ECAJ statement in reponse to Bob Carr

ECAJThe ECAJ – Executive Council of Australian Jewry, released the following Statement in response to the speech at Lakemba by Bob Carr

“I do not accept the legal arguments put by Foreign Minister Carr. No previous Australian Foreign Minister has publicly declared that “all” the settlements in the West Bank are illegal.

Neither the UN resolutions he cites nor the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice are legally definitive or binding.

Settlements are only one of several final status issues to be negotiated by the parties. The one-dimensional focus on this sole issue to the exclusion of others, while peace talks are under way, makes it harder for both parties to make the compromises that a final peace agreement would require.”

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  1. Well done ECAJ ,now when can we expect similar critical statements condemning Palestinian propagandist Carr from the ADC, JCCV, ACJC, Caulfield Synagogue, UIA Progressive Movement,Progressive Judaism Victoria, and the other Jewish progressive franchises TBI, J Street and New Israel Fund ?

  2. It was obviously drafted by someone who was in a hurry and was walking on egg shells.