The Jewish and Palestinian votes in our election

The Australian Palestinian Lobby are gathering the troops in their attempt to further influence our politicians, mainly the ALP, The Greens and  GetUp to follow the party line, which is the Palestinian party line.


A questionnaire has been prepared by the Palestinian Lobby for their constituents and followers to send to our politicians.


One thing the Muslim /Arab community can teach the Jewish community  is that is no matter how many differences they may have between them, the majority support the Palestinian cause without reservation. Which is why they are so successful in the PR war here in Australia, and elsewhere in the world.

It is hard to imagine Australian Zionist organisations or our Israel lobby group AIJACtrying to convince our community members to vote for any particular party and to only choose politicians that fully support Israel. AIJAC here

Whilst Australian Muslims and Arabs who vote have mainly voted for the ALP in the past, many of them, particularly the younger ones, are now voting for the Greens and support the GetUp  group, which are both very strong supporters of the Muslim/Arab community and the Palestinian cause.

Conversely Australian Jews are a mixed bag. Probably the majority vote Labor/Liberal, however there is a growing number of our youth voting for the Greens and supporting GetUp, mainly  those coming from universities where they have been  exposed regularly  to a left wing radical ideology, including anti- Zionism and Jewish academia, a major influence in that direction.

Whilst there are pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian MPs in both Liberal and Labor camps, Australian Jews tend to vote along party lines similar to American Jews who consider domestic issues above the Israeli/Arab/Muslim conflict.

Unfortunately for Australian Jews we are outnumbered. The 500,000 or so strong Muslim community is growing rapidly,  especially in Western Sydney, where politicians are actively courting their vote .

The Minister of Foreign Affairs ‘Bob’ Carr said this week that the Muslim vote is very important because of the trade Australia does with the Middle East. Both the ALP and the Coalition have made plays for the Muslim vote at Eid celebrations outside Lakemba mosque in western Sydney to end the festival of Ramadan.  HERE.


“Mr Hockey told the crowd all Australians should be proud of their heritage.

He says he’s proud that his father was born in Palestine and came to Australia as a migrant in 1948 and said if the Coalition wins government his Arabic heritage will earn him a unique place in Australian history.”



Meanwhile, Bob Carr told the crowd he’s proud of the Labor Government’s support inthe United Nations for lifting the status of the Palestinians in the UN. He says “all Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal under international law and should cease”. “I am very, very proud that Australia’s hand did not go up against increased Palestinian status in the general assembly of the United Nations.”

Of course numbers count,  and we are outnumbered and with the steady stream of Middle Eastern and Islamic boat people  who will eventually make their way into Australia  when all the  asylum seeker ALP polices fall in a heap. The Jewish vote will be  a drop in the Bucket and irrelevant.

British Journalist /writer Melanie  Phillips, who in 2006 wrote a bestselling book  ‘Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within’ reportedly wrote  ‘’a British MP said that there are 1.8 Million Muslims in UK and only 280,000 Jews , so Jews had better get used to the idea that Britain will take the Arab narrative in the Israel- Palestinian conflict.’’

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  1. When I saw what was coming out of the mouth of Bob Carr last night on the news, I felt nauseated and the contempt I had for him has deepened – because while his brown-nosing those who want Israel wiped off the map looks bad enough on the page, the tone left no doubt about his virulent Judenhass. It should be widely broadcast (but I cannot find the video version of it). As to Joe Hockey: his servility was just as much on the nose – his honey dripping I am really a Palesteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenian forgot to mention that his parents (as far as I know) were not muslims. Has it gone this far – in Australia – now that one hides one’s “Infidel” status?

    That augurs badly for Australia – and not only for the Jewish people.

    I was also hugely underwhelmed with Tony Abbott’s courtship of the muslim vote, last week – I expect this from the left but not from the conservatives.

    So: what is left? Agitate for Turnbull to take over the leadership (right after the elections) – at least, from what I have seen of him he is actively pro-Jewish?

  2. Joe Hockey might have been born in Palestine, but as a Christian (Roman Catholic), he must realise the fate of Christians in the Middle East. The only place in the Middle East where Christianity is thriving is Israel.

