The Asylum Seeker debate is getting out of hand

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The Asylum Seeker debate is getting out of hand and Jewish community Leaders, representatives, and Rabbis are all trying to out ‘’compassion” each other.

One of these was AIJAC a wonderful and valuable Israeli Lobby group or at least I thought it was just a Pro Israel Lobby Group . I was very disappointed to read Mark Liebler’s opinion piece in The Age last week criticising Labor’s Asylum seeker policy.

Why is Mr Liebler getting AIJAC involved , what has Australian immigration policy got to do with a Pro- Israel lobby group?

Does Mr Liebler care that many of his organisations supporters do not support his views , why alienate them?  What was even more bizarre was Mr Liebler in his article praised Rev Tim Costello. one of Israel’s biggest critic and a Palestinian propagandist Costello and his Arabist NGO organisation.

For the children’s sake, tear down this wall! Tim Costello …


“Why Tim Costello is wrong about Israel’s wall” by Dr Colin Rubenstein. Read HERE:

It is bizarre that critics of the fence virtually ignore the terrorism against Israelis.

So now Mr. Liebler is on the same page on his multiculturalism mishagas and now pals with Costello perhaps we should start embracing other Israel bashers and Palestinian propagandists who also advocate for the predominately Islamic Asylum seekers such as Fraser, Burnside, Loewenstein and  the Greens?

I was at Lunch on Friday with a mate that goes to Caulfield Shule he was telling me how his Rabbi was going on about Asylum Seekers , writing op- ed to the media and like Mr. Liebler alienating those constituents who don’t agree with the Rabbis leftist, Multicultural, Interfaith views.

Why doesn’t the Rabbi stick to his day Job, why is he so ignorant to the fact that not everyone agrees with his politics and Saturday Shule is not his place to try to indoctrinate his captive audience?  If it were me, I would have walked out.

I’ll bet if the good Rabbi supported labor [ Or Liberal] Asylum seeker policy and went on and on about how good the policy is there would be riots at Caulfield shule. Funny how leftist politics is always the exception to the rule.

However the thing that annoys me most are all these Jews using the plight of Jewish pre and post WW2 asylum seekers/ refugees that came to Australia to convince others to allow more Iranians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Somalis and Sudanese into Australia.

Firstly the Jewish asylum seekers only wish they had travel documents and passports that they could throw overboard so as to confuse our immigration officials and hide what ever they didn’t want the Immigration to know about their background.

Secondly the Jews would have preferred to travel too much closer destinations to home if any country would have accepted them, rather than just go looking for a country with overly generous welfare and free legal services.

Other big differences between Jewish asylum seekers and the current wave, Jews left behind the war and did not bring with them hatred of Germans Poles or other Nazi allies. [ link below as an example ]

German Australians certainly did not have to hire security at their Churches, Community centers or watch their backs because of extremist Jews that’s for sure. No other Minority ethnic or religious group had anything to fear from the Jewish asylum seekers. The Jewish refugees did not expect our government to change any rules our culture , way of life or exceptions just because  of their religion. Today it is not Jewish Youth in Sydney that the Rudd government has just thrown $2.5M at them just to behave and get along with their fellow Australians.

Of course the Jewish refugees similar to the Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Cambodian’s, Vietnamese and others in the 1930,’s, 40’s 50’s’ and 60’s didn’t expect handouts and all added value to our country.

The usual mantra by asylum seekers advocates is these people are fleeing for their lives just like the Jews, someone should tell these bozos that considering ‘Iranians’ are over represented in the flow of Boat people there is no sectarian war, no civil war no deposing of despots there is NO war in Iran !

Jewish contributors to the asylum seeker debate should leave Jewish asylum seekers and refugees out of this debate there is no comparison what so ever and it is an insult to them.

Multiculturalism in Australia – J. Wire

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  1. Trouble is that, when someone takes on the mantle of “humanism” and engages in it all manner of structures, from his/her own very private existential structures to tangible social/communal edifices, such as organisations, boards of whatever, and the same person sees them also as places where the same kind of personal control must apply as in the person’s strictly personal life trajectory, we end up with a genuine ad hoc groisse Moishe.

    Mr Liebler is probably one of the most virulent examples of one individual not quite capable to distinguish between his own very private existence and the one of the community is but a mere member of. He reckons he is equally in charge of both. So, what difference does it make what you Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Administrator may think and even post here and anywhere. If he reckons that Rev. Costello is good enough to afford kudos, regardless of the bloke’s ACTUAL reliable profile ( one of indeed a dedicated critic of essential Jewish stuff, all and sundry ), then “our” Mark Liebler does as he pleases. Punto e basta!

