‘The Enemy Within’

The AJDS – Australian Jewish Democratic Society – despite being a “Jewish” organisation, is virtually like having the enemy in our midst. They are commonly called “the enemy within”. They are a Jewish group with extreme leftist views who do all they can to demonise Israel.

To my way of thinking, and that of many, many others, is that this is just not on.  If you want to take issue and you want to air your views and you live in the Diaspora – don’t.

You have no right.

You are not an Israeli citizen.

If you want that right, then go and live there !!

 On January 21st 2013, the Executive of the AJDS submitted the following letter to the Australian Jewish News ahead of the major fundraising drive by the Jewish National Fund. “Green Sunday”

*With the Jewish National Fund (JNF) “Green Sunday” coming up, this year raising money for projects in the Be’ersheva region, there are some important reasons why we need to think carefully about the role that the JNF plays in Israel. For instance,

 * Despite some tinkering due to recent court cases in Israel, the JNF charter prohibits the sale or renting of land to non-Jews. Yet Israel is supposed to be a state for all its citizens. Would we support such a form of discrimination against defined groups of citizens in Australia?

 * The JNF receives land from the forced removal of Bedouin villages in the Negev. While the JNF claims that such Bedouin settlements are unlawful, the deliberate resettlement of indigenous populations such as the Bedouin (and they are classified as such) clearly breaches international protocols. One village, Al Araqib, has been demolished 45 times, and its demolition orders are currently facing Supreme Court appeal.

 * For decades now, the JNF’s forests have been used to cover up destroyed Palestinian villages. The villagers, many of whom fled and were not involved in hostilities, have no right to return or to claim compensation.

 * The JNF continues to plant pine trees even though it is very clear that this is environmentally irresponsible and contributes to devastating forest fires. They are the wrong trees for the local environment.

 * The JNF is active in the Occupied Territories, through its involvement with evictions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Supporting the Occupation in this way politicises the JNF in a very divisive way.

There are more ethical, non-discriminatory and environmentally-friendly organisations in Israel which deserve the support of the Australian Jewish community.

These include the Green Environment Fund and Friends of the Earth Middle East, as well as Israeli hospitals which offer treatment without fear or favour, and of course, social development organisations supported by the New Israel Fund and other organisations.

With the establishment of Israel over 65 years ago, it’s past time for us to think seriously about our support for the JNF.*

The paper’s Editor indicated that he would not publish it.

That being the case, the AJDS then decided that

“the Australian Jewish community was being hindered from hearing other voices by a media outlet which considered itself inclusive and authoritative.”

Yes, AJDS, that’s because once again you are demonising Israel, and a Jewish publication won’t do your dirty work!

This group of extreme leftists then decided their best plan of action was to demonstrate, hand out flyers and cause a ruckus outside of the JNF offices, so much so, in their own words on their Facebook page.

 “3 squad cars were called by the powers that be, and even more security back up.”

This is Jews against the JNF, the oldest and most loved organisation, I would dare say, in the Jewish world.

Note: The protesters were initially rumoured to be from the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), although this was refuted by AJDS co-President Harold Zwier, who said:

 “I know there were some AJDS people who may have taken part in it but it wasn’t an AJDS event”

I question that fact, as their President was part of the group, and it was after all posted on their Facebook page

**This section above about Green Sunday was part of a guest post I wrote earlier this year for the ‘Daphne Anson’ Blog, . Since it was posted yesterday and checking both their Website and Facebook page, I now note that all reference to this has been removed from both .**

After that ‘event’, at  Pesuch this year they initiated their scheme to boycott settlement goods.

AJDS Pesuch“At this time of Pesach—the festival of freedom—we remember that we were slaves in Egypt.

What does it mean to remember this?

It means that we remember what it means to be imprisoned, to not be able to determine our fate.

It means that we remember what it means to be an oppressed and dominated people.

It means that remember that as we were slaves in Egypt, so too others are enslaved and oppressed in many countries around the world, and that we must fight alongside them for their freedom.

We remember that escape was possible, that slavery came to an end.

On this Pesach we ask you to join a long history of Jews who have fought for freedom, for both Jews and for others. To stand alongside others, Jews and non-Jews, who have made ethical choices about how to live their lives in order to make themselves better people, and to make the world a better place.

