ZFA Kangarusski program success continues back in Australia

ZFA Kangarusski program success continues back in Australia  with programme participants involved in leadership training  

 September 9, 2013

The very first Kangarusski Birthright trip brought 40 Russian-speaking Jewish Australians to Israel for an unforgettable ten day experience.

The pilot program, organised by the Zionist Federation of Australia and supported by the Genesis Philanthropy Group, was an overwhelming success.


Participants described a new found clarity of their Jewish Russian identity. Participant Lisa Saloukhvadze from Adelaide said,

“My personal ten day experience has completely changed me as a person… 40 unique Russian-speaking Australian Jews now have a reason to be proud of their rich heritage and ancestry.”

The program’s success has inspired Sasha Klyachkina, shlichah for the Russian speaking Jewish community in Australia, to develop the ‘Kangaruss KEY to Leadership’ program in Melbourne and Sydney, as part of the ZFA Israel Programs follow up project.

The program aims to create a strong leadership group and to establish a structured annual calendar of events for the Russian Jewish community in Australia.


 Sasha stated,

“We saw Birthright as the start of this wonderful journey, which continues long after the program in Israel ends.”

Participants in the leadership program will acquire informational Jewish education skills, project building and real hands-on experience in developing a project for the community,” she added.

The program will welcome 18 to 30 year olds from a range of backgrounds, from those born in Australia to Russian parents to Russian speakers and Israeli Russians.


ZFA President Philip Chester said:

“It started with a Birthright bus and has developed into a positive leadership programme for young Jewish Russian-speaking Australians. Kangarusski exemplifies the benefits of Israel programs in strengthening our community.”

The response for the Melbourne program has been overwhelming with 20 confirmed participants and more wait listed. There are still a few spaces in the Sydney program.

On the importance of the program in Sydney, Sasha emphasised:

“There is a very strong community in Sydney with high motivation to make a difference.”

The Sydney and Melbourne groups will meet for a joint weekend during the seminar series.

For more information please contact:

Lana Lachyani, Communications and Events Coordinator, Zionist Federation of Australia

T: (+613) 9272 5618 E: lana@zfa.com.au W: http://www.zfa.com.au/


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