O Little Town of Marrickville

O little town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie

On Tuesday, July 2, in the Tom Foster Hall in Newtown, in the Municipality of Marrickville, Friends of Bethlehem held a Special General Meeting of its membership, who unanimously voted to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israeli goods and services.

Hardly the words of the ancient Christmas Carol, which speaks of peace and joy. Once again the little ‘town’ of Marrickville has reared its head, to show us its ugly side and its hatred of all things Israel, this time as the Friends of Bethlehem. Here:

It might not be within the hallowed halls of the Marrickville Council but never the less, two of the main players in the game, are the same culprits who were heavily involved the first time around. It may not feature the Greens, but on the Management Committee of Friends of Bethlehem, are the two ALP Councillors Sam Iskander and Mary O’Sullivan, both of whom voted in favour of a boycott of Israel by the Marrickville Council. Both were heavily reprimanded by their party for going against Party policies

In the words of the Chair of Friends of Bethlehem, Peter Manning:

“This is the non-violent method to get Israel to listen to the world’s cry to let the Palestinians have their own state”

Streets ahead of these two is the not so charismatic and well-known Father David Smith, Anglican Priest, commonly known as ‘Fighting Father Dave’ – Christian martial arts master.
A man well documented for his blatant outspokenness against the State of Israel , which he claims is not antisemitism. That was not my impression as I sat listening to the hatred he exhibited at the Marrickville Council meetings, month after month, when we were trying to bring down the BDS Motion. He features highly at most pro-Palestinian events, where he loudly proclaims his hatred of Israel. Search for him on YouTube to see him and action!!

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  1. Peter Manning obviously hasn’t been to a BDS demo if he thinks it is a
    non-violent movement. Either that, or he assumes most people are too stupid to realise a Hamas terror supporting group would be violent.

  2. I’m disgusted that ALP members (personally, I’d think BDS loving would be of the Greens membership – and thank G-d they’ve been reprimanded, however little or serious that reprimand may be) support the BDS rubbish. Interesting that they held this in Marrickville, (which I’ve read a lot of the council’s motion to boycott Israel), I wonder what Anthony Albanese’s opinion about Israel is? Don’t let us down, Albo!

    • Albanese was a Founder Member of the Parliamentary group Friends of Palestine, though he says he doesn’t support the BDS and he believes in a two State Solution

      • But the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” do NOT believe in a “two-state solution.”
        They were coached by Western appeasers years ago to drop their bellicose rhetoric when addressing Western audiences, and so they’re now mouthing “peace” while making war by terrorism, transfusions of venomous antisemitic propaganda and duplicity.

  3. Thanks Shirlee, I didn’t know that Albanese was a founding member of that group but at least he doesn’t JUST support Palestine, like many who should know better do.

  4. I did a search to show you in the MSM and came up with a beauty from Coalition for Justice & Peace in Palestine (CJPP) during the Marrickville Council debacle.

    “One month after Marrickville Council voted to support BDS, Murdoch’s News Ltd are finally taking notice and Federal Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, complains no-one has written to him in support of BDS – here’s his email address”

    That is priceless

  5. Ha! That is a beaut, ain’t it!

  6. The ALP has made a strategic decision to support the global campaign for the emasculation of Israel to the point where a co-ordinated Arab-Iranian attack would destroy it.
    The ALP’s rhetoric about “a secure Israel” is a total sham.

  7. I don’t think so Okey. The majority of the ALP are strong Israel supporters.
    Parliamentary Friends of Israel at both State and Federal level have the highest membership of all parliamentary groups. At NSW State Level only one member of the Lower House is not a member and he is a Green

    • How do you then explain Carr’s continual defamation of Israel by means of his fabricated pseudo-international “law”? How do you explain the almost unanimous vote for flouting the Montevideo convention on recognition of states, which was turned into an abstention only by Gillard’s insistence? How do you explain Carr’s constant carping about isolated incidents of vandalism by Jews in Judea and Samaria,, on the one hand, and his glossing over numerous murders of Jewish women and children by Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians”?
      How do you explain the ALP’s shielding of Hamas by its doltish claim of “disproportionate” Israeli response, and its ignoring Hamas’s human shields?
      How do you explain Pilbeserk’s calling Sharon “an unindicted war criminal?
      How do you explain an ALP MP calling Danby “the member for Likud?
      How do you explain the ALP’s preoccupation with Israel while there’s mayhem all over the rest of the Middle East?
      As for the “friends” of Israel, sure a small number are, but Carr also portrays himself as one.
      He is the ALP’s front man for a sinister undercurrent in his party.
      And their position actually harms Australia’s interests. It undermines respect for genuine international law. It encourages others to flout it whenever it suits. It gives comfort and support to the most reactionary forces the globe has seen since the nazis.
      It encourages Arab intransigence, thus perpetuating the conflict.

      • Carr we know is an ‘Israel hater’ from ay back, he has well and truly proved that point. You remember the Peace Prize fiasco and Hanan Ashrawi. One of many things he has done.

        I can tell you for a fact that the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel has as members every single MP, except one or maybe two Greens. One Green for sure is a member. I also know that at Federal level there is very strong representation.

        I also know for a fact that Gillard, as much as I loathe her, had no choice but to go along with the decision to abstain at the UN, she would have been kicked out then. It would have been sooner rather than later.

        I saw your comment thanking me for the Blog and I appreciate it. It is something I have wanted to do for while. I hope people with use the ‘Start a discussion’ section, as I feel we need a place to air our views without being cut down. If you know of anyone who wants to write, use the contact address above. It’s only been up and running a little over a week now and is doing well, I am told, by new Blog standards. Please pass the word around.

        • leon poddebsky

          I have informed all of my email contacts about this blog. It’s not just Carr.Almost the entire caucus supported flouting international convention in order to recognise “Palestine” as a “state.”Not only was this a breach of a convention, but it undermined the Oslo Accords.Clearly we won’t agree on the ALP. Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 12:00:37 +0000 To: lpoddebsky@hotmail.com

          • My word we do agree on the ALP. I heard from a good contact in Federal government what happened with the UN vote on non-existent State of Palestine. Thanks to this the Oslo Accords are dead and buried but then was anything ever alive ?

            Israel makes one sided agreements with itself and gets the blame. The world is now saying the Pals will hold peace meetings etc. Joke they are dreaming we know that.