Is the JCCV in ‘Noddy Land’?

I thought is was an April Fools Joke. Our own JCCV, which is funded by the Jewish Community is using their resources their know all, to work with the Islamic Community to complete an Islamic Museum. I’m not sure that’s how I would like my donations to a Jewish organisation utilised

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced a re-elected Rudd Labor Government would contribute $3 million to enable completion of the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury in Melbourne’s north. Funding for this project is already included in the national budget.

The announcement coincides with celebrations marking Eid al-Fitr – the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.


The $10 million museum will be the first Australian museum dedicated to Islamic art when it opens to the public next year. Australia is a vibrant and successful multicultural nation and this funding will ensure the wider Australian community can learn about the rich history of the Muslim faith.   HERE:


The Jewish Museum of Australia, which has been involved in the development of the Islamic Museum, welcomed the government support. The Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s president Nina Bassat told J-Wire: “The Islamic Museum of Australia is an important development for the Islamic community. Much thought and care has gone into the project, including consultation with the Jewish Museum of Australia, which it is using as a model. The Islamic Museum will add to the cultural life not only of the Islamic community, but to the celebration of multicultural art for the whole of Victoria.

Recently the JCCV, under the Presidency of Nina Basset, joined the Islamic Council of Victoria. The ICV, the organisation which supports all the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist activities in Victoria , joined with the JCCV in an attempt to silence Geert Wilders, a visiting Dutch MP visiting Australia to speak about Europe’s failed Multiculturalism.Capture
Wilders is one of the most outspoken pro-Israel, pro-Zionist MPs in Europe . Basset’s JCCV, part of the JMCA, did not like the idea of Wilders coming to Australia to enlighten us on how Multiculturalism is failing miserably in Holland and other parts of Europe and mainly because of Muslims failing to integrate like other minorities.


The JCCV issued the statement as a member organisation of the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia.

The statement, issued on February 14,  reads: “JCMA, founded in 2003, is committed to the promotion of understanding, mutual respect and peaceful relations among members of our faith communities. We are unswerving in our support for the democratic values that underpin such relations in Australia and in other democratic countries. These values include the defence of individual human rights, freedom of religion and freedom of worship.

In light of the forthcoming visit of the Dutch MP Mr. Geert Wilders, and as a result of some of his previous rhetoric, we are concerned that the visit of Mr. Wilders will be used to introduce overseas hatreds into the local community.

These hatreds have no place in Australia.

Australia is proud of its multicultural society, wherein people from over 150 countries and many faiths live together in harmony. As a civil society, we are served when we see diversity as a strength not a liability.

In a spirit of dialogue we invite Mr. Wilders to meet with a small representative group from JCMA. We hope he will be open to hearing all that is good, true and beautiful about our life together in Australia.” HERE:

A short while later  the Islamic Council of Victoria were promoting on their website a forthcoming ‘Australian Islamic Peace Conference’


It became knowledge and published in  the media, that some extremist hate mongering, antisemitic Islamic clerics were invited.

I approached Ms Basset of the JCCV to ask she and her Islamic Council Partners would be coming out ‘’publicly’’ in a similar joint statement,  as they did with Geert Wilders, to publicly condemn Islamic hate mongering and/or antisemitic clerics.

One would think this was not an unreasonable request if both communities respected each other ? I was informed the Islamic Council of Victoria would never agree to it.

In another ‘’noddyland” moment at the JCCV a previous President offered our Jewish security services ‘CSG’ to help train the Muslim Community in security.

I remember asking who exactly are the Muslim Community afraid of that they needed security: Extremist religious Jews ?

I would like to ask Ms Basset along with other Jewish Leaders and representatives who are so eager to work with the Islamic Council,  what exactly has the ICV ever done for the Jewish community? Have they ever gone out to bat for Jewish issues?

Is the Islamic  Council subsidising the tens of millions of dollars spent each year in  security costs due to extremists within their own community.?

Another left leaning Jewish organization the ADC which also went in to partnership with the Islamic Council  of Victoria trying to silence the visiting Pro- Israel European MP joined the Muslim community against local  St Kilda Jewish residents   supporting their Islamic  center in Alma Road.

