what any good Muslim/Marxist would want.

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention.

    • Hi Susan,

      I have to say that I disagree to the extent that I do not believe that Obama honestly wants to do Israel harm.

      I don’t think so.

      I’ve given this considerable thought and it seems to me that Obama is driven more by ideology than malice. He does not want to see Israel destroyed, but he learned the basics of his views on the topic from people like Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, both from Columbia University.

      To my view that makes him even more dangerous, because he believes what he says.

      The truth is, the man is just ignorant. He’s an ideologue.

      • Susan Parsons


        We are going to have to agree to disagree on this. Does it matter if it is ideology or malice?

        The result is the same.

        I don’t believe he is ignorant either.

        After all, with his so-called qualifications that is hard to believe!

        • @ Susan and Michael

          I have to stick my two penny worth in here.

          Whilst I don’t think Obama is any kind of a threat to Israel in the long term,I do know he is no friend either. I think to further his own ends he might well throw Her ‘under the bus’ though.

          • Susan Parsons

            I judge the man by his deeds, not his words.

            Not only towards Israel but towards the American people.

            It is also worth noting that the US only acts in its own interests so in this respect he is not unique. As does every other country.

            If it means votes – the US will help. If it doesn’t,,well,,,

            Many US citizens don’t like their president acting in favour of another country and you can’t blame them for this either. Principles are not involved.

            (We have already discussed the amorality of wars on another thread.)

            Israel has to look to its own needs and try not to depend on anyone if that is possible.

            In fact the same thing can be said for one in a personal sense: one can truly only rely on oneself most of the time.

            It’s one of life’s lessons that takes one a lot of time to appreciate.

            Hero worship is a folly.

            And at this stage in geopolitics there are no heroes, certainly not the USA any more.

          • The USA has always acted in Her own interest, far more than any other country and is very insular. Britain was never very pro-American and when I came here in 1965, I was very surprised at how Americanised this country was, and in many ways still is.

            The British feeling stems back to the War, or as people now say WW2. Britain pleaded with the USA to join, in order to defeat the Germans. They were very well aware of what was happening in the concentration camps but they were too busy manufacturing and selling armaments. They didn’t want to lose a lucrative business.

            Britain meanwhile was working hard on breaking the Japanese codes. In fact it was a South Australian by the name of Capt. Eric Nave, who in fact did so. Churchill chose not to tell President Franklin Roosevelt about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbour, knowing full well that when Japan attacked, the US would have no option but to join the War. That’s how come they finally joined in 1941. The War started in 1939.

            Like you I followed Obama and feel there are still a huge number of unanswered questions about him and skeletons in his cupboard. I was following him before he rose to prominence, thanks to a couple of friends in the US. Likewise with Sarah Palin. Both friends felt she was the best person to run for VP.

          • Susan Parsons

            Hi Shirlee,

            Very interesting insight into the War. Can’t say I knew about the Japanese code breaker being an Aussie.

            (I do know about the enigma machine, and also that the US used the language of the Navajo tribe to come up with an almost unbreakable code which the US military used.)

            “Like you I followed Obama and feel there are still a huge number of unanswered questions about him and skeletons in his cupboard. I was following him before he rose to prominence, thanks to a couple of friends in the US. Likewise with Sarah Palin. Both friends felt she was the best person to run for VP.”

            With this I totally agree having experienced similar things myself!

          • Eric Nave died not too long ago. He possibly was better known in the UK. I grew up with stories about the war, growing up in war torn Britain where life was very hard and every commodity in short supply.

            Just found a link for you I had filed away.

    • Susan, I agree. It’s this refusal to see Obama for what he is that is destroying the West. Obama has from the start surrounded himself with Marxists and Muslim Brotherhood people, both of whom desire the same thing – destruction of Western democracies.

      Sadly, most Jews are complicit in this, as most still see Obama as the saviour of civilisation.

