Muslims condemn Cairo crackdown

Muslim protestors marched through our fair City of Sydney at the weekend.

AND we were stopped having a peaceful rally during Operation Pillar of Smoke. We had to hide like frightened rabbits on the Mizrachi synagogue…………

Rally Sydney

Rally Sydney 2

Video originally posted at Daphne Anson: Here

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  1. I couldn’t make out much of what these very angry people were saying, but I gather they were supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, the enemy of democracy.

    I realise that in a democratic country we allow freedom of speech; but we must not give free rein to those supporting a group which incites violence against any non-Muslim or against Muslims who don’t support sharia or the MB’s plan for the West.

    Let’s protect moderate muslims and BAN the MB!

  2. I love the sign one of the weirdos is holding ‘Islam the religion of Peace” .. hello Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, 9/11, Bali, Spain ,London, Buenos Aires , Tel Aviv, Gaza …….. what an Oxymoron!