Why is it the Jews are always the givers and never expect to receive anything from the Muslim community?

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  1. Obviously the “other” type of hatred does have a place in Australia !!!

  2. Ms Basset and the JCCV are not in noddyland. They are on another planet!! They don’t hear or see or notice that the raison d’être of muslim institutions and muslim representatives is to attack Jews and Israel.

    It was reported on 13 August 2013 that the British Senior Cabinet Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Baroness (no less) Sayeeda Warsi, lied to the House of Lords about the number of Palestinian Arabs killed by Israeli Security forces since 1 January 2012, claiming 3,643. According to the UN the number since January 2012 is 275 and according to B”Tselem it is 518 since January 2009.

    The mission of even representatives of our western governments who happen to be muslim, is to attack Israel and Jews with lies and propaganda.

    It will be argued: “But that is England, not Australia” But that is islam in England AND Australia!

    This muslim museum will not only present lies about Israel and Jews, it will whitewash Islamic ideology and history.

    The enthusiastic support of JCCV and Ms. Bassat for the muslim museum venture is just the tip of the frightening iceberg of misguided support for things Islamic not only by our Jewish organisations but by our governments as well..

    The Council for Australian Arab Relations (ACSA) has produced a program for Australian schools, incredibly indorsed by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs, called “Arab Gateways” ( ). It is sophisticated, polished, insidious. It not only whitewashes islam, it makes it so attractive that the young minds that are exposed to it in our schools, likely find it hard to resist. Visit the program and be shocked.

    Another program presented by ACSA is called “Learning From One Another: bringing muslim perspectives into Australian schools”. This program, a “free one day professional learning workshop for primary and secondary teachers” is presented by the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, the University of Melbourne and the Australian Curriculum Studies Association, with funding from, unbelievably, The Myer Foundation, established by Sidney Myer, one of Australia’s greatest visionaries and a Jew.

    Just a cursory examination of these offerings make it very clear that the “learning from one another”, with clever language and subtle nuance, is one way. That it is all about “wonderful” islam.

    Our problem is not so much the islamisation of the west but the acquiescence and accommodation of the muslim endeavour by the “progressives” in our society.

  3. The Muslim Brotherhood [ their offshoot ‘Hamas” & C.A.. in the USA ] have opened up offices in Australia’s Sydneystan Western Suburbs . How will that effect M/s Basset’s and the ADC’s close relationship and support for the Islamic Council of Victoria ICV react.
    [ up until recently ICV had the Muslim Brotherhood’s American offshoot CAAR who are financial supporters of Hamas linked on their ICV website] react.
    Will Bassat and the ADC still naively believe they can keep Israeli/ Zionist issues separate in their own minds to Jewish community issues around their beloved multiculturalism.
    If Bassat would ever bother attending any of the ongoing Anti Israel , anti Zionist rally’s supported by their ICV partners and noticed the anti- Semitic Chants and the Anti- Semitic placards by members of the Muslim/ Arab community and their supporters it is clear to blind Freddy the Australian Muslim community do not separate the two issues.

  4. Michael, the answer to your pertinent questions is : MOST PROBABLY YES !!!

  5. Michael, it seems the rationale behind the Jewish leaders’ thinking is that if we show them how thoroughly decent we are, they will respond with great respect and emulate our way of thinking. They are dead wrong about this: Islamists view this as weakness and will continue to abuse the generosity of the leadership, the more they capitulate.

    It’s time people like Bassat woke up to the fact that she is being taken for an idiot – a useful idiot!

    • Pam as far as I am concerned Bassat and her ilk are an embarrassment and I want nothing to do with them just like the British Jews a bunch of dhimmi’s .

      • No Michael, not all British Jews are, as you put it, “bunch of dhimmis”. They are no better or worst than the leadership we have in this country.

      • Michael, I feel much the same way about the Jewish leadership. I’m angry that the Anti Defamation Commission, who are supposed to be protecting us from anti-Semitism, often seemed more concerned with supporting the perpetrators. In their eagerness to join them in ‘multicultural harmony’ lovefests, they ignore or downplay their bigotry against Israel.

        We need brave leaders who are not afraid to speak out when Israel is maligned.