    • I think there was some issue about him with some photo or other, or flag. Don’t really remember exactly

      The Christian Lebanese and those in Gaza, Judaea and Samaria are all very anti-Israel. They are all raised on a diet of hate. If you can recall Brigitte Gabriel saying that.

    • He underlined his being “Arab” so strongly, that for example in France, that would put off the non-dhimmified population very much as the majority of France’s muslims are Arab. And not once did he mention the “C” word (Christian) – perhaps he knows that Christians are not popular round Lakemba way either.

  3. First a hearty Hello, long time no see !!! to Rita

    The ME ( non Jewish ) demographics presence in Australia causes a complexity of problems.

    Israel is an issue which traverses religious boundaries. Here politicians are engaged in electoral “rationales”. As statistics prevail over ethics ( although some would refer to the “ethics of numbers” ) we would have to struggle with the logic of political sectarian priorities – parties-. This is to say that contradictory rhetoric will need to be tolerated. Each ostensibly opposite community will endure friendly expressions at each community’s specific functions.

    Our Yom Haatzmaut ( Israel Independence Day ) cocktail party shall always be ornate with “heart-felt ” expressions by political VIPs of admiration for the miracle of Israel on any Tuesday evening, followed on Friday by the same officials singing and dancing the virtues of the Palestinian rights at the downtown Lakemba mosque. Our communal stomach will turn and so will our other cheek.

    The Bob Carr syndrome aside, we have no choice but tolerate this apparently conflicting political landscape. Let’s call it ” the acceptable dichotomies given by genuine democracy “, just to use my favorite vernacular ( the one urged by the number of dictionaries I have swallowed in my life time, nes pas cher Shirl !! ).

    So, how do we adjust our discourse, what needs to be done not just to protect the pro Israel argument, but the general complexities of protecting the very essence of the democracy I just alluded to ?

    Here we arrive at the spiritual propensities. A so called Judaeo-Christian society is supposed to function on the said spiritual doctrine(s). It, conveniently, means that one Sharia alternative is not acceptable. Why raise the issue ! Simply because Israel and Palestine are but coats of different colours, NOT essential purposes of the increasing number of Muslims in Australia.

    If one finds it normal for followers of a certain Universal religions to believe in and proclaim the supremacy of their beliefs who are we , or anyone else, to deny them loyalty to their existential dogma !!
    This is , by far, the most important issue, not because the said religion is not conceived as organic within the said Australian traditional other version ( the Judeo-Christian ), but, because within the sphere of the unchallengeable democracy we must acknowledge, the rights, not to mention chances, of convincing the Islam followers that they should change their spiritual ideals are all but IMPOSSIBLE !!!

    And right here it must be said, that, in respect of the said reality, there is NO division within the faith between “moderates” and “radicals”. Islam is Islam is Islam.

  4. It seems to me that there are plenty of arguments that can be made to show that, objectively, it is not in Australia’s national interest that Israel should be eliminated (which is what the ALP clearly wants). If the medieval, reactionary forces in the Middle East were to triumph, the entire West, including Australia, would suffer. The Arab and Iranian dictatorships would be free to engage in extortion on a scale that would dwarf the extortion they practised following the Yom Kippur War. This would cause inflation, unemployment, economic stagnation in Australia.
    Many Australians with common sense, unlike politicians, who think only of the short term, might see the merits of such arguments.

  5. If the ALP was an important determining factor in pushing Israel into a really tight corner by encouraging Arab aggression that would trigger a war of unprecedented proportions, precious little would remain intact of Tim Fischer’s Middle Eastern markets.
    The ALP geniuses and poor old Tim don’t realise this.

  6. Okey, good point. The rich Middle Eastern countries that Tim is so assiduously courting could well be reduced to ruins with all the internecine fighting. ThenTim would lose more than his trousers.

  7. Burdy is always captivating by the succinct and clear message he delivers. The other quality is his penetrating intellect. He is also a modest bloke and will accept my slight corrections to his theory cum desires.

    I would be the happiest if our Aus. Jewish community would be a homogenous group, just as Michael correctly assessed the Muslim one.

    Yet, in terms of Federal politics, even a united ideological/political Jewish lot in Australia would not make such a radical difference, if at all.

