Myths and Facts 34: “If Israel Ends the Occupation There Will Be Peace”

New from the Jewish Virtual Library …………Palestinians and their supporters often claim that the only thing that needs to happen in the Middle East is for Israel to “End the Occupation” of the West Bank. They print this slogan on T-shirts, bumper stickers, flyers and coffee mugs. But does it reflect reality?

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  1. Let us say that IT represents reality. That is THEIR reality or “narrative” etc.
    It is , in fact, a well determined tactic of attracting sympathy for an “oppressed” people.

    Incidentally, they have managed to a great extent to call themselves a distinct people. One now hears quite often the expression “,,, so and so is a Palestinian whatever, garbage collector, break-and-enter expert, car thief, tax dodger etc “.
    They have established an ethnic entity, not at all distinct from their brothers also specialised in doing nothing all day but populate public spaces demonstrating for their cause.

    Mind you, some have never been in their Palestine. They would be born from parents who themselves never set foot in what they call their country well before the PLO ( or the KGB, who cares ) actually invented the term.

    The farcical mantra starts with the classic line ” occupation” and moves on to the next compulsory heart-braking ” Zionists whatever”, then the Mandela ( their best mate ) inspired
    “…will be free !!”, and, at the very end, we recognize the criminals behind it all, when the actual agenda is revealed, as seen at toddlers in Hyde Park Sydney CBD, ” Kill the Jews !!”.

    How can you not love them?…………………..

  2. Geoff Dickson

    It is futile even considering trading land for peace.
    Understand what drove Mohammed to clear Arabia of Jews and Christians.
    One hadith I call the hadith of terror was given to Mohammed by Allah. It promised:
    1) Islam will be spread by terror (making Mo victorious)
    2) all lands belong to Mohammed and Muslims (including all of Israel)
    3) stealing is permitted after fighting stops [Bukhari vol 1 book 7 no. 331]

    Mohammed conquered Arabia one village at a time and the best example was at Khybar in May 628AD. Mohammed raided the peaceful village at dawn and after the killing had stopped, the women were raped, booty stolen, women and children taken as slaves and the Jews left alive had to pay Mohammed half their income to stay alive. This pattern worked a treat.
    Mohammed later bragged that it was terror that made him victorious. [Bukhari 4. 52. 220]

    I call this the Khybar syndrome and we see the same pattern today, but with a modern twist.
    Consider the famous Arab saying “show a victim’s face and you will take over”.
    Because Muslims lack military strength, they play the victim instead with a dummy spit.
    After an act of terror, they cry that they are the victims because the west is killing Muslims.
    It works like a treat. It worked in 9/11, it worked in Madrid in 2004 and it worked in Britain in 2005 when Tony Blair gave Islam all it wanted including advising the government.

    Islam has already taken Gaza and, no surprises, there was no peace.
    Now Islam wants Samaria, Judea and East Jerusalem. That won’t bring peace either.
    Then Muslims will take Israel piece by piece until Israel does not exist.
    Israel should reflect on the Khybar syndrome before giving up land.