        • The ADC is a disgrace. When I was having all the trouble with Yahoo with their Message Boards in regards to the racism, antisemitism and homophobia on them, on one occasion a woman helped and that was it.

          Seems to me if you look at their web site, they are happier defending everyone except us. Maybe they should be in Sydney instead of loony left Melbourne. Might be better

        • What M/S Bassat and the JCCV don’t understand they have a conflict of interest they can’t support the Islamic Community and their needs and the Jewish community at the same time. Not only are the actions of JCCV a conflict of interest but naive, irresponsible and not in the interests of the Jewish community.
          You would think our JCCV would have enough work on their hands looking after our interests with out sharing JCCV resources with the Islamic Community .

          It is still hard to believe Jewish Community representatives are looking after the interests of a community that is totally responsible for Jews in Australia living under siege and having to spend tens of millions of dollars in security.

          As far as the Islamic Museum goes M/ s Bassat judging by Muslims history of anti -Semitic behavior , can you guarantee how the Muslim Museum will depict Jews and Israelis in their Islamic Museum or as it appears do you really care >>

          I fail to understand how the JCCV & ADC think they can separate Israeli/Zionist issues and Jewish Community issues when dealing with the Muslim community considering the Muslims and Arabs here in Australia clearly do not separate the two.

          Whilst M/ s Bassat and her JCCV board members have been groveling and helping out the
          Islamic Council of Victoria’s Islamic Museum project meanwhile the Palestinian Community representatives were organizing yet another anti- Israel, anti- Jewish demonstration this time in Parramatta with both anti- Zionist and anti- Semitic placards and chants.

          ”Australian Palestinian Community Association (APCA) is a grassroots network that seeks to facilitate and coordinate actions to empower and unify the Palestinian community in Australia.

          ‘’Israel’s new ethnic cleansing plan.’.

          Israeli terrorism – Proudly sponsored by Max Brenner who wants to “sweeten those special moments” Israeli soldiers slaughters Palestinian children.


  6. Just because there’s a dedicated Islamic Museum doesn’t mean they can’t avail themselves of other Australian museums. For instance, the Powerhouse museum recently held a special exhibition about Muslim women’s fashion –
    Melbourne’s immigration museum held an exhibition called Australia’s Muslim Cameleers. I learned a lot from that – like the first Australian jihad took place at Broken Hill in 1915, and that purdah – keeping women within the home as virtual prisoners – was practiced by some Muslims in Australia. Like Bassat, I’m convinced that such practices add to the rich cultural mix.


  8. Michael, re your earlier complaints about the leadership, I remember ADC’s pathetic piece earlier this year when the Islamic ‘Peace’ Conference was on –

    The comments, quite a few from people here, are still pertinent to this discussion.

  9. We are dealing here with two kinds of dismissals – actually two aspects of the same generic type, i.e.:
    – dismissal of self evident reason – based on evident occurrences.
    An omission of facts so bloody flagrant that I am surprised that none of the “ideological ” protagonists masquerading as Communal leaders haven’t felt the brunt of the aggressiveness of the people we are talking about. I do not wish it on them, G-d forbid, but in many ways than the physical, they are ATTACKING the same leaders as much, if not even more, as the Jewish hoi poloi
    – dismissal of the constant calls for a completely different course of action, including public statements made by the relevant Jewish constituency.
    One may be excused in believing that we are being led by such anomalies as the Jewish Democratic Whatever. That the abominable NIF has gained a foothold on the main podium of the Vic. Jewish leadership, as well as the NSWJBD, is also too self-evident.

    Most statements on the matter discussed here reek of that bad odour.
    In addition, the same arrogant, unpalatable NIF – and even worse – are , not so subtly, expanding into the cyber space. Just recently a certain Jewish web seemingly reasonable ideologically, has been taken over by the most obnoxious of the loony left, autocratic, arrogant, supremely ignorant and vicious – in one simple word, disgustingly stupid, pretending to cater for all our needs. Vanity plus hysteria plus ignorance and you get the well known you know who…………………
    All part and parcel of the grand picture of a misleading leadership atop our fold.

  10. George Peters

    Book of Isaiah

    Thy children shall make haste; thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee.

    It was never different.