And so in this tradition of Pesach, as well as in the relatively new tradition of making decisions about what products we purchase based on a set of ethics (as we have done in the past with Nescafe, Shell, and products which are harmful to the environment), this year we commit to not buying products that are produced in settlements in the West Bank or the Golan Heights.”

 Settlements, obstacle to peace.“The boycott of products from the settlements of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem (which was initiated by Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc) is an effective educational tool. It puts the spotlight on a main obstacle to peace: the existence of the settlements, which violates the Geneva Conventions and numerous UN resolutions. Despite assurances from numerous Israeli governments that settlement activity would cease or slow down and despite massive opposition to settlements by the Israeli public and the international community, this illegal land grab has increased in recent years.”

This is unbelievable and unacceptable.  I and many others spent a good part of a year working against the BDS and now they are amongst us !!

Their support for an organisation, which is racist and antisemitic,  devised by Omar Barghouti with the intention of delegitimising the State of Israel, tells us that.  Most commentators consider that his expressed motivation is the demise of Israel and this is what is driving BDS everywhere, now the AJDS have joined this effort

Check out their web site for the treats they have in store !!

Their logo complete with Arabic. Truly our very own Jewish Australians for Palestine’

Earlier this month, September 2013, they wrote the following to Bob Carr. ( Who was our Foreign Minister at the time) No comment on this is necessary. It speaks for itself.

“Real support for Israel means advocating policies which promote a just peace for the region. We therefore hope you and the Australian government will continue opposing Israeli settlement construction.”

These are just some of the antics the AJDS get up to and yet the JCCV [Jewish Community Council of Victoria] have no issue with them being an affiliate.

It’s high time our Community Organisations stood up to the noisy minority and listened to the Community as a whole.

We would not tolerate pro-Palestinian/Israel hating groups as part of our Community, so we do we tolerate these members of the Jewish Community?

Why when given the opportunity, didn’t the JCCV – Jewish Community Council of Victoria, ‘boot them out’?

In their Constitution, one of the prerequisites for membership is ..

 “has a financial membership of not less than 200 persons over the age

of 18 years residing in Victoria”

I have issues in accepting this, seeing as to how their Facebook page has only 286 ‘likes’ and it is a national group. Included in this are people overseas, on checking their pages.


 “To intensify the bonds of Victorian Jewry with Israel and to strengthen the ties of solidarity with Israel in the community”

Is it just me? I can’t see where they are doing that.  Anything but, in my opinion.

By accepting them under the umbrella of an official organisation, the JCCV have by extension, admitted Australians for Palestine . The mere fact they have posts on their Facebook page by Samah Sabawi  proves that point.

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  1. I’m afraid JCCV President and Board do not agree with our views about promoting our enemies cause and JCCV have no problem including 5 th columnist Jewish groups affiliated with their organization and supporting the Palestinian, Arab & Muslim narrative in the war against the Jews. Of course according to the JCCV board this is all in the name of free speech, diversity and allowing/promoting differing views amongst the Jewish community. Even if all this baloney is at the expense of the Israeli /Jews.
    Of course these wise Jewish representatives no better than the wise Muslim and Arab community representatives who would never allow anti= Palestinian, anti- Arab, anti- Islamic or pro- Zionist groups to be in any way affiliated with their main stream Community organizations.
    We are constantly told by these wise Jewish patronizing representatives we are better than them…..

    Perhaps thats why the Palestinians command such an overwhelming support for their cause in the main stream Community .

    • Michael, they are totally hypocritical. when Geert Wilders visited Australia, the JCCV had no problem joining in a statement expressing concern his visit “would be used to introduce overseas hatreds into the local community. These hatreds have no place in Australia.”

      Yet here they are condoning overseas hatreds in the form of the BDS the movement was set up specifically to deligitimise a sovereign state and member of the UN, with the aim of destroying Israel.

  2. Shirlee,

    If I wasn’t already convinced that AJDS has no place under the umbrella of the JCCV, that last bit in your article would have clinched it for me – Item (f) of the STATEMENT OF PURPOSES OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF VICTORIA INCORPORATED states

    “To intensify the bonds of Victorian Jewry with Israel and to strengthen the ties of solidarity with Israel in the community

    The AJDS have joined with our enemies to deligitimise Israel, with the ultimate aim of destroying her.

