Tim Costello cares for little boys & girls – unless they’re Israeli!

Tim Costello, chief executive of World Vision Australia, wrote that Australia’s Presidency of the UN Security Council made it responsible for leading the discussion on the Syrian conflict:

World leaders… must not forget the very important mandate the UN Security Council has to protect civilians and build peace.

Syrian child soldiersWe should not be lured into believing in a distorted vision of war… War is the little boys and girls who have been maimed or killed while walking to school… it is the Syrian children who are being recruited into armed groups and sent to their deaths as child soldiers.

These are the reasons World Vision is calling on Australia… to prioritise peace.

Turning a child into a killer must rank as one of the vilest evils perpetrated on this planet. Yet, tragically, we know the use of child soldiers is increasing despite the world recognising the practice as a war crime. Here:

Yes, turning a child into a killer is one of the vilest evils. Why then isn’t Tim vociferous in condemning the hate-filled Palestinian schoolbooks urging kids to become martyrs and kill Jews? Instead, as NGO Monitor demonstrates, he has a history of using his position to demonise Israel and promote the Palestinian narrative:

World Vision’s Brief History of the region repeats many of the standard Palestinian myths and distortions. For example: “In 1948 a war broke out resulting in the establishment of Israel on 77% of historic Palestine.” Pointedly, in using the passive tense, the authors fail to mention the Arab invasion that led to the war.

The current Palestinian campaign of violence is blamed solely on Israeli policies leading to Palestinian ‘disillusionment’, Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount and the failure of Camp David… ignoring the terrorism that was responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians, World Vision promotes an amoral equivalence between perpetrators and victims of terror… Israeli security measures are described as “a policy of sealing entries and exits to cities, villages, and towns as a form of collective punishment of the Palestinian population.”

World Vision’s response to Israel’s security barrier displays almost no acknowledgement of the impact of this obstacle in preventing terror. Tim Costello described the barrier as “part of the problem, not part of the solution”, … evoking the highly politicized and inappropriate claim that the barrier “is reminiscent of the Cold War and Eastern Bloc oppression.” (Costello’s comparison reflects the Palestinian propaganda effort to compare the Berlin Wall, designed to keep citizens from fleeing, with Israel’s security barrier, which saves the lives of its citizens.)

Analysis of World Vision International’s website also reflects the clear political agenda, with little attention to entirely legitimate Israeli security concerns, as well as a total disregard for the effects of Palestinian terrorism on the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

NGO Monitor

Tim’s concern that Palestinian children might be inconvenienced by Israel’s anti-terrorism barrier contrasts sharply with his lack of concern that Israeli children would be killed by the terrorism which would inevitably result from the wall’s removal. So why doesn’t his devotion to child welfare extend to Israeli child victims? As Colin Rubinstein says: 

“If it comes down to a conflict between the quality of life and the right to life, ethics would indicate the latter should take precedence. Yet neither Tim Costello (“For the children’s sake, tear down this wall!”) nor the International Court of Justice seem to think this elemental moral rule applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

… Essentially, the argument of the court, and by implication Costello, is that Israel must turn the other cheek to the terrorists because practical steps to fight Hamas et al – groups that seek not self-determination but Israel’s destruction – are all illegal.” The Age:

 In 2009, Tim wrote about the child victims of Gaza, drawing an immoral equivalence between the actions of Hamas and the IDF:

Apart from the bombs, walls have gone up separating all hope of community and destroying homelands, blockades have starved people of basics like food, fuel and medicines, schools and playgrounds have been ruined. Far from retrieving the region from the brink, each move has driven deeper the wedge of hatred between Palestinians and Israelis.

My own personal conclusion is that Hamas is fundamentally wrong to deny the right of Israel to exist. Israel is fundamentally in breach of many international resolutions by continuing to illegally occupy and impoverish Palestinians. Each talk of the wrongs of the other as a justification for what is now a murderous war on children.

World Vision

 For Tim, separating terrorists from their prey is as heinous as terrorists killing and maiming Israelis.

 World Vision Australia was caught out funding a sporting complex in Jenin for young Palestinians, which was to be named the Abu Jihad Youth City, after a PLO terrorist!

Andrew Bolt wrote in “How World Vision helped fund a monument to a Jew killer”

“Abu Jihad planned many of the major Fatah terror attacks, including the worst terror attack in Israel’s history, in which 37 civilians were murdered in a bus hijacking led by Dalal Mughrabi in 1978. He also planned the hostage taking at the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in 1975 in which eight hostages and two Israeli soldiers were killed. Abu Jihad was killed in 1988 in an operation attributed to Israel.” Andrew Bolt Blog

Last year, Shurat HaDin, the Israeli Law Centre, threatened legal action against World Vision Australia, alleging they indirectly distributed more than $1 million of Australian taxpayers’ money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), a terror group proscribed under Australian law:

 At the centre of the dispute is the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), which World Vision has been funding since 2005 to help thousands of Palestinian farmers in Gaza increase their food supply. Shurat HaDin claims UAWC “was established by, is controlled by, shares assets with, and operated in concert with the PFLP”. Funding it is “illegal under Israeli law and Australian law”.

