Egypt’s Massacre, Viewed From Field Hospital

This is an exclusive account of a first-hand account of the siege of the Rabia al-Adawiya field hospital by Egyptian security forces on August 14th 2013

Where is the world outcry on this?

Can you imagine the screaming headlines around the world if this was Israel?

I know the answer and I’m sure you do too.

Blood stained the staircases and corridors. Screams from the injured filled six whole floors, where bodies lay torn apart by live ammunition, birdshot and shrapnel. Hundreds of corpses lay stacked in the main halls and corridors as the doctors’ continuous cries for help echoed out while they tried, with minimal capabilities, to save whomever they could before the wounded gasped their last breath.

Dead bodies

“Keep your head low and run” came the warning from an individual standing a few meters from the hospital entrance. A sniper from the security forces had been targeting all passersby and visitors to the hospital to prevent the delivery of aid or medicine, which had been depleted inside. From the moment the confrontation started early Wednesday morning, Aug. 14, and until the hospital was overrun and burned, at least eight people were killed in the area, shot by a sniper atop a building facing the hospital entrance.

I had an issue with posting the video, which Susan has very kindly posted below.

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  1. Susan Parsons

    I have seen a site that claims 5000 dead! Unconfirmed. Obama has blood on his hands. He backs the Muslim Brotherhood.


      You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to get that to load and it wouldn’t.

      I need to learn your tricks!!!

      • Susan Parsons


        No tricks! This is a feature of some WordPress Blogs. You simple paste the URL from You Tube in the comment box and voila!

        It doesn’t always work on some WordPress blogs. I suppose it depends on how you have it set up. Thankfully it works here:)

        • Thanks that’s good to know. Strange though how it worked. I lost count of how many times I tried yesterday.

          WP does have glitches. Then what do you want for free.? Eventually it will have to be a web site. Yesterday whilst posting and editing this one, I ran into trouble. I ended up pasting it on to a Word doc. changing text and all sorts of things and it was OK. Also had issues with my one.

  2. Look at those scenes. Look at those poor women. There is no question that this is a consequence of Obama’s policies since he first took office and made the Cairo speech.

    Was it that speech that won him some silly peace prize?


    He meddled in the worst possible way. He took the side of the Brothers without any regard about who they are. After Iran the US has no excuse for this mistake. Never mind Egypt. A US President should be impeached for a mistake like that.

    He helped let the ugly genie out of the bottle. Wrenched it out really given the extent of his naked appeasement of the Islamists. . And now an ugly new master is doing its best to jam it back in. So much for Egyptian democracy..

    So much for US influence in the Middle East. They can still bully Israel but right now that’s about the extent of it.. .

  3. Geoff Dickson

    The Muslim Brotherhood are clear that restoring the Caliphate and Sharia law is their top priority, and as soon as Morsi was elected, he got down to business. Coptic Christians were targeted more fiercely than before and women who opposed Morsi were to be raped (according to a fatwa). No wonder the people are against the Brotherhood.

    All you need is to understand a few things from Islamic scripture and it all makes sense.
    1) killing an infidel guarantees you go to Paradise [Dawud vol 2 no. 2489]
    2) killing a Jew or Christian carries more reward [Dawud vol 2 no. 2482]
    3) 72 of the 73 Islamic sects will go to Hell and the other to Paradise [Dawud vol 3 no. 4580]
    4) whoever creates disunity in Islam, kill him [Dawud vol 3 book 40 no. 4744]

    So this is what happens.
    When you are not busy killing Jews and Christians (to go to Paradise) you start killing each other until only one sect is left. Simple, isn’t it?
    Sunnis kill Shias, everyone kills the Kurds and the Ahmaddis, and so on.

  4. I have mixed feelings about what the military are doing in Egypt, as they are fighting an implaccable enemy – the Muslim Brotherhood – who are the enemy of all freedom-loving people everywhere. OK, they are brutally putting down the MB, but if Morsi and his thugs would have been allowed to continue in power, as Geoff’s comment says, they would have shown a lot more barbarity towards the Copts and others who did not abide by strict sharia.

    I agree with Shirlee that there would have been a lot more media outrage had it been the Israeli army killing people.

    And yes, Geofff, Obama has blood on his hands for ‘reaching out’ to the genocidal MB. He has gathered around him so many MB followers and supporters that it’s obvious where his sympathies lie. Strange, considering he is a Christian!

    • Susan Parsons

      “Strange, considering he is a Christian!”

      Well, Pam, I think we all know that is totally debatable! We all know Rev. Wright’s church was a Black Liberation Theology church which has more in common with Marxism than Christianity.

      Funny – Oprah Winfrey used to go there too but she left it.

      This is interesting now, since her $38,000 handbag incident in Switzerland.

      She made a racism issue of it. There’s a lot of info around on this but my personal opinion is that

      1) she needs the publicity for a new movie she has done
      2) she was probably miffed because the Italian shop assistant didn’t recognise her.

      Imagine that!! What a blow to the ego of America’s most famous, and richest (black) woman!

      • I don’t believe that story for one moment.

        Sales staff working in that kind of retail establishment would NEVER say that to a customer

      • Susan, I guess liberation theology bears as much relationship to Christianity as soy meat bears to real meat. Since the birth of the social justice movement, which decides who they should designate a victim and who an oppressor, our societal norms have been turned upside down.

        Sadly, many churches have embraced this movement, as have many Jewish temples, and have not only abandoned Judeo-Christian values, but denigrated them. I believe that is one reason why the progressives are so quick to criticise Israel, which reflects these values.

  5. Susan Parsons


    Here is a link to a blog I can recommend.
    I found the comments by “Zenster” interesting.

  6. Susan Parsons

    @Shirlee re your comment above:

    “WP does have glitches. Then what do you want for free.?”

    Quite true, and Google blogger is unstable.Sometimes it won’t even let me post YT clips!

    Sometimes it messes us all my formatting and is unfixable.

    I have tried WordPress and cannot manage it at all.

    Still, I think the easiest way for you to add a you Tube clip is to post your article and add the clips in the comment box.

    I doubt anyone will mind – I know I won’t! Just an idea,,,,,,?

    • Haven’t had an issue before. “Daphne Anson” of blog fame has that issue on occasion with posting a video on Blogger

      I was determined to master WP, after being told it was very difficult to learn, but the best platform. Pretty much 2/3 way there now. There are a few more things I have to teach myself.

      • Susan Parsons

        Good for you at mastering WP. I gave up years ago!

        I actually have some HTML code for blogger that will allow me to post anything.

        It works. I have used it once only. I don’t know much about HTML but this ‘fix’ was nice and easy.

        Some very kind person posted it for me on a Google forum.