Kevin Rudd & Bob Carr have gone underground

Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Bob Carr have gone underground since Carr announced on 8 August at the  Lakemba Mosque in Sydney that Rudd personally as well as the Labor Party had adopted as policy that Jews had no right to legally live in the West Bank.

.“I’ve been to Ramallah, I’ve spoken to the Palestinian leadership, and we support their aspirations to have a Palestinian state in the context of a Middle East of peace. And that means respect for the right of Israel to exist. But we want that Palestinian state to exist, in the context of a peace in the Middle East, and that’s why we say, unequivocally, all settlements on Palestinian land are illegal under international law and should cease. That is the position, of Kevin Rudd, the position of the Federal Labor Government, and we don’t make apologies for it.”

Ramallah  Attempts to elicit whether Rudd personally and the Labor Party had adopted this policy prior to Carr’s announcement have ended in total confusion.

Labor’s candidate for the seat of Stirling – Dan Caddy – received no answers from Carr when he asked those pertinent questions.

An embarrassed Caddy wrote to the constituent seeking such information:

“I have received advice from our (Foreign) Minister’s office which I have included below. I appreciate that it does not specifically address the questions you have posed, but I hope it clearly articulates what the position is.”

Caddy’s response was however seriously undermined when sitting Labor Member for Melbourne Ports – Michael Danby – spoke out a few days later:

“There’s a narrow view in the Department of Foreign Affairs, in their legal section, that the settlements are illegal. It’s not the view of the government as I understand it.

“He has accepted their view. The Prime Minister hasn’t accepted that view as far as I understand it.

 “I disagree with the Foreign Minister’s interpretation of this. I was disappointed; of course I was disappointed.”

Rudd could clear up this apparent confusion very easily by issuing a one sentence press release affirming or denying that the Lakemba Mosque Declaration represents his personal view and Labor Party policy.

However Rudd has remained silent in the face of angry protests lodged by peak Jewish organisations and the Opposition spokesperson on Foreign Affairs –

Julie Bishop
Julie Bishop.

One can only conclude in the face of such Prime Ministerial silence that Carr’s Lakemba Mosque Declaration was shoddy policy made on the run with the knowledge and acquiescence of the Prime Minister in an attempt to secure the votes of the Moslem community in the elections to be held on 7 September.

The Moslem vote for the Labor Party is by no means assured following another hastily cobbled together policy announced by Rudd in July regarding asylum seekers – making it clear newcomers would no longer be re-settled in Australia under any circumstances – but would be transferred to Papua New Guinea for processing and re-settlement.

This heartless policy would be anathema to all Moslems already in Australia – especially families of potential asylum seekers dreaming of one day being re-united with other family members.

Predictably one could reasonably expect a backlash in the voting intentions of all  ethnic and religious groupings in Australia impacted by this policy reversal.

$3 million dollars had reportedly been spent on an advertising blitz in the Australian media explaining the new refugee plan for six days before any similar ads were placed in the countries-of-origin of asylum seekers.

The advertising campaign is going to cost a staggering $30 million – and will now controversially run at taxpayer cost during the election period.

A Department of Immigration spokesman has confirmed the intention of the advertising.

“The advertisements are aimed to speak to ethnic communities in Australia which are the main boat people source.  They include Afghans, Iranians, Sri Lankans, Iraqis and more recently Vietnamese people though there are of course other communities.”

He said the aim was to spread the message through “word of mouth” from Australia back to those communities.

The Labor Party holds a number of seats by very small margins where Moslems and different ethnic groups comprise a significant proportion of the voters.

It is becoming increasingly evident that a bizarre balancing act was performed by Carr at the Lakemba Mosque – announcing unequivocally and without apology as Labor Party policy that Jews are not legally entitled to live in the West Bank – thereby hoping to placate and ameliorate Moslem concerns with another Labor Party policy denying Moslem asylum seekers any legal entitlement to live in Australia.

To further impress Moslem voters – Carr added an assurance that this anti-Jewish policy concerning  the West Bank was personally embraced by Prime Minister Rudd and so would remain unchanged if the Labor Party is returned to power.

His assurances seem to have fallen on deaf Moslem ears – if the results of recently published polls in those tightly held Labor marginal seats are any guidance.

Carr – and Rudd – have amazingly managed to alienate Jews, Moslems and other ethnic groups  – who will consider as immoral and inhumane – and be motivated to vote against – Labor policies that deny Jews the right to settle in the West Bank or asylum seekers the right to settle in Australia.

Hastily conceived policies drawn up in the heat of an election campaign appear set to hit the Labor Party with devastating effect.

