Arab refugee: Arabs left Israel in 1948 because of leadership’s promise that it would be temporary

“We headed first from Dir al-Qasi [northern Israel] to Rmaich [Lebanon], considering what they (Arab leaders) said at the time: “By Allah, in a week or two, you will return to Palestine.” The Arab armies entered Palestine, along with the Arab Liberation Army. We left — we and those who fled with us — and we all headed for Lebanon. Some people came to Rmaich and others came to the villages on the border, such as Ein Ibl and also to Bint Jbeil. People scattered. And we have about 11 or 15 [refugee] camps in Lebanon.”
Palestinian TV (Fatah)

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  1. Among millions of comments and suggestions on how to interpret and run the ME, I wish (not )to bore you with my synopsis.
    First, we see today a solid attempt by Israel to remedy relatively recent events and even mistakes befalling the Jewish State.
    In 1948 the real physical capabilities of the Jewish contingent in the region could not have accomplished more in territorial terms.
    In 1967 strategic errors were made by Israel. At that juncture the emergence of a PLO and related Palestinian issues were not anticipated.
    In honest terms and belated desires, Israel should have acted a lot longer on the conflict with Jordan at least and clear as much as possible the Arab population from the freed Judea and Samaria. Yes, hundreds of thousands, a vast majority and immediately replaced with Jewish repatriated halutzim, if you want, Geneva conventions et al notwithstanding.
    Among lots of immediate factors, the ecstasy of completing the integration of Jerusalem into Israel , the joy and pride of finishing a war in record time, but mainly Israel’s, joyful submission to lots of pressures, probably even the possible threat of USSR entering the theatre of war, compelled Israel not to carry out an effective liberation of Jewish lands. We now pay the price.
    The only other alternative, much more attainable , was the abandonment of the same liberated territories back to Jordan proper, save Jerusalem. This way the Palestinian issue would have never eventuated. SAME goes for Gaza. It should have been left to the Egyptians, although here, together with Sinai, keeping it for further, and must be said clever, negotiations with Egypt was by far the smartest move post 1967.
    Golan has been the only solid gain by Israel in the entire history of conflicts around and against Israel.
    Lebanon does not come into this kind of discussion, except for saying that , as a locum of an anti Israel front, Hezbollah, of course, this is a problem related to the above Israel-Jordan conflict.