Victoria’s Multifaith Statement on Asylum Seekers

Once again David Marlow, the leftist-leaning Executive Director of the JCCV – Jewish Community Council of Victoria – has partnered with the ICV – Islamic Council of Victoria – to issue a joint Statement by way of the JCMA – Jewish Christian Muslim Association – advocating for asylum seekers, predominately from the Middle East and Islamic countries: Here:

Amongst other things, they call for:

• Avoidance of the use of negative rhetoric and language that dehumanises asylum seekers; undermines the integrity of the discussion on this complex humanitarian issue; and perpetuates misunderstanding and intolerance;

• Immediate extension of the right to work to all asylum seekers released into the Australian community on bridging visas;

• Adequate Commonwealth support and living allowances to asylum seekers living in the Australian community on bridging visas so that they can sustain themselves and their families whilst they await the outcome of their claim for protection;

• The Australian Government to work with other governments in our region, and globally, to find sustainable and, above all, compassionate solutions to the challenge of supporting asylum seekers. The Statement calls for ‘’avoidance of the use of negative rhetoric and language’’

I imagine Mr Marlow refers to rhetoric and language used by the Islamic Community’s Sheik Sharif Hussein from Adelaide who said

‘’Jews are lackeys, traitors”, and who went on to say‘’ You who kiss The shoes and feet of The Jews “.

Of course, when it comes to demonising, Jews in Australia are fair game and an exception to the rule. Judging by their actions (or non-actions), our Jewish representatives do not appear to expect any reciprocity from their Islamic partners.

Contrast the JCCV’s joint Statement with the one from the ECAJ – Executive Council of Australian Jewry:

“Dictators and despots once again issue blood-curdling calls for the destruction of Jewish life, as though Israel and the Jewish people are somehow to blame for the internal carnage in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere in the region.

In Hungary and Greece, and other parts of Europe, a reversion to acts of violence against Jews and public expressions of antisemitism are becoming more frequent and are even tolerated. In Poland, the surviving Jewish community is facing attacks on its religious freedoms in the form of a ban on kosher slaughter.
Even in peaceful Australia, anti-Semitic incidents are reported daily and the threat to our communal institutions remains credible and persistent. Against this backdrop, the old bipartisan consensus in support of Israel has started to break down.”

In another part of their noddyland statement, the JCCV said

‘’All major faiths have a tradition of welcoming the stranger and the foreigner and assisting those in need, where every person is precious and entitled to live with dignity, and each person’s life and rights are protected.”

Yeh Sure! I doubt Mr Marlow and his fellow Board members, as Jewish strangers, would be welcomed and receive red carpet treatment in dignity in places such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran , Afghanistan and Syria .

Do Mr Marlow and JCCV actually believe what they sign their name to?

It wasn’t long ago, in another joint Statement from the JCCV and the ICV, that they condemned the high profile visiting Dutch Pro-Zionist MP, Geert Wilders because he was critical of Islamists. Here:

However, when this writer asked the President of the JCCV if they and their ICV partners would issue a similar statement condemning visiting Islamic hatemongers and antisemitism, I was told the ICV would never agree!

I suspect their partnership with the ICV is encouraged by JCCV affiliate member’s Palestinian Advocacy group, Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS).

It’s not surprising that another one of JCCV partners in this dodgy JCMA group, the Uniting Church, are also no friends of Israel or Zionists.

Prominent Human Rights advocate from Sydney, Jeremy Jones, wrote an article for the Jerusalem Centre of Public Affairs –

”Confronting Reality ; Antisemitism in Australia today’’. In part he said ‘’within this Church [ Uniting Church ] there is a vocal anti- Israel element’’  Here:

It’s interesting how Jewish organisations like the JCCV and ADC (Anti Defamation Commission) manage to completely separate Israel/Zionism issues and issues relating to Multiculturalism and Jewish affairs in Australia. Conversely, the Islamic community do not separate the two issues, demonising both Israelis and Jews when rallying for Palestine and Arabs.

It’s time the JCCV and ADC stopped grovelling to others and started demanding equal respect, including respect for Israeli Jews, just as the ICV demand respect for Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims here and in the Middle East, instead of continuing to release these meaningless, feel good, embarrassing platitudes.

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  1. Michael, I too am appalled at the JCCV. They are supposed to represent the interest of Jews, not those who wish Jews harm. Ditto the ADC, who are supposed to fight against racism and anti-Semitism. We need a strong body to stand up for the Human Rights of Jews and Israel. Instead we have bodies that appease those that want to kill us.

    Re “Jewish strangers, would be welcomed and receive red carpet treatment in dignity in places such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran , Afghanistan and Syria”. Some useful idiot Jews would no doubt be given red carpet treatment while it suited Islamists’ interests – only to be discarded once their propaganda purpose was fulfilled.

  2. To understand where the Uniting church and other anti-Semitic churches are coming from, I recommend watching Paul Wilkinson’s talk on Christian Palestinianism.

    Basically they follow replacement theology or liberation theology. Followers include people like Desmond Tutu and Tim Costello. They are the polar opposite of Christian Zionists, who love and support Israel and the Jews.

  3. The NSW Board of Deputies is as bad is the JCCV.

    Every year the NSW Association of Jews, Christians and Muslim, hold the “Abrahamic Conference” every year it is held at a different location.

    Why then was it cancelled in March this year? Ma nishtana ha-laila ha-zeh mi-kol ha-leilot?

    Why, do I hear you ask?

    Because this year it was being held at the premises of the National Council of Jewish Women and the Muslims refused to attend. !!

    Pretty much says it all and yet the JCCV continue to join with them.

    This was a perfect example of when the B of Deps should have made it public. But did they?

    No!! They might be offended.

    I rest my case.

  4. Michael, Pam , but mainly you Shirlee are INCREDIBLY wrong !!

    Why ? Simply because JCCV are going about ( and have been ) their merry multi-face business with the kind of aplomb and total indifference to what you are ( and have been ) saying for ages. So there.

    ALL groisse machers at JCCV, that David bloke and Nina lady, are cutting the cake and eating it as they please utterly indifferent to any negative comments and yours won’t even touch crumbs.

    They are also right and you are wrong because they have on their side of MULTI faiths faces churches with their prelates, mosques with their mullahs and muezins and that makes them even more righter.

    Take it from me because the same JCCV won’t ever bother replying to what you are saying, that’s how bloody right they are.

  5. But we won’t be silenced, Otto. As long as we’re around and still kickin’ we know whose ass to kick. They will take notice, whether they like it or not.

    Islam dalenda est!

    • Otto is being sarcastic. I wish he wouldn’t do that because unless you know him, you wouldn’t know. Sarcasm does not come across as that in writing.

      Welcome to the world.

      Last night at the Board of deputies meeting a new ‘refugee’ statement was passed. Three people. My husband and other guy and myself were he only votes against.

      There is a huge issue in the Jewish Community in that the Left are active and the Right are complacent. That leaves the left to do what they want to do.

      With a great deal of hard work by myself and others, last night at an election we managed to balance it out. We got rid of one of the worst of the ‘enemy within’