    By refusing to expel this odious group, the JCCV has given them a respectability they do not deserve, and so are themselves complicit in the deligitimisation process.

  3. Parts of Message of the President of JCCV, Nina Bassat AM, for the New Year 5774

    “We ask ourselves what we as individuals can do to promote the Jewish values of Tikun Olam and peace.

    What we can do is to condemn discrimination, racism and violence, whenever and wherever we come across it. What we can do is to try to ensure that we deal with each other with integrity, with understanding, with acceptance of each other’s views, and above all, with kindness.

    We can work together as a community, even if our politics, our religious observance and our philosophies differ. For it is only if we work united as one that we can have the strength to deal with the multiplicity of attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel and, by extension, the whole of the Jewish people.

    It is only if we accept the challenge of unity and act on it as a possibility that we can wish each other a happy and peaceful 5774.”

    If this is to be anything more than a fuzzy motherhood statement, we must act.
    Bassat says we can “condemn discrimination, racism and violence” – all of which can be found in the BDS movement espoused by AJDS. It’s time she took action.

    Most of us don’t care what branch of Judaism others belong to, whether reform, orthodox etc. But when a group of Jews use their Judaism to try to destroy “the State of Israel and be extension, the whole of the Jewish people”, they must surely take action.

    Michael, I would add “cowards and hypocrites” to your comments.

  4. How on earth can we work together with people whose entire philosophy on fundamental issues is different !!??
    Useful idiots is a compliment !!

  5. The most important issue befalling Victorian Jewry is the understanding and implementation of the notion of COMMUNAL LEADERSHIP.
    Instrumentally and traditionally Jewish identity has survived by communal consensus. Jewish communities have created and maintained a genuine, functional, democratic system by existential necessity. Fundamental principles of communal life have been based on unalterable tennets we call Judaism, with allert adaptations to dynamic circumstances, yet WITHIN THE RELIABLE CONFINES OF THE TENNETS .
    What we see at least at JCCV is altering fundamental principles to suit centrifugal forces from WITHOUT the essential principles.
    These mutations can only be conducive to the erosion and ultimate destruction of the essential principles.
    The current group of people who have been dwelling at the leadership of the Victorioan Jewish Community are accommodating forces which are clearly and explicitely aiming at destroying the essential identity of the Jewish community.
    Built over the pressure of time, these open attacks on fundamental Jewish institutions, such as JNF, intentionally usurp the confidence a Jewish Community has had expressed for generations , as the Dispora, for the dream and reality of the very State of Israel.
    Arguments ispired by and supportive of declared foes of the Jewish State, are now regurgitated with impunity from WITHIN the leadership structure of a community structured in principle on gennuine Zionist principles.
    Communal lethargy allows misguided decision makers to get away with selfdestructive decisions. Well known detractors with aparent Jewish connections, such as NIF and AJDC act with a lot more resolute tactics in imposing farcical notions of “rights” and resort to intimidations not only in oreder to penetrate the core Jewish communal bodies, but succeed in imposing their destructive agendas.
    The ineptitudes are manifold:
    – the incapacity of the elected small leadership to address the menace as described above
    – the ineptitude of the main communal membership to decisively address the obviously calamitous intrusion of inimical elements.
    – the ineptitude of the same core communal body to address decisevely a small number of people at the helm of the Community in relation to their deceptive conduct.
    – the manipulation of democratic processes by demagogical rhetoric

    – the failure of higher communal bodies to address the same problems in a decisive manner.

    Finally, it has become imperative that all those concerned and capable of organising dynamic modes of addressing the problems ( and right here there are excellent voices ) DO SOMETHING ABOUT the above obvious problems.
    NIF ,AJDC are but a fraction in number of what should be a reliable Zionist fold, yet they have been dominating with impunity the decision making process within our community.
    WHAT ARE WE TO DO !!!!

  6. Leon Poddebsky

    Why don’t the Jews in the JCCV secede, leaving behind the AJDS?

  7. And whatt, have them secede to Sydney, G-d forbid, we have our own shlemils here.
    JCCV seems to be identical with AJDS.