Jewish and voting Greens

The Greens’ problem with Israel.

Palestinian propagandists are triumphant about the Green’s policy on Israel, presumably because it is sync with their own:

The Australian Greens support a two-state solution that ensures the legitimate rights and aspirations of both Palestinians and the Israeli people to live in peace and security in their own independent, sovereign state… we condemn strategies of violence and aggression deployed by either side.

The Australian Greens welcomed the recent decision of the UN General Assembly to grant Palestine non-member observer status and genuinely hope that this new legal standing enables the preconditions for a lasting peaceful negotiation for Palestinian statehood.

When recently debating motions on the Arab-Palestinian conflict in the Senate, one of the concerns Greens Leader Senator Milne raised is the lack of acknowledgement of the rights and aspirations of both Palestinian and Israeli peoples…here:

From their statement “we condemn strategies of violence and aggression deployed by either side.” it is obvious the Greens see a moral equivalence between Arab terrorism and Israel’s legitimate self-defence. Their welcome of the UN decision to grant ‘Palestine’ (which doesn’t exist!) observer status – in effect rewarding terrorism – is reprehensible, as is the implication that this – rather than Arab rejectionism and the constant acts of terror against Israeli civilians – was what prevented peaceful negotiations. As for Milne’s suggestion there is lack of acknowledgment of the rights of the Palestinians, this is laughable when the media, government and academia constantly promote them as victims. There is, on the other hand, a woeful lack of acknowledgment of the rights of Israelis, who are routinely demonized as racists, colonialists and worse.

The Greens’ 2010 Resolution on Israel/Palestine leaves no doubt where their sympathies lie. Among their “Principles” are to:

1.3 recognise the ongoing injustice that has been done to the Palestinian people and aim to rectify that injustice in a way that will allow both Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace
1.4 oppose Israel’s ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and the expropriation of Palestinian land and resources for its settlements

Their “Goals” include:

2.1 the removal of Israeli settlers and Israeli security and military forces from the Palestinian territories
2.2 the termination of the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the establishment of a secure and viable state of Palestine alongside Israel, based on 4 June 1967 boundaries with both states sharing Jerusalem as their capital. Website:

Insisting that the borders should be the 1948 armistice line, that the area for the proposed Arab state be handed over, cleansed of all Jewish presence (now that IS apartheid!), and that Jerusalem be shared, would result in the destruction of Israel.

Then there’s the racist, anti-Semitic and invariably violent BDS movement.

In an interview with the Australian Jewish News last year, Greens Leader Christine Milne insisted “the Greens have always supported a two-state solution” and that “[BDS] is behind us”.

Well, it’s not that far behind them, as the NSW Greens support the BDS, as does Federal Senator Lee Rhiannon, and David Shoebridge recently spoke at a BDS rally at Sydney University.

Moreover, Greens MPs John Kaye and Shoebridge proudly refused to sign the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism, claiming

“signing the declaration turns MPs into vigilantes against anyone who raises concerns about the fact that Israel is unashamedly based on a religious or ethnic identity.”

(The one honourable exception is NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, who signed the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism and is a member of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel).

London Declaration

Greens senator (WA) Scott Ludlum attends anti-Israel demonstrations where the crowd chants

‘From the river to the sea’, Palestine will be free.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise where that would leave Israel.

Strange how the Greens have a problem with Israel’s Jewish identity, but not with the many other nations which are based on a religious or ethnic identity.

Yet Israel allows complete freedom of worship, unlike its neighbours, who routinely forbid the practice of all other religions except Islam, and persecute minorities. Ironically, the only place in Israel where there is NO freedom of worship is on the Temple Mount, which is controlled by the Muslim waqf. But let’s not mention that inconvenient fact!

The Australian editorial of 21 June sums it up nicely:

“By flirting with BDS, the Greens forfeit the right to be considered a mainstream party. It demonstrates a preference for the company of the numbats and conspiracists in the dark and dangerous fringelands. Until the party disentangles itself, forcefully and unambiguously, from the BDS movement and those who would see a democratic, sovereign nation wiped from the map, its chances of being taken seriously are zero.”

In November 2012, in a motion on the Gaza conflict, Christine Milne noted:

…The disproportionate Israeli response in Gaza and that the parties to the conflict are not equivalent as Israel is the world’s fifth largest military power and Palestine has a weakened and constricted economy and is subject to restrictions on freedom of movement and goods in breach of international law;
c. Rather than women and children being used as human shields in Gaza, the small physical area of Gaza means there is nowhere for women and children to go to be safe from bombings.

Calls on the Australian government to:

Strongly advocate for an immediate cease fire and for Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza;

Use its new-found influence as a member of the Security Council to urge the implementation of the recommendations of the Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict in 2009, (the operation known by the IDF as Operation Cast Lead) to ensure the atrocities of that conflict are not repeated.
So despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Milne denies Hamas used women and children as human shields, and accuses Israel of committing “atrocities” by defending herself against terror attacks. As for her claim about Israel’s military power and Palestinians being victims of Israel, both can easily be proved false. Milne here:

Fortunately, sensible people are starting to wake up to the Greens and the BDS mob, recognizing them for the bigots that they are. Others are challenging their lies: Shurat HaDin –  Israel Law Centre is taking an action against BDS advocates Associate Professor Lynch and Emeritus Professor Rees under the Racial Discrimination Act.

Shurat HaDin. 4 PNG

At a recent rally, Rees was asked about reports Jewish students felt offended and intimidated by the tenor of the BDS debate towards Israel.

He replied it was “absolute nonsense”.

“You should see the hate mail I get as a result of taking a stand. They call me anti-Semitic.”

He said the Greens were genuflecting to political survival instincts by pretending the party did not support the BDS campaign.