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  1. Neither Carr nor Rudd can ever again be trusted on this issue no matter what may come out of their mouths.
    Also,remember that Rudd opposed the maritime blockade which denied Hamas war materials.
    I seem to recall that even Gillard opposed it, though I will accept correction about her position.
    Do you recall the public meeting at the Central Synagogue, where a couple of ALP people made pathetic attempts to justify their party’s opposition to the blockade? The outrageousness of the ALP on Israel screams and stinks.

  2. “TONY Abbott is committed to upgrading relations with Israel as part of a suite of new policies on the Middle East that includes banning more terrorist organisations and a harder line on visits to Australia by extremists.”

    I recall Gillard going to Israel some years ago, maybe for trade?

    Rudd is in deep with the OIC. He supports their policy of not speaking out against Islam.

    Don’t have a link handy but I am pretty sure it was on “Gates of Vienna” blog.
    Another reason, as if there are enough to get rid of this useless government.

    • Gillard is, and always has been, very pro-Israel. What Okey says is incorrect.

      I cannot divulge my source, but I can tell you it’s from the ‘inside’. Gillard did not want to abstain on the UN vote for the fictitious State of Palestine. She would have been rolled if she hadn’t. Fat lot of good that did her!!

      She brought Carr in to watch her back and instead he stabbed her in it.!

    • Susan, there is no doubt that Abbott and his ministers are much more pro-Israel than the Rudd and his ministers. We know Rudd is no friend of Israel. I didn’t know about his involvement with the OIC, but his actions are certainly consistent with this.

      • Susan Parsons

        I read about Rudd and the OIC a long time ago. As far as I can tell we are ‘stitched up’ on this. I hope I am wrong. Shame I can’t find the piece I was referring to 🙁

        @ Shirlee 11 days is going to seem like a lifetime and we hope we get the desired outcome which, at this point, isn’t a given.

        • We have the Lower House for sure. The Upper House is a whole other issue and even if Carr ( heaven forbid) gets re-elected, he won’t have a voice.

          • Susan Parsons


            My concern now is Syria.

            Cameron,Obama and Rudd want to go to war. Why now?

            Rudd’s figures are appalling.

            The betting agencies have Labor at about 9:1. When McCain was ahead of Obama with the betting agencies we got the GFC! It changed everything although I am not a McCain fan.

            Does this mean he can call a ‘state of emergency’ and stop the election?

            Does anyone know for sure?

            Obama did this in Libya – no Congressional approval. He does what he wants. Again he wants the MB in Syria.We all know how that is working out in Egypt and Libya.

            Why should we bother about Syria? Not a big oil producer, more dangerous to itself than most other countries. Russia is dead against this and I think they are right.

            Rudd is a UN groupie! He’ll do it if he is told to.

            Then all those ‘conspiracies theories’ are going to come true – I hope not!!

            Funny – GWB and Iraq’s ‘WMD’ war = all bad.

            Syrian ‘gas attacks’, Obama, Cameron and Rudd in favour of another war = all good.

          • Susan, they won’t be going to war. In fact I doubt anyone can do anything about what is going on there.

          • Susan Parsons

            They seem to be planning a war, Shirlee.

            Hopefully it won’t happen the US, the UK and Oz are somewhat broke.

            However, here is an interesting piece from an Arabic newspaper which I often look at.


            True, no one can do much.

            It could end up like a Middle Eastern Vietnam with the Russians against the whole idea.

            One other thing to consider is the treaty of “Responsibility To Protect” or R2P.

            It’s worth reading up on this UN treaty.

            It was formulated by George Soros, Samantha Powers – yes THAT Samantha Powers – -(wife of Cass Sunstein), and our own Gareth Evans!

            It was commonly thought that Libya was a test case for this, and that it would be used again.
            Don’t forget there were US boots “on the ground” there.

            Most people speculated that it would be used against Israel in the future which is not all that far-fetched, considering BHO and the people who wrote R2P.

            But since BHO is so keen to install the MB into Syria one can only speculate.

  3. Bob Carr HAS FINALLY SHOWN HIS TRUE COLOURS.By anouncing to the world on the steps of Lakemba Mosque that Jews have no rights to Judea and Samaria shows how far he is prepared to go to win votes at the next election.The man has no backbone or loyalty and as far as most Jews are concerned is a pariah to our Community.

  4. It’s incredible to think that Carr has gone along with those denying Jewish links with Judaea and Samaria. Not only is that a-historical and immoral, it is easily proven wrong, just by looking at the facts. Why can’t Jews live in their ancestral homes? How come the so-called West Bank (renamed as such by Jordan when they illegally occupied Judaea and Samaria) has to be ethnically cleansed of Jews? How come Judaea and Samaria are now Palestinian land they they can build their settlements there, often without planning permission?