But AusAID and World Vision claim UAWC is an Israeli-registered NGO legally approved under Israeli law. However, Akiva Hamilton, attorney for Shurat HaDin, said the Israeli organisation is registered as the Committee of Agricultural Work — an entirely different outfit to the UAWC.

Hamilton wrote: “The Israel Law Centre calls upon World Vision to take responsibility for misleading the Australian public and sending taxpayers’ money to terrorists…”

His letter was in response to a letter from Mr Costello, who said his organisation had “no interest in supporting terrorism.

“I can assure you that if such evidence [of ties to the PFLP] is forthcoming, we will not hesitate to act swiftly upon it,” Mr Costello wrote. He did, however, admit that “some remnants of the historical relationship” between UAWC and PFLP remain. “But to suggest that UAWC is an arm of the PFLP today… appears to us a gross overstatement.” Here :

Shurat HaDin. 4 PNGHamilton persisted, accusing them of trying to whitewash their support for a group with close links to

an illegal terror organisation   Here:

In June this year World Vision’s Tim McCormack again denied the accusations:

He said both AusAID and World Vision “had engaged in a comprehensive” investigation…engaging sources in Israel such as lawyer and former Chief of Staff to Ariel Sharon Dov Weissglas and “expert Israeli security analyst” Professor Matti Steinberg.

Hamilton said World Vision’s attempts to present Weissglas as independent were “disingenuous in the extreme” and that presenting Prof Steinberg as a leading intelligence analyst was misleading, “patently false and bordering on ridiculous.”

“[Steinberg] is an academic … and has a long history of being sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and opposing action against terrorists,” he said.

While the UAWC’s link to the PFLP is still a matter of conjecture, it nonetheless supports the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Here:

Clearly World Vision Australia has some questions to answer!

Much less clear is how to reconcile Tim’s insistence on “prioritising peace” with support for a terror organisation – unless his idea of peace is for Israel and the Jews to let themselves be slaughtered, as Mahatma Gandhi proposed:

 “Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs.” As to whether the Jews should have committed “collective suicide” by offering themselves to Hitler: “Yes, that would have been heroism”.

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  1. Jonathan Winters Talbot

    Potent stuff. Is that Ghandi quote for real? I can scarcely believe my eyes.

  2. Disappointing there are still some very naive Jewish community representatives that have been sucked in by Rev al’ Tim Costello’s charm.

  3. Michael, I seem to remember that Tim was invited to address the Jewish Holocaust Centre and you were instrumental in putting in a complaint about it. What happened? Did they go ahead with him speaking?

  4. Susan and Shirlee, when I was younger I was a great fan of Gandhi, as I thought he epitomised everything that was good and noble. That’s the trouble: people make assumptions based on slogans, and rarely take the trouble to research the facts. I was mortified when I started reading about him to realise just how bad he was.

    • Susan Parsons

      Pam: I had no idea about Ghandi either until I had my own blog a long time ago!

      Must admit I was surprised.File him away with Desmond Tutu!

      • So I guess we can’t blame all those people who admire him, as we too were taken in.

        Yes, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and lots more!

        • Susan Parsons

          Forgot about Carter. And you can add in the Clintons too, just for starters.

  5. I have had sponsored children through W.V. for over 30 years. For the past several years, I have emailed them about this very subject. All they give me is a line of bs.When my sponsored child no longer needs me, I’m through with them. Last summer I turned down a free concert to see Casting Crowns, a Christian band, at one of our local churches. I was called and asked to be one of the spokeswomen for W.V. I told the young woman exactly how I felt. The conversation wasn’t pretty. My prayer is that God will bring them down in such a way that none of the children will suffer.

    • MJ, it’s distressing when organisations that we thought supported human rights turn out to be thoroughly bad. For many years I too supported groups like Oxfam and WV, and it’s only recently that I’ve realised that they are not as they appear. Most of these so-called human rights groups are extremely political and anti-Semitic (disguised as anti-Zionist). For instance, Amnesty International and Medecins sans Borders sound so noble, but aren’t.

      In addition, many cynically use young girls to appeal to the emotions of kind-hearted people, but don’t really care for their welfare. Just read below:

      Are you sending money to any of the 5 big aid organizations?

      Chances are your help does more damage than good:

      400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation. We have started a new campaign, at sponsoredgirl.com, to protect the girls from female genital mutilation. We invite our readers to come join us.