    On the same hand, he also reckons that he must have worked out a very clever strategy of cajoling the un-cajolable Rev. Costello into seeing the Jews the Liebler way. Because where we all failed, this Mr. Liebler shall leave his distinctive mark of success. And I guarantee that we shall be granted pixes of smiles, maybe hand shakes and even a statement from Rev. Costello that he always held Jews in high respect.

    Conclusion: another Mark of respect for our communal factotum. Otherwise I shall win another bet that the same Rev. has already booked a flight to Ramallah as a guest of honour of the ones we honour least.

  2. While the mohammedans are trying to out-do each other in hating Jews and out-mohammeding Mohammed, we Jews are fighting to out-liberal the most liberal. Any Jew who joiins anything connected with the deliberately blind Costello of World Vision lends support to an Israel basher, and possibly an antisemite.

    As Jews we are commanded to not stand idle while our neighbour bleeds. But going to bat for people who make our society bleed, is a bit too much. Showing compassion for people on the basis of Jewish suffering to those who play the system is an affront to those who were refugees.

    I have been a refugee, and my parents didn’t have money to buy food, much less pay a smuggler. That is not to say that the rich should not be given asylum, but it is morally wrong to give them preferrence over poor refugees who have waited for decades for resettlement.

    The Jews in my DP camp in Germany didn’t know when or where they could go. They organised schools, a synagogue and a local police force. They did not burn down buildings because processing was too slow. My sister and I, as children, could walk around without fear of being raped by people who emerged from the camps, the ghettoes and the forests. The Jews the Brits put behind barbed wire on Cyprus didn’t rape or riot. When Jews were resettled they rebuilt their lives without asking for special help or privileges.

    The economic invaders of our country are not nice people. The Hazara seem to be the best of the lot, but why don’t they seek asylum in Iran which champions Sunni “Palestinians” over co-religionists reject them. They could also go to Shi’i Azerbaijan. And as a member of the Northern Alliance which overthrew the Talibaan, they are not helpless as were the European Jews. And why don’t the Tamils seek refuge in Tamil Nadu, the Indian state from which they and the funds for their revolt came?

    Compassion is a Jewish imperative. It must not be diluted to let it flow over the undeserving. A Talmudic observation that to be kind to the cruel is to be cruel to the kind can be extended to this crop of pretend refugees.

    • Paul you hit the nail on the head , I wish I could be that articulate .The problem is most people are too afraid to speak up because when we state the bloody obvious we are immediately called racists and other name calling which is the usual leftist way of bullying and intimidation.
      WE are being conned by experts , Indonesia is the biggest culprit they are Indonesian Leaky Vessels Indonesian Ports , Indonesian corrupt officials, and Indonesian Crew and we dumb Australians still give the Indonesians hundreds of Millions in Aid each year with no strings attached { other than we give you money and please don’t invade us }.

  3. Michael, totally agree that it is foolish to compare the plight of Jewish refugees from Nazis with today’s, mostly Muslim, asylum seekers.

    Jews of all people are uber compassionate proponents of human rights, and we shouldn’t fall for this moral relativism . Most of those seeking to come to Australia have the same religion as the countries they are leaving, so are not being persecuted. The only exception is non-Muslims like Egyptian Copts and other Christians and non-Muslims in Islamic countries, who should be welcomed here, as they won’t try to impose their religion, but will integrate well, as we see from Lebanese Christians.

    We should learn from the problems caused by increased Muslim immigration into European countries when deciding who to allow into Australia. Of course, we might have to withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention – or even better, withdraw from the UN in its entirety. By doing this, our human rights record can only improve!

  4. As a Jewish immigrant to Australia myself, I do align myself with most of the comments above. While there are some leftyJews who support the sylum seekers, I believe that most Australian Jews are not of that view. Most of us are well aware of the dangers of Islam

  5. geoff dickson

    Spot on Pam. Many of us have been saying for years now that the UN should be abolished and another body formed, one that only allows a vote to truly democratic countries. The Muslim bloc has too much influence even though most Muslim countries are basket cases with appalling human rights abuses. The UN is running the immigration agenda to favour Muslims and Australia is on the receiving end.
    More Iraqi Christians have been killed or driven out of Iraq in recent times than the Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 before it was attacked. Where are the cries for their plight or their right of return? Where are the UN Security Council resolutions about them? And now the same thing is happening in Syria as the pact of Umar is being applied to the Christian population.
    Yet Australia favours Muslims over Christians from these trouble spots.
    The Christian population of the middle east has dropped from 27% to about 7% in the last 100 years and Christians are the most persecuted people on Earth with one martyred every five minutes. We need to flush out the immigration department and start again.

  6. I don’t get it. In this week’s AJN Mark Leibler Chairman of Israeli Lobby group AIJAC is fighting with ECAJ Danny Lamm over what is essentially Muslim Immigration.

    On one hand we Jews are spending in excess of tens of Millions of dollars per year in security against rogue Muslims that threaten Jews. Muslim/Arab community members and asylum seeker /refugee activists are out regularly demonstrating against Israel in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and demonizing Jews, I have seen it with my own eyes. The AJN today features an article how the Jews in Malmo Sweden are under under dire threat from the huge increase in Muslim immigration Via asylum seekers in Scandinavia. Jews in the French suburbs dare not wear Kippah’s or Star of David because the huge Muslim population have the Jews under siege and we have seen Jews gunned down in the streets of Islamic France.
    Arabist UK have made it very clear they they are not fans of the Jews or Israel. Read Melanie Phillips articles and Blog she is in the thick of it.

    Yet there are Jewish community leaders, Rabbis and representatives who side with the Rev Tim Costello, and those that demonise Israel and Israelis and advocate more Muslim immigration.

    At least we have the owner and publisher of the AJN that gets it . Robert Magid writes an excellent Op-Ed in his news paper today that make sense about this issue and he is no Racist or redneck. Magid has the guts to tell the truth. If only he would stand for Leadership in our community .

  7. Geoff, yes many of us realise what an evil body the UN has become and how far it has strayed from its noble ideals. It should definitely be abolished and be replaced by a body which is open only to free societies.

    It’s odd how the people who are vociferous about himan rights don’t care that Christians are being persecuted all over the Middle East (except in Israel). Don’t Christians and Jews deserve the compassion of the social justice crowd?

  8. When successive waves of immigrants/refugees began arriving on Australian shores post WW11, the immigrants/refugees wanted a better life and were prepared to assimilate/integrate into Australian societyu,whilst maintaining their identity.The latest wave of immigrants form Islamic countries are different in that they wish to change their chosen host country to more resemble the laws/mores/customs of their birth-land. This is unacceptable.

  9. geoff dickson

    Perhaps the best way to approach this is to examine Islamic teachings. Many Muslims may want to integrate but they will be cast out of their own communities if they do. Islamic law (Sunni) teaches in Law w59.2 that Muslims must detest the unbeliever and not help them. Law O9.0 teaches that there is a communal obligation to fight Jihad to replace democracy. The late king of Saudi Arabia, Fahd bin Abdulaziz, wrote that mosques should teach Muslims not to integrate so they can act as a fifth column. Saudis fund about 80% of mosques. Ayatollah Khomeini of Shia Islam stated that after Friday prayers the good Muslim should rush out and fight Jihad against the unbeliever. Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey describes a mosque as a military barracks where the domes are helmets and minarets are bayonets and worshippers are soldiers. How can Muslims ever integrate if that is what is taught to them?
    Remember also, that every Muslim knows the penalty for being an apostate is death.

  10. The Jews who ride the morally supremacist compassion train claim that as former refugees or children of refugees we can’t deny ‘these poor people who risk their lives coming here” asylum.

    They forget that Muslims are not Jews, they forget that Jews are already running from Europe, where they are not safe and where many have been attacked and murdered. They also ignore that the same will happen here, inevitably, and that with a certain percentage of Muslims the demographic jihad will create a situation far more dangerous, unpleasant and oppressive for us than the Islamic hellholes from which Muslims are fleeing.

    It is no secret that Muslims don’t arrive on these shores to become Australians; they come to make Australia Islamic. Even if they come here “for a better life” a closer look quickly reveals that ‘better’ for Muslims means more Islam.

    More Islam means much less freedom and much more insecurity for all of us; and who will have us, where are we going to run to when we are faced with 20 to 30% Muslims in this country?

    • I read somewhere a couple of days ago that we have the highest growth rate of Muslims in this country in the world.
      This is interesting

      Islam in Australia HERE:

      Approximately 3.4% of Sydney’s population are Muslim

    • I recommend instead of the Palestinian, Iranian , Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani Asylum seekers going on welfare here in Australia the Jewish community give them work as security protecting our Synagogues particularly TBI and Caulfield Shules , Community Centers, Day schools and the offices of Jewish Aid and AIJAC .

  11. French arrival Kozirov said, “The situation in France had become unbearable. There is a large Muslim community and harsh political criticism of Israel. Therefore we preferred to leave.”

    French immigrants in Israel: ‘Situation became unbearable’,7340,L-4412989,00.html