“Well, they’re making political calculations because they know the mainstream media and they know that most of the people in Canberra are cowards, irrespective of party,” he said.

NSW Greens Legislative Council member David Shoebridge defied federal leader Christine Milne — who says party policy is not to support any BDS campaign — to attend the rally. Here:

It’s hard to reconcile the Greens’ animus towards Israel with their claim they are about protecting the environment, promoting social equality and investing in a sustainable economy. If that were true, they would admire Israel as the country which has always been a forerunner in protecting the environment.

Sadly, these claims seem to be a cover for their real agenda, and there is little evidence that they have changed since 2004, when then Nationals leader John Anderson warned that the Australian Greens were a refuge for those who in the 1950s would have joined the Communist Party. He added:

“They are watermelons – green on the outside and very, very, very red on the inside.”

Credit:Sergio Redegalli

Then Prime Minister, John Howard, described Greens policies as “kooky”.

Personally, I think he was being too kind!

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  1. John Kaye a NSW Green MP is Jewish.

    • “Jewish” does not, of course, necessarily mean that he lacks a multitude of, shall we say, negative characteristics.

      • Okey, you’re absolutely right there. Some of the most notorious Israel bashers preface their attacks by pointing out that they are Jewish – as if that gives them credibility. Anthony Lowenstein comes to mind, but there are many many others who join our enemies.

        Why they behave so despicably is open to question. Do they feel alienated from other Jews? If so, why don’t they just not mix with them? No-one is forcing them. Or do they have a deep fear of being hated, so decide to join the haters to gain popularity?

  2. The Greens, like the ALP, obviously believe that solemnly signed, ostensibly binding legal undertakings/ accords like the Oslo Accords should be violated blatantly and brazenly when their violation benefits the Arab/aggressor side.
    The Greens believe that international conventions like the Montevideo Convention on recognition of states should also be violated when their violation benefits the Arab/aggressor side.
    The Greens obviously have no morality.
    They do, however, have polished posturing skills.
    How on earth can a party like this possibly be of any use to a modern, liberal, democratic, progressive country like Australia? The Greens’ entire ethos is antithetical to this Australian politico-social profile.

  3. Susan Parsons

    The Greens and BDS are not only bad for Israel – they are bad for everyone!

    Their Marxist philosophy is totally anti-human, any human!

    If they were really genuine about the environment and ‘carbon footprint’ they should, according to their platform, all commit suicide and I doubt anyone would miss them!

    That’s it in a nutshell.

    • If they were what they claim to be, they’d be anti-Islam.

      They claim they believe in equal rights for women and homosexuals. Islam certainly isn’t that.

      • Susan Parsons

        Spot on, Shirlee.

        The “red – green” alliance is a marriage made in political heaven!

  4. Susan, funnny how the Greens seem awfully keen on euthanisia when it concerns other people, but not themselves. Presumably their carbon footprint is more valuable than ordinary mortals.

    Mind you, they’re not all bad – they do care about possums:

  5. The cause for Jewish national liberation is a cause that liberals and “progressives” should embrace because it is a matter of the self-determination and self-defense of the Jewish people. To the extent that they embrace, instead, BDS and anti-Zionism is the extent to which they have not only betrayed us, but their own alleged values.

    The Greens can go to hell.

  6. Shirlee, yes it’s strange how the Greens always go into bat for the Muslims, despite Islam’s stance on women and homosexuals. Bob Brown promoted the Uighurs, a Muslim group in China, yet if they had their way, he’d be stoned to death for being a homosexual. As for women’s rights, they don’t have any in Islamic countries. Maybe Christine Milne and Sarah Hansom Young should go and live in Saudi Arabia and see how long they last. I doubt the Saudi’s views on same sex marriage coincide with those of the Greens.

    • Pam, I just had a thought here too. Do you remember Sarah Hanson Young breast feeding in Parliament? Just imagine her doing that in Saudi Arabia. Hypothetically of course, because women aren’t in the Saudi Parliament. Come to think of it, they don’t have one anyway, as it’s an Absolute Monarchy.

  7. It’s not hard to tell where the parties stand in relation to Israel – just look at the advice given by the Friends of Palestine as to who to vote for:

  8. Jonathan Winters Talbot

    The Greens are fundamentally unserious, as they believe themselves to be immune to the harmfull consequences of their actions. We should all rejoice that they are not in fact in charge of anything important.

    • Jonathan, if they were just a lobby group, I would agree with you. But by becoming so involved in the political process and being able to dictate the policy of a major party (as with Gillard’s decision to introduce a carbon tax), they can do very serious harm. They also have a strong influence among elites, such as academics and uni students, who, rather than being encouraged to explore differing ideas, are easily brainwashed into accepting the academic orthodoxy.

      I suspect they believe themselves to be immune from the harmful consequences of their actions because they feel they are morally superior, as most groups with a utopian vision do. The trouble with utopian groups is that they invariably produce dystopian societies.

      • Pam Gillard only introduced a Carbon Tax because of them.
        Jonathon is American so he has no idea what happened with the last fiasco, whoops I mean election.!!

        In effect Jonathan it was a ‘hung parliament’
        A hung Parliament results when no party has more than half the MPs in the House of Representatives, our Lower House, which means no party can pass laws without gaining support from other parties or independent members of the House.

        That support could come in the form of a formal coalition, or the governing party may have to negotiate with the other parties to get laws passed.

        To do that, they did a deal with the Devil, the Greens. Plus a few Independents, who were right thinkers but sided with the left in order to keep their cushy jobs.

  9. Shirlee, yes, Gilard was forced to do a deal with the Devil in order to get legislation through Parliament. The problem with the Australian system is that very small parties like Family First, or Independents, can exert a lot of power over the ruling party.