    We are excellent at objecting to slightest inkling of antisemitism. We are fairly good at engaging in legal and para-legal actions, with some pleasing successes. We are very good at throwing communal events And that’s about all.

    Jewish lobby, the institution blamed for the axial rotation of the Earth, is the myth we are reluctantly objecting to, simply because, strictly privately we would like to bask in the glory inside our own mind.
    We, the Jews of Australia can only be LUCKY; forget all about efficient strategies.

  8. mmmm Otto still trying to work out if I have been insulted or complimented ?

    • Otto needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt at any any time. If he insults you you’d know it. If I’d thought he was being rude , he wouldn’t have passed my moderation. He is moderated for that very reason

  9. Is there any evidence that Australia’s trade with Arab states is adversely affected by this country’s relations with Israel?
    Is there any evidence that Arab political entities have been pressuring Australian governments to obey their dictates under threat of harming Australia’s export industries?

  10. Michael

    I’ve complimented both you and your text. Bothovya deserve it……….

  11. Okey you are perfectly right taken both ways.

    There is no evidence that Australian trade with Israel has affected our excellent trade figures with the Arab or Muslim world at all. The other side of this trading coin is equally true.

    During Liberal Govt’s. excellent relations with Israel, Australian wheat and the accidental tonnage of bribes with it, found its way into Iraq cum private Saddam regime pockets. Our sheep were and still are given 5 star cruises to the Arab Gulf States etc.

    This is why I would never waste my time talking politics with a farmer and also why the rabid Palestinian lobby has no leverage on real national scale trade. The BDS is a boutique fluke best taken with a decaffeinated cappuccino at any cool Newtown or Balmain café while sitting on a milk crate.

    • Thank you, Otto.
      Your answer does not surprise me since for years some Arab states, despite the Arab League boycott regime, have been trading with …..Israel!
      So what is your explanation for the surge in ALP anti-Israelism?

  12. Okey

    A quick answer based on an overview of the ALP constituency and several affiliations, including international ones and we must not forget the Socialist International will satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

    A very unpalatable political vocation of late (some 30 years) of all political entities and para political ones (unions, cultural associations etc.) associated with mass ideologies/sentiments/tribal passions has been the “unifying” element offered by the Palestinian cause.

    Europe is awash with it, particularly where the Communist and Socialist parties have maintained a presence, Italy, France, strong Socialist following in Spain. France, in addition has a massive Arab population. Recently I was in Southern France, French Catalonia, Perpignan. I spent some 6 weeks there. Soon I found, through friends I made , that to a large extent the French Communist Party has embraced locally the Catalan movement and through ideological symbiosis I found myself arguing more the Palestinian , rather than the Catalan issues with the local activists.

    I then realised that a similar filtering of subliminal influences affected our ALP. One would have to compare a l’Humanite editorial to some of the hard core Aust. Labor ( of course what they call the “left wings ) to see the commonalities
    As I alluded to before, foreign affairs matters are not an Australian traditional political vernacular, not at all. Socialist and of course Communist, political cannons and jargon, however wallow in international “crisis” issues and terminologies. Palestinian problems, a normal bloke would say, is not at all a socialist or G-d forbid, communist issue. No quite so, particularly if the Socialists and the Communists want it to be…………..
    If only one considers the particularities of populism in electoral rationales, then ALP is up there with their fellow Parliamentary travellers.

    parts 2 and 3, 4, 5 etc to follow .

    One necessary P.S.
    The EU Parliament, the one that passes all those anti-Israel stuff, is NOT run by specific country’s governments but by POLITICAL PARTIES GROUPINGS !!! EU has Socialist Party Group, the Social Democrats, Liberals etc. This has nothing to do with our ALP but with understanding other Israel related issues and the EU.

  13. The Sydney University “Peace and Conflict Resolution Centre” seems to be a branch of this tribal entity rather than a serious academic institution.
    It tolerates no views that contradict its tribal ideology, and yet the Syd Uni vice-chancellor defends it on the grounds that a university is a place for exchange of ideas, freedom of thought etc
    He needs to wake up to the fact that his uni is clutching to its breast a totalitarian entity that is funded by public money, I presume.

