Sheri Oz

Nakba: Why Do You Let THAT Define You?

Child at Nakba Day Parade

I wonder about a “People” that is willing, from the get-go, to define themselves as a failure: The Nakba is, for the Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians, their defining moment. The Arab defeat against Jewish upstarts who had the audacity to reclaim their ancient homeland, is the pivotal event …

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How Many Candies is a Jewish Life Worth?

how many candies is a Jewish life worth

I am just wondering about proportionality and disproportionality regarding the relative numbers of candies tossed about to ecstatic Palestinian Arabs celebrating each newly decorated shaheed (martyr). What I mean is: Are the same number of candies handed out when a stabber or car-rammer manages to kill or maim a mere …

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Soccer Is Not Just Soccer When Jews Compete Against Arabs

game between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bnei Saknin

Leave it to Gideon Levy to turn a soccer spat into an indictment of our nation. I’m sure Levy cares deeply about Israel’s soul and that is why he never misses an opportunity to twist even the smallest of things out of proportion in order to tar and feather us …

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UNESCO: The Eiffel Tower is a Sacred Muslim Site

UNESCO steals Temple Mount from Jews - Eiffel Tower is next

AMMAN, 18 April 2035 – the Jordan Daily News triumphantly proclaims that Item 19 of the 227th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board approved the resolution reaffirming that Burj Hadid (formerly misnamed as the Eiffel Tower) is a sacred Muslim site. As called for in the resolution, France is ordered …

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Anti-Israel Media Bias Slips Into Even the Jerusalem Post

anti-Israel media bias in Israeli newspaper

The Jerusalem Post inadvertently provides support for the demonization of Israel by using language that plays into the hands of the anti-Zionists. It is in the small details that history is either confirmed or made. In the case of Israel, there are continual efforts to rewrite history and besmirch, not …

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Using a Knife in the Public Relations Intifada

public relations intifada

Intifada victim Yonaton Azarihab knew when to take the knife out of his wound and Dafna Meir knew when to fight to keep it in. We all need to have the presence of mind they showed, in thinking of those around them and not themselves. Azarihab pulled the knife from …

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Two Sides: Lost me at “Occupation”, Then It Got Worse

two sides to co-existence

Curious about a Facebook link to a post by Ikhlas Ishtaya on the website “Two Sides”, promoting co-existence workshops, I began to read. Her story looked interesting and I was sure I would be moved; after all, they subtitled her piece: “An honest look which goes straight to the heart”. …

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(Not) Suppressing Academic Freedom in the Palestinian Authority

academic freedom

  Fighting the lies of academic BDS is serious business, but I found out you can sometimes have fun with it. Pro-BDSers repeatedly write about how the security problems in “Palestine” caused by Israeli “oppression” impinge upon academic freedom at their institutes. I decided to explore how these same institutes …

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Toward the Making of Self-Hating Jews

self-hating Jews

Self-hating Jews, I think, deplore the reflection of themselves that they see mirrored in the eyes of the non-Jewish world; this determines how they experience their own Jewishness. Non-Jewish societies have, for centuries, found reason to hate and criticize us Jews and we seem to buy into it each time …

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Once a Jew Always a Jew – Jewish Self-Hate

Ryan Bellerose, Meti Canadian, put on a kippa for a week and saw what it is like to walk around town as if he was an easily identifiable Jew. In contrast, I left Toronto in 1970 to go to university in Ottawa, leaving my Jewish neighbourhood behind and seeing myself …

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Situation in Palestine is Normal – No Need for BDS

situation in Palestine is normal

  Well, I wonder if it will comfort proponents of academic boycott of Israel to learn that the situation in Palestine is normal – according to someone with whom I communicated at An-Najah University in Nablus. I didn’t know what exactly he meant by “normal” so I sent a second …

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JDL – Much Ado About Nothing at York University, Toronto

Sometimes it is smarter to keep silent than to make a fuss. It is not necessarily weakness. The demonstration at York University yesterday (Feb 4, 2016) was a prime example of silence being golden. Not because one should always be silent — because one should not always be anything — but because …

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Hebrews, Israelites, Modern Jews – We Haven’t Changed

hebrews israelites modern jews

Some things and some people never change. I guess. Seems we Jews have always been the same as we are now. Read the following quote from a book published in 1831. I dare you to tell me it doesn’t sound familiar. I dare you to tell me it couldn’t have …

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Oslo II: What Did Peres and Abbas Expect?

Oslo II - Peres, Abbas

This is my summary and critique of an article published in 1996 (citation below). I bring this now because we can see that even at that early stage points were being drawn in the sand in what has become a trajectory of failure. The article outlines the “peace process” clearly …

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Coming Home/Missing Home: Toronto and Israel

coming home

My body is sitting in Starbucks at Christie and Dupont, freezing somewhat because they keep the heat low; I suppose that’s to try to prevent people like me from parking here for hours on end, but people like me just sit rubbing their hands together when they’re not typing, put …

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Responding to Antisemitism in Art on Campus

responding to antisemitism

The Jewish Defence League – JDL – is planning a protest against the antisemitic mural at York University. And a week ago, I was asked by a group fighting defamation of Israel on North American campuses to go to the site of the mural and call the police to report it as …

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Islamist Terrorist Cult Recruitment

terrorist cult recruitment

Theories of cult induction may best explain much of what we are seeing today in terrorist groups, better than theories regarding marginalization and poverty. Understanding Islamist terrorist cult recruitment and induction can provide us with tools for helping young people resist the charms of the cult leader. First, let us …

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Want to Boycott Israel? Ignore This PA University.

Congratulations are in order for An-Najah National University (ANU) of Nablus. It heads the list of the top 12 “Palestinian” universities, ranked by an international site that ranks over 11,000 institutions in more than 200 countries. If the supporters of academic boycott against Israel want to find evidence of the …

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Youth Who Resist Joining Terror Organizations

joining terror organizations

Most researchers studying terrorist recruitment ask how they entice members who are willing to commit horrendous violent crimes in the name of Islam. Political scientist Kim Cragin and colleagues at Rand approach the topic from the opposite perspective – what are the conditions in which youth actually reject recruitment? Of …

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Terror and Islam are Not Connected! Really?

terror and islam

Why should Obama and Clinton think terror and Islam are related when so many academicians pontificate about how suicide bombings have nothing to do with the religion? Why should they think terror is related to Islam when those analysts who do connect the two are scorned and condemned for it? …

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