An Imaginary Village invented by Real Bigots

Just as a unicorn is a legendary creature existing only in fairy stories, so are many ‘Palestinian’ villages. But this reality doesn’t stop malign agenda-driven groups from using fantasy as a stick with which to beat Israel, and in the process pulling the wool over the eyes of many well-intentioned, but naïve and uninformed, people.

Prime examples of two such groups are Australian Friends of Palestine and GetUp. So it comes as no surprise that the former used the vehicle of GetUp to petition Foreign Minister Carr – himself no great supporter of Israel – to help save a village they falsely claim belonged to Palestinians from time immemorial.


The Petition claims:

“The Israeli Civil Administration in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine has distributed maps of locations /areas in Susiya, near Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Fifty one (51) structures are included indicating that demolition is likely to occur in the very near future, the exact date to depend on the result of an appeal to the courts. If demolition takes place, not only it will more than 100 people be displaced and made homeless, but community buildings funded through international aid programmes, may be demolished. These include a clinic funded by Action Aid Australia, as well as solar panels, shop, a community center, a structure used to store sheep’s milk prior to sale, granaries and shelters for sheep and chickens.”


The source for their information is B’tselem, which, under the guise of human rights, uses foreign government funding to advance their political agenda, thereby undermining the democratic process. For example, in 2011, 72% of donations to B’Tselem came from foreign government entities.

Naftali Balanson, of NGO Monitor reports:

”These political NGOs are also active in promoting false allegations of “war crimes” and “racial discrimination,” which are uncritically repeated by the international media, European diplomats, and UN officials, as part of demonization campaigns…Israeli NGOs also benefit from the misleading label of “civil society” groups in order to advance the Durban Strategy based on delegitimisation campaigns targeting Israel. As with the Goldstone report, the Israeli NGO network was central in the UN’s politicized report on settlements.”

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As for GetUp, despite their claim to be an independent grass-roots community advocacy organisation unaligned with any major party or political movement, they have been exposed as strong supporters of the Greens. Back in 2010, Senator Abetz said that “GetUp’s activities would be perfectly legitimate if they just came out and admitted to being a left-wing activist group, but it trades on being “independent” and “non-partisan” when it is anything but.”
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The founders of GetUp are also involved with the US group,, which is funded by George Soros. As for its claim to being non-partisan, its original board members included AWU Secretary, Bill Shorten, Australian Fabian Society secretary Evan Thornley, Greens activist Cate Faehrmann, and left-wing trade union researcher and “community organiser” Amanda Tattersall.

The largest donor to GetUp in 2010 with a donation of $1.1 million was the CFMEU. The Australian reported that GetUp failed to immediately report this donation – used during the federal election campaign to fund an advert attacking Tony Abbott – nor did it acknowledge the source of the funding in the advert.
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Now in this article, I’m going to deviate from the PC mantra that everyone’s narrative is equally valid and that there are many different truths. This might well apply if we’re talking about religious beliefs, which by their nature are susceptible to many different narratives, but when we’re searching for truth, it’s best to concentrate on historical facts, not emotionally charged anecdotes.

GetUp followers would probably never have heard of Susiya, nor would they have done any research before signing the petition. Brainwashed by the endlessly repeated narrative of poor Palestinians displaced from their ancestral lands by evil Israeli occupiers, they are influenced by the narrative, not the facts.

Journalist Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu writes

“The latest chapter in the Palestinian Authority’s re-invention of history is taking place in Susiya … less than half an hour from Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev.

The Arab strategy: An Arab family erects a tent, illegally, near the archaeological site of the ancient town of Susiya. As time passes, the tent becomes a makeshift structure, which expands into several structures. With the support of extreme left-wing activists, the ‘ancient’ town of ‘Palestinian Susiya’ is invented. This makes for a great human interest story, but for one setback – the ‘ancient Palestinian Susiya’ never existed. It shows up on no

Until 1983, when Jews returned to the area after a 1,500 year exile, none of the land in the area was registered as owned by anyone. Nor, when the Jews established Susiya, did Arabs live there or in the ruins of the old Jewish city of Susiya, uninhabited since the 6th century. It was only when the Civil Lands Authority issued stop-work orders against projects funded by the EU intended to support Palestinian Authority claims to land where they never lived, that the left-wing movements and the Palestinian Authority reinvented history, claiming-

“The Palestinian village of Khirbet [ruins of] Susiya has existed in the South Hebron Hills at least since the 1830.”

The International Solidarity Movement claims,

“The residents of Susiya include more than 30 families, who were all evacuated from their homes in the old Susiya village and forced to relocate 200 meters to the southeast, in 1986,”

It is a lie. They never lived there, not in 1830 and not in 1986 and not in 1996.

The gradual erosion of Israel control over what is supposed to be Israeli-controlled “Area C” has endangered the entire area. Thousands of Arabs have moved in, set up tents and built homes with the funding of hundreds of millions of dollars by the EU.

Lacking any history of the area, most media swallow up the Arab story, hook, line and sinker.