  2. Yet, Obama is subliminally inducing the notion that, in spite of having been on the muslim grounds with countless boots, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the promissed ideal of peaceful resolution is as unaccomplished as it was more or less from day one of the “missions accomplished”. The resilience of Islamic forces is far greater than the capacity of the USA in finding common grounds with the local entities to the extent of political self-sufficiency of the Western type. A massive “F” for “failure” is dangling over the complex heads of US foreign policies in the region.
    As Islam is relentless in following its agenda, at least rhetorically, the greatest power on Earth needs a modicum of face saving.
    Israel, on the other hand – and it is another hand – has been proven far better equiped in all respects to stave off at least the local foes. In addition, Israel has continued to defy the prevalent disposition of impotence – as seen at our US friends – by applying methods of defence and offence far better adapted to their well known enemies. Just imagine if the Israeli strategy of addressing terror and continuous greater threats would be employed by the mighty USA.
    First USA would need the quality of boots on the ground cobbled only within the Zionist spirit. Just imagine only a fraction of US Marines being as good as our boys and girls in the Zahal. Just imagine the US politcal and strategic entities ( the Pentagon in the main ) being as determined as our Israeli generals. Imagine Obama taking a leaf from Bibi’s speach therapy, as a determined, unequivocal, direct and uncompromising voice. Sure there would be certain kinds of immediate vocal and even physical reactions, but, then, the massive US reaction structure would have to do what…………They would have to employ their boot label in kicking arse the way they are intended. Loss of temporary popularity, debacle in the policy strategies at the State Dept., objections in certain para-political “lefty” factional “streets”, demonstartions up and down Washington DC … yes, an aparent mess and hedonistic graphs showing dissaproval of such a cute and popular Mr. President. Yes, an America forced to abandon secretive CIA kind manouverings and talk truth at face value.
    Relity is that such an alternative has not been conceived yet within the American style of public deceit upon public deceit. All precious speech makers, entire batallions of Ivy League wankers would have to be made redundant. A new era of a “Big Deal”, let them go and place instead strait talk, straight policies, direct show of strength not only in force but in principles.
    Let’s just hope that actual rhetorical deceit in this case is only harbouring real intent, couragous and rational reaction once the “innocent” diplomatically affable bastards will show their real character.
    One thing I am sure of, USA or not, soon enough Israel shall take care of the immediate danger and, inshallah, the immediate foes will get their right deserts, just as it has been happening each time they had the idiotic hutzpah to try Israel !!!
    That will render Obama’s rehtorical nonsense really nonsensical.

    • Otto, you write:

      “One thing I am sure of, USA or not, soon enough Israel shall take care of the immediate danger and, inshallah, the immediate foes will get their right deserts…

      I assume, of course, that you are referring to Iran.

      I have no faith whatsoever that the United States under this president will prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program. But I also do not have tremendous faith that Israel can, or will, do the job either, particularly given the fact that the Obama administration is pressuring Israel not to act.

      My suspicion is, and I certainly hope that I am wrong, that we will see a nuclear-armed Iran in relatively short order; I presume sometime within the next 2 or 3 years, but we shall see.

  3. Michael

    while a tad vulgar and uncouth, I meant that, beyond the current US rhetoric, Israel shall deal with the necessary strong reaction when the Iranian obvious danger shall be revealed. Incidentally, we must rely on Israel being impeccably aware of each tiny step Iran takes in continuing precisely what it now denies it is doing. Incidentally, the current modified Iranian rhetoric for public consumption is so evidently farcical by the mere syntax which contains the crap that “Iran had never engaged in such and such policies and use of words …” They are practically telling us that what we have been exposed to by the previous insane Ahmanidejab practically did not happen. The new Iranian President is far more dangerous. At least the previous one did not mince his words.
    These people are incredibly stupid on account of believing that they can fool people far more intelligent than them and, implicitely, involving their own country in self destruction – actually inevitably being anihilated as a military and political power by those they are targeting.
    Neither Obama nor anyone else can possibly stop Israel, the actual target of the Iranian irresponsible course, do what Israel must and can do !!!
    Of course Iran is heavily involved in a military nuclear program. Obama knows it too well but prefers to adopt this deceiving public stance. The mere fact that he refused to meet with the new Iranian President proves that he is playing the same game as the Iranians and TRUST is definitely absent on a reciprocal basis.

  4. Michael, excellent article, pointing out the danger to Israel inherent in Obama’s speech. The peace process is a sham, demanding suicidal concessions from Israel, and nothing from the other side.

    Re “why do we continue to use the Jordanian term “West Bank” for Judaea and Samaria when the entire purpose of that term is to erase Jewish history on Jewish land? ” Good question. Presumably we will take this to its logical conclusion and start using the term Al Quds instead of Jerusalem, in order to appease those who want to destroy Israel and Jews everywhere.