    One would have thought that such a scandalous state of affairs would arouse at least some opposition but I haven’t seen any sign of it.
    I hope that the Shurat haDin legal action is not only successful, but that it arouses sufficient public passion to persuade the uni that it’s an intolerable scandal.

  14. Okey

    Precisely so. The problem with engaging a specific “tribe”, particularly of the intellectual kind, is that ( as in the ivory tower notion, and isn’t this the most secluded one ! ) anyone addressing it – actually should have said having the audacity to address it – will be a prior rejected on so many accounts.

    While we do not have the “independence of the academy ” , almost any academic institution, particularly if it is not of Royal “descent”/spiritual dependency or much stricter religious attachment, would claim absolute detachment, call it independence, from ANY form of ideological/political/ specific interest group” interference”. They consider themselves the very “source”, the intellectual and spiritual “rock” of our societal structures. They consider themselves to be beyond the reach, even comprehension from the outside of their sublime, providential functions. Nothing could be more outrageously wrong, immoral !!

    Shurat HaDin are doing precisely that, proving that the said institutions are NOT outside ethical considerations, that they are neither laws onto themselves, nor are they above the law.

    The obvious arrogance, disdain, sense of – unjustified – superiority by the said cabala of intellectual impostors will be revealed through the necessary process started by these fantastic Israeli people.

    Lines must be drawn exactly because these pernicious abusers should not be allowed to believe, let alone act, with such impunity. This applies all the way to the top of this “learning” institution. A Vice Chancellor is, indeed, a position of high respect/responsibilities. The one at Sydney Uni. has overstepped his mark grossly, issue on hand regardless.

  15. I had a dream.. I dreamt that just one Jewish academic out of the of the hundreds [ or dozens] of Jewish academics at our Universities PUBLICLY came out against that serial Palestinian propagandist Lynch and his Arabist department and dared to criticize them..
    but then I woke up …….

    • You are clearly not Martin Luther King !!

    • For reasons why not one Jewish academic will stand up for Jewish/Israeli human rights, read this: The Whys and Wherefores of Israel Boycotters Part III – the goose & the golden egg.

      • The head of Melbourne’s largest Jewish Study Department who is hostile to Israel lobby groups, Zionist groups and even hostile to AUJS promoting Israel on Campus He invites Palestinian , Arab , Muslim Lobbyists instead to speak to our Kids. Is it any wonder they are turning away form Israel and Zionsim.
        One of the Palestinian propagandists an activist he gave a platform is behind the BDS movement in Australia.. Can you believe Australia’s wealthiest Jewish families still support this department.. Go Figure !

  16. Michael, go back to your dream and name us ONE Jewish academic with the beitzim ( a certain word in Ivrit !!) to do just that.
    I’m waiting………………….
    I know one, actually, right up there on the NSWJBD leadership, constantly wanting to be the chair of a certain C’tee very much akin to these issues. NEVER heard her utter one syllable about these issues, otherwise, anything NON Jewish matters of social justice etc. heaps……………

    • Otto regretfully I can not name one Jewish academic that publicly i.e in the Main Stream stands up for Israeli Jewish human Rights .
      There was one that came close at Melbourne University however he left to take charge of a Left wing Jewish Human rights Organization that has taken on the Islamic Community Human rights as well. Go Figure.
      Basically Jewish academics are either anti- Zionist, left-wing/ Progressive {[Palestinian useful idiots ] or if they do support Israel just plain cowards , they fear being ostracized or bullied by their peers.

  17. …or they reckon that Israel should be run the ways conceived best by them, ex catedra.
    Specialised in unsolicited eitzes and if, G-d forbid, ignored ( as they should ) then, as “deserved” punishment, they would rather join Israel’s sworn enemies.
    Reason, “excuse”, only they understand the enemy, only they can conceive the ways out – never mind them being held hostage “in” by the very vanity, narcissism , political ineptitude dominating their lives -.

  18. Keith, seriously, have you chosen your nom de plume surname because it reflects your lunar detachment from life here on Earth?

  19. Moon, are you a Jew? If not, what are you doing on this site? Aren’t there enough rabid anti-Israel sites you can go on to spew your venom?