Under Australian law people cannot just build anywhere they choose, but have to apply for permission. If buildings are put up without the requisite permits, Councils can order them to be demolished. Similar rules apply under Israeli law. For some inexplicable reason, certain groups are outraged when Arabs building illegally are ordered to demolish their buildings, yet are perfectly happy if Jews are ordered to demolish their homes.

Regavim 2 TinyOne organisation fighting against this illegal land grab is Regavim, an independent professional research institute, which is exposing the UN, Israeli and US NGOs, and their backers. Their mission is to raise awareness of the existential threat to the State of Israel from this silent conquest, and to ensure all government bodies act responsibly in accordance with Israeli law. They report:

“The construction of illegal Arab structures has gathered pace all over Area C as the Palestinian Authority pursues this policy of encouraging illegal land grabs, illegal outposts and building on state lands.

Such activity is very evident…in the area near the ancient Jewish town of Susiya. Arab shepherds from the nearby town of Yata, a Palestinian Arab city of 80,000 in Area A, have created a new village there called Khirbet Susiya. They claim that their families have lived on such land for decades if not centuries. There struggle has become the cause célèbre of the cadre of foreigners and locals wishing to harm Israel and its standing worldwide through mistruths, misrepresentations and outright lies. “Regavim


There is abundant evidence that Susiya was an Ancient Jewish Town and zero evidence that it ever belonged to the Arabs. For a history, with photos, see the two links below. I am including brief extracts:

Magnificent synagogue marks the highest point of the ruins of Talmud Period Susiya. Beautiful mosaics and massive stonework give evidence to glorious past. A fascinating trip back in time to when Jews lived in all parts of Israel and established towns in the barren desert. Apart from the synagogue, Susiya is especially interesting because of the massive underground living complexes where residents spent the summers and 25 mikves (ritual baths) which are mysterious in how these desert Jews were able to fill them and why so many were needed.


”Susiya was an impressive Jewish town on the south of Mount Hebron. The synagogue was impressive with its architecture, beautiful mosaics, the marble screen or railing around the ark of the Torah…and its several Hebrew and Hebrew-Aramaic inscriptions. Susiya was founded, it seems, in the First Century CE, while the Second Temple was still standing. Yet its major growth started in the 3rd century, with the more liberal policy of the Severan emperors towards the Jews. And this growth reached a peak in the 6th century. Susiya lasted into the period after the Arab Conquest, sometimes called the Early Muslim Period. Towards the end of the 8th century, decay overcame Susiya and other Jewish towns and villages on Mount Hebron. Susiya was then abandoned for unknown reasons.”

 “Magnificent synagogue marks the highest point of the ruins of Talmud Period Susiya. Beautiful mosaics and massive stonework give evidence to glorious past. A fascinating trip back in time to when Jews lived in all parts of Israel and established towns in the barren desert. Apart from the synagogue, Susiya is especially interesting because of the massive underground living complexes where residents spent the summers and 25 mikves (ritual baths) which are mysterious in how these desert Jews were able to fill them and why so many were needed.”

It is clear that the ‘peace’ and ‘human rights’ activists, massively funded by bodies with an animus against Israel and the Jews, have an aversion to historical fact. What is much less clear is how we deal with this historical revisionism and demonisation.

Sadly, there are no easy answers, but one thing is certain, appeasement has never worked. Those of us who believe facts should trump false emotive narratives have to be prepared to patiently keep repeating the truth.

In the words of Winston Churchill

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

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  1. Hi Pam,
    Yes historical revisionism is alive and well. The Saudis could take out a Nobel prize for rewriting history as they put so much effort into it. Archaeology is such an important tool for discovering the truth. The Jewish Press published an article on 18 July 2013 about the site of an ancient Hebrew walled city about 20 miles south of Jerusalem. Recent excavations conducted by Prof. Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority at Khirbet Qeiyafa, the first early Judean city to be carbon dated, clearly indicate a well planned and fortified city in Judea as from early as the late 11th to early 10th centuries BCE. The plans are similar to other Hebrew ones and date to the time of Solomon.

    Muslims are also claiming that Solomon never built a temple on Mount Moriah even though BAR or Biblical Archaeological Review in 1983 found markings of the sacred cubit where the dome of the Spirits stands today. The findings totally support the Old Testament.

    My favourite though is how archaeology, astronomy and history can all work together to prove the Old Testament and disprove the Quran. The Tell Armana tablets found in Egypt mention an eclipse of the sun near sunset at the town of Urgarit. Astronomy and computer modelling prove the only time this happened in the second millennium BC was on 9th March 1012 BC.
    This allows historians to identify the Pharaoh at Moses birth as Neferhotep I. Historian Artapanus tells us that Pharaoh’s daughter Merris found a Hebrew child in the river who grew up to be Prince Mousses. The next Pharaoh was Sobekhotep IV (Kenephres) who drove Moses out of Egypt. This confirms the Bible account and that the Quran is wrong in Sura 29:8 where it claims the wife of Pharaoh found baby Moses.

    To understand Islam you need to understand the Truth Paradox where morality is inverted.
    Islam is the religion of the lie.

  2. Hi Geoff, good to see you. Looks like the old gang has got together again

  3. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for your insightful comments. I totally agree that archaeology is an important tool for discovering the truth, but however many times archeological finds confirm the biblical account of the Holy Land, such finds are routinely ignored by our media, academics and politicians – the people who shape Middle East policy. Otherwise, how could they, with a straight face, claim that areas of Israel are ‘occupied’ and that the Arabs are the indigenous people of the region?

    I too was fascinated about the discovery of the site of an ancient Hebrew walled city near Jerusalem. Archeologists are constantly finding evidence of Jewish life in ancient times, but Muslims are even more proactive in making up stories denying such evidence, based on some anecdote, which the world swallows whole. They learned from Goebbels how propaganda can subvert the truth, and how people can succumb to endless repetition of such propaganda!

  4. Carr is not a supporter of Israel in any way whatsoever, let alone “no great supporter”, as you describe him.
    He is the public manifestation of the ugly, sinister undercurrent within his party, that has moved it entirely into the Arab camp.
    They invent their own “international law” and obsessively slander Israel, while professing “friendship.”
    Friends can criticise but don’t slander. A slanderer, by definition, cannot be a friend.

  5. I agree with you that Carr is hostile to Israel. I definitely understated his position when I said he was no great supporter.

    An interesting article showing his hostility is this one:

    • geoff dickson

      And we all thought Kevin Rudd was bad as foreign minister when he backed the UN Policy of Right to Protect developed by none other than Gareth Evans. This RTP gives the UN the right to fight a foreign country and of course NATO forces were used to attack Libya.
      Bob Carr is even more treacherous than Rudd or Evans and opposed Gillard when she did not support the UN vote for greater recognition of “Palestine”. Carr rang politicians to support the anti Israel motion. Michael Danby MP who was the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs accused Carr of unforgivable behaviour.
      Carr has also been increasing foreign aid to the poor Palestinians who already are the world’s greatest recipients of welfare..
      I cant wait to get rid of this team at the next federal elections.

      Carr also backs sending boat people to PNG where they will receive housing with ensuites, education and health services that the native Papuans don’t get. This is a recipe for civil war.
      Like the USA, Australian foreign policy is turning against Israel and will bring a curse on our country.
      “I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel”. [Genesis 12:3]

  6. Geoff,

    Bob Carr has form from way back. I remember my horror when he awarded the Sydney Peace Prize to Hanan Ashwari back in 2003 -

    Carr has at least a ten year record of hostility to Israel. Like you, I can’ wait to get rid of team Rudd at the next election, whenever that will be. The fact that Rudd has selected anti-israel ministers, including of course Anthony Albanese, speaks volumes on where he stands.

  7. The succour that the ALP gives to Israel’s mortal enemies is potentially very harmful to AUSTRALIA’S interests.
    Appeasing the aggressors encourages them to resist a peaceful resolution, induces in them illusions of grandeur, which, in turn, prompt them to trigger military adventurism.
    This has been the pattern since the 1920’s.
    Israel will not be led to the slaughter, so a future war will be fiercer than the previous ones. This will impact on Australia’s trade, the price of oil, unemployment and Australia’s economic wellbeing in general.
    The ALP geniuses haven’t worked this out yet, just as they didn’t work out the size of the deficit, the deaths associated with the pink batts scandal, the consequences of the mining tax, the ramifications of their carbon tax, the effects of overturning Howard’s asylum seeker/illegal boat arrivals policy.
    Is it any wonder that on their watch industry has been fleeing from this country?

  8. This is getting a bit off topic but it is vitally important.
    I do not believe for a minute that Kevin Rudd is so incompetent as to not know what he is doing. Bob Carr and Gareth Evans are likewise dancing to a UN tune and it is a world wide problem, not just an Australian one. Recently someone from Hobart revealed that two planes of refugees touched down at Hobart airport and buses turned up and took them away to who knows where. No mention on the news. The immigration department is compromised and flooding Australia with the wrong type of immigrants – Muslims.
    Look at Britain. It was reported on 9 October 2012 that 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women live off welfare, or Jihad Seekers Allowance. The cost to the British government is 13 billion pounds a year. The Irish government was bribed by Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz and the deal was to fast track Muslims into the country, Dublin is now the EU centre for Fatwa research headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Irish PM Bertie Ahern flew planeloads of Muslims into Ireland from Africa and built special purpose towns in Mayo and Killarney. Ireland is now broke. President Obama is bankrupting the USA and favouring Muslims on immigration. Canada now has a huge problem with Muslims as does New Zealand.
    This is a global problem and now the traditional support for Israel is being lost as pressure is put on western governments to break Israel apart and weaken her defences.
    I blame the UN for pressuring countries to import Muslims who will never integrate and will only destroy